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Home owner removed from electoral roll

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I've just registered to this excellent forum, and am hopeful somebody can shed some light on my situation - grateful for all comments thanks.


I have an ongoing legal dispute whereby I'm the sole legal owner of a property (clearly proven through the timing of the purchase), and after accepting an amount of money from a family member in exchange for a licence ( giving them the right to occupy, similar to a lodger), that person is now claiming a beneficial interest, claiming the money they paid and I accepted was a direct contribution to the purchase of the property. They are refusing to leave the property unless they get a certain sum of money.


The legal dispute is very stressful, and as my legal costs are already £15k+, I'm looking into settling to get this person out of my property. I do not want to sell the property, as my age and circumstances would not allow me to get another mortgage. I have looked into releasing equity from the property, before I might eventually have to sell (am in the process of issuing court proceedings - ToLATA claim). To raise the money, my credit rating must be good so I've checked with the relevant credit rating agencies, and have discovered that the family member has removed my name from the electoral roll (I am not staying in property due to their violence, although I'm the sole legal owner), and this is a big black mark on my credit score.


Does anybody know if, as the sole legal owner but staying away due to the violence of the family member, if I can still register the property as my main address and therefore again be seen as being on the electoral roll (was registered there for previous 6 years before choosing to leave for own safety)?



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Hello and welcome to CAG. Here's some information from the Electoral Commission that might help you.




I may have misunderstood what you're saying, but I thought you registered to vote at the address you're living at, rather than a property you own but don't live in. We get a form very regularly asking us to confirm who is resident in our property, but they don't ask who owns it.


The website I've posted seems to have a link that takes to a form for registering to vote.


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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Thanks for the comments.


I purchased the property in 2008 and am the sole legal owner, as confirmed on the Land Registry title.


I allowed a family member to live at the property (the last 4 years) and this person is now claiming a beneficial interest (complex and cannot go into details) - I did accept money in exchange for allowing the person to stay at the property (licence to occupy). I lived at the property from the day of purchase, and was also on the electoral roll from the first day. The family member is also now on the electoral roll and opened the post in my absence. Due to the behaviour of this person, I have stayed away from the property, going back occasionally to collect post ect, and staying there on nights when I know the person will be away. I have all my possessions still at the property, and have no other address, just staying with friends until the legal dispute is settled.

Last week, I checked my credit score in the hope of raising capital to get this person out, and found that I was no longer on the electoral roll. I called the local council, and they confirmed that the family member had removed me from the electoral roll without my knowledge. I am not really living there at the moment, but it is my 'normal residence', and would be living there if the situation was different.

Grateful again for any views regarding the electoral roll problem.

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If that is your legal/sole permanent address, get yourself put back on the register!

who pays the council tax bill? utilities etc.?

In the licence to occupy, what were the terms? how long for etc. how can it be terminated, notice etc.

Have you given him notice to leave by a certain date and that date has now past? so now proceeding to court for eviction?

I assume, as you are taking legal action, you have knowledgeable solicitor on board and now a judge will decide.

You could also try posting on the landlord zone website for advice.

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Many thanks raydetinu for that excellent post - you've covered pretty much the whole dispute in a few sentences ( why can't most solicitors be so succint ).


I don't want to give too much information as the dispute is still ongoing ( will happily do so when dispute is settled ), but do have good legal representation, although the legal bills are getting out of control.


I have contacted my local council, who have accepted, with written confirmation, that I will be re-instated on the electoral roll from 1st August 2013. I have also contacted the three main CRA's who have all been helpful in correcting / updating my credit rating / score.


Thanks again.

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