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Student loans pre-1998 and Thesis

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I`m sorry to start a new thread about this as there seem to be a multitude of other threads regarding Thesis

but I have spent the last couple of days going through them and am still unsure whether I should respond or ignore so would be grateful for any advice


I have 3 loans which were taken out 95-98 and have always deferred due to never earning enough to pay back.


For some reason I did not receive my deferrment forms for this year but didn't realise until someone from Student Loans

(I assumed at the time they were) rang to ask why I had not sent my deferrment forms back. T

hey sent more out and I returned them and received notification that I had deferred until May 2014.


Not long after this I started receiving calls on my mobile and tracing the number I found that they were from Link Financial / Thesis.


Some wide boy left me a message asking me to call them back which I have not.


Since then I have had numerous calls per day (with them using different numbers or caller unknown which I have ignored).


I have now received 2 letters from them.


The 1st stating that they have been trying to contact me in reference to my student loan which is being serviced by Thesis Service

and are wanting to speak to me as a matter of urgency to ensure they have the most up-to-date information

before they action my account which may result in arrears being applied to my account before I have had the opprtunity to adress the situation.

I received this at the end of May.


I have another letter dated 7th June which states that they acknowledge I have deferred until 2014 but there are now £76.90 arrears on the account.


At the end of the deferrment period the full amount of outstanding arrears will become due immediately

and not clearing the arrears during the current deferrement period will cause the loan to accelerate through their collection process

and ultimately may affect abilty to obtain future credit.


As an aside I am currently on a DMP due to losing my job 6 years ago which is serviced through CCCS

- now Step Change so am aware of the tricks DCA can play.


My credit file is currently okayish and any defaults have been put on my file and I only have a couple of years until they expire.


I do not want another one one there now.


I am unsure how to respond to them - if at all?


Many thanks

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student loans are not shown on your cra file


this is link upto their usual fleecing tactics


do not respond


can I just clarify that these loans are all the old style?



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Thanks for your reply.


Yes, the loans are the old style (i.e earnings have to be over £25k in order to repay) and I have always deferred on time except on this occasion.


The only thing that I had a concern about was that I did not tell them that I had moved,

I have always had the forms sent to my mothers so that I knew I would always recieve them regardless of moving address every year or so.


I have since read that you have to tell SLC your new address each time you move or they can cancel the agreement

but as I have now successfully deferred for another year and SLC now send all correspondance to my permanent address I believe this to be incorrect.


I`m not looking to avoid paying them back, just that I have never earned enough to do so.


I`m a couple of years off being 50 and doubtful that I am going to get a significant payrise before then so they will expire then in any case.


I will ignore the letters/calls, thanks again.


Feel a bit relieved as I do not want to deal with DCAs ever again.

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yea you're ok


do NOT fall for thesis/link spoofing letters / calls

this is where the money goes they get off people



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Oh thanks so much again!


What lovely people Burdell and co. seem to be....pity I won`t be doing business with them....:-)


Also found this, http://www.creditaction.org.uk/policy-press/press-room/link-partnership.html

Now I`m all for financial education in schools but loving Selina`s blurb in the last paragraph. Oh the irony and they seem to be doing themselves out of business with this partnership too as those financially aware youngsters once adults won`t be hounded by telephone calls all day. I smell a rat...

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Hi again


I have since found this on MSE Credit Score info page and wonder if anyone has any experience of this?


`The Student Loans Company now has the option of registering a default against a student who has not been repaying their student loans. The initiative, which targets only those customers who took out loans before 1998, will refer debtors to credit reference agencies such as Experian when they fail to reply to letters asking them to get in contact to discuss their options`


Thanks again

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