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Hi all!


i am seeking a bit of advice on behalf of my friend.


a few months ago they were caught shoplifting from TK MAXX and was stopped after leaving the store by store security and asked to go back to the office. When they got in to the office my friend was asked why they had taken the items and everything was recovered in a fit for re sale condition (all tags still on items and un damaged)


my friend explained that it was completely out of character, expressed how deeply sorry they were and had no idea why they had done what they had done. After searching my friends bag they found some tablets and asked what they were for and my friend told them they were antidepressants and they are currently under going regular counselling (which is true)


The Police weren't called but they took a copy of my friends passport, name, address and place of work and he was aloud to leave.


Obviously my friend was distraught and was worrying that they were going to contact his work over the weekend, so, in result he wrote his notice and was ready to hand it in Monday morning first thing. Unfortunately, TK MAXX had called his work and he was called in to the office after he had handed in his notice and they said he can either A) leave with immediate effect or B) have a full investigation carried out regarding the incident. He decided to leave with immediate effect not knowing what could come of the investigation (he'd rather leave on a voluntary basis than be investigated and then ASKED to leave)


A week later he received a letter from RLP saying that,in short, pay up £157 for compensation to there client or the matter would be escalated to court.


he told me about this and I had a little look on the Internet and after reading pages and pages of posts and advice from people who had also been contacted by the RLP gave him the advice to ignore the letter as it was just a speculative invoice with no legal basis and that they are just using scare tactics to suck money out of you.


he took my advice and a second letter came through the post (as expected) with pretty much the same as what the first letter had stated but worded differently with a few scary words added in.


Again I reassured him and sent him some links to forums for him to read to help with his anxiety and he ignored this letter.


so next up, you guessed it, a third letter has been sent through today.


i worry that I am falling in to there fear trap and my friend is too and he is uncomfortable with ignoring these letters anymore due to what they are saying.


i know there has been a lot on RLP but every case I have read has been under different circumstances I.e they're under 18 or currently jobless


some advice would be much appreciated


i still believe that there is nothing they can do and to just ignore it but I wouldn't forgive myself if I gave advice to him that was bad and that got him in to avoidable trouble!


Thank you!




Turns out I can't send links to the letters, ill post as soon as my post count goes above 10 :(

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Woah, TK Maxx contacted your friends work and told them what happened? Was that on an official capacity or was it store security chatting amongst themselves and somehow your friends employer became aware....? Either way, that is completely out of order. I would be seeking legal advice regarding that. Does your friend work for TK Maxx...? That's the only reasonable explanation I can think of for them doing that.


The advice remains the same. Ignore RLP. The letters do get worse before they get better. If your friend is on the 3rd letter I'll bet it's the big 3/4pager. If the goods were recovered in a saleable condition then no loss has been suffered by the store. If the store wanted to pursue your friend, the police would've been involved - but they haven't been and now cannot be involved at all. So your friend has no worries there.


RLP will eventually pass your friends details onto a debt collection agency. This is the stage that I am at. Again, ignore. They are NOT bailiffs and no one will come to his door.


Tell your friend to learn from his error of judgement and move on.


Good luck xx

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Omg!! As far as im aware they cannot contact your employer to tell them that and can be in serious trouble for doing so. As advised seek legal advice.


Ignore RLP no debt exists an they are just chancers as all items were recovered so Tk max suffered no Loss.


Only TK Max can pursure you for any damages and ita seems as though they arnt going to as the police would of been called if that being the case.

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You can post your letters up as pdfs if you follow the instructions below.



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but leave all figures and dates.

goto one of the many free online pdf converter websites

convert the image to pdf format.

or ir you have PDF as an installed printer drive use that

open a new msg box here

hit go advanced below the msg box

hit manage attachments below that box

hit the add files button on the top right

hit select files, navigate to your file on your pc

hit upload files

NB:you can set where it goes in the post by hitting insert inline.

the hit reply button

alternatively you can email them to me at the email address I have just private messaged to you.



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If the OP's info is true, then TKmaxx are in very VERY serious trouble.

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Did your friend give permission for the search? Was it explained that the search was voluntary? Did he sign anything giving permission? If not its their word against his and their on a very sticky wicket as he could state that he was illegally searched. What they should have done it make a citizens arrest and then call the police. Of course they wont do that as then they couldnt try to extort money from him. If this went to court it would be a civil matter, and as said above, RIP would have to show loss. On another matter, they should not have contacted his employer. totally out of order and very vindictive.

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