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    • I ordered a new computer last week online and it was faulty so had it replaced yesterday. This was also faulty so I had another replacement sent out today!   While I was negotiation either a refund or a replacement they asked me if I wanted to order a different one, so I had a look around the website but couldn't decide in the time I had so I just went for another one the same.   The delivery guy just turned up to take away the old one with a replacement AND the alternative one I was looking at!   So I took both anyway, because I'm still actually in two minds as to whether I want to stick with the original computer or go with the alternative, which might be more reliable because it's a more established company.   They didn't ask me for any credit card details so as far as I am aware so far they won't have charged me for the extra computer. Would they need to take my details again or would it go through automatically?   Am I within my rights to keep both if they've made a mistake and don't charge me?   I don't want to come across as dishonest, but well:   1. I've spent the past week setting up two computers, trying to fix things only to end up having to go through it all again today and this has been a huge waste of my time and a lot of stress (time is money) 2. I decided to just take both primarilly because I saw the box for the alternative and it looked nice and I thought I could just take both anyway and then decide which one to open and keep (because I'm guessing if I have been charged both to my card and I open both then I've got no legs on so far as a return is concerned)   Anyone got any consumer advice on what legs I have to stand on and what I should or should not do at this point?
    • Around the time I used that carpark quite frequently and would always pay on the App. I don't often carry change and the pay machines there were notorious for not connecting for card payments - NCP always blamed Vodafone's coverage.     If my dates are correct, I had a new staff member with me on that day and we were headed for lunch. I was also in a hire car. As the hire car wasn't registered to the parking App I think it's highly likely I intended to pay for the parking when sat down for lunch but ultimately failed to do so.
    • I imagine there must be some book somewhere which describes exactly what each particular service interval should comprise. Are you able to get hold of that?
    • I don't think you need any further inspections for the moment. Of course what would be interesting to see would be the mechanics report which was prepared for the finance company. Although the inspector has apparently said that the problem was as a result of "fair wear and tear", they don't actually say what the problem was. How long ago did they promise you the copy of the report? I wonder if they will really provide it to you. Just in case it suddenly doesn't arrive – I would send them an SAR. Do it straightaway doesn't cost you anything and there's nothing to lose. As I hope you understand now, fair wear and tear has nothing to do with it. If the car hasn't be properly serviced and that is a defect. And in any event, you are entitled to have a car which is of satisfactory quality and remains that way for a reasonable period of time. Clearly a car which is behaving in this way is not of satisfactory quality. I think we've already discussed that you are pretty well ready to go ahead and make a complaint/bring a claim – the question is to decide exactly who to bring the claim against for the best and quickest outcome. However, I'm all for being cautious and gathering together as much evidence as possible. You say that the book is been stamped in respect of the various services. Are you not able to find out more information about this service as well? It certainly seems to me that if you have a written confirmation addressed to yourself that these cars require a gearbox service at certain mileage – then that will be more than adequate for a judge – if you can prove that that service did not occur. In addition, the problems which appear now to be manifesting themselves in respect of the gearbox seem to be consistent with what you say about inevitable gearbox trouble if this 105000 mile service is missed.   How long ago did they promise you this deadlock letter – but particularly, the inspection report? I'm also going to say that looking at your chronology of what has happened, I have a sense that we are inferring that you were misled as to the service. Have I missed something?
    • Hope this is OK - copy of letter 18th Nov County Court Details.pdf
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Joint debt first plus mortgage

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Hello to all my CAG friends, all is well in Hippy Land so far, tempting fate I know. !!!!!!


Most debts unenforceable, lovely rented three bedroomed detached with a work colleague as lodger who is never here.

Never been so well off and its 99% due to you great guys and girls out in CAG land.


Now I let them repossess old house and low and behold made enough to pay off mortgage with £10k to spare which went straight to those gangsters First Plus.

Now even with that me and ex Mrs Hippy still owe them about 30k, no worry for me as I have BR money saved and will just go BR if the going gets tough on this one.


Now I have spoken to Mrs ex-hippy as we now get on a lot better, even helped her with her debts, but she just buries her head in the sand really,


she has 50k unsecured and has not paid a penny to any since 2010 and amazingly even with all the threats she has not even been taken to court, ( beggars belief really )

least I tell them to produce CCA which most can't as they are from the naughty nineties )


I think it goes to prove that DCA's and the debt purchasing companies are very reluctant to go that route as they know they would probably only get a token £1 from the ex.


Back to First Plus,


so far and I know this is tempting fate I have not heard a bean from them since January 2012 when I stopped payment,

my battle plan when I do is to say can't afford to pay you go to Mrs Hippy,

she will obviously say the same and so battle commences. On a JOINT DEBT if they feel they want to pursue through the courts do they do it as a joint summons???

or both individually ????


I have no intention of letting it get that far, I will be off to the BR courts before it gets that far but was just curious as to how a joint debt is enforced through the courts.


Once again a big thanks to all you great stars out in CAG land, The Brig, Bazooka, just to mention a few.


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Hello Hippy, the creditor can pursue a joint account 'jointly or severally ie one the other or both debtors.


So if you cannot pay they go for the ex and vice versa, often seen this type of situation drag on for ever, letter tennis threats of litigation, end of the known world if some one doesn't cough up, so this could be the time to looking at the BR.


That's my opinion hippy, others may disagree.:madgrin:

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Hi there, in addition to what Brig has put - should you go bankrupt they can chase your ex for the full outstanding amount. Given the circumstances it may be that both of you take the bankruptcy route and be done with it.



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Almost identical circumstances as you.


I went BR in March - best thing i have done


BR is like a trip to the dentist - you no you have to go at some point

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Thanks guy's your great. Thought as much, when First Plus rear there ugly head as we know they will eventually or some muppet that has purchased it I will play a little ball game at first take it to the wire then go BR and Mrs ex can do what she wants. Oh how what goes around comes around, for five years after dumping me and me paying the mortgage and secured loan working seven days a week, no car no money, it is now me who has money put away beyond the reach of anyone, a little car now a lovely home. She on the other hand is now so broke she had to borrow £30 of my sons birthday money I gave him. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is definite Karma somewhere. Off the subject just listening to an article on the radio about Edward Snowden blowing the whistle on PRISM,,, Alway's new big brother was here living next to that lovely Doughnut shaped building called GCHQ, WELL MI 5 OR MI 6 IF YOUR READING ME POST you have a sadder life than Mrs EX Hippy and yes most Politicians could not sort out the quaint P*ss up in a Brewery. Think I will purchase some carrier pigeons for my clandestine pagan sect that meets every Solstice at Stonehenge, mind you there is a dodgy looking geezer in it, he maybe a member of the Special Demonstration Squad, oh dear can't even howl at the moon in peace these days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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