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    • How did you purchase the goods? (instore or online)   How did you pay for the goods? (cash or card and which card method if paid by card i.e. debt card etc.)        
    • Thanks for the reply which makes the case more simple.   As the young gym member was under 18 when she joined, she was a minor and the gym or their admin Co. cannot enforce any contract or agreement with her.   She can reply to any demand from the gym saying :-   " I was a minor at the time of signing the membership and cannot be held to any contract terms associated with such a membership agreement. Accordingly no further demands should be made and this should be the end of the matter. Yours faithfully, YD"   Send this to the gym's address by letter and get a free Cert of Posting at the PO Counter.   Keep us posted please
    • sorry Scania ..so you have a problem with the product?  
    • Morrisons supermarket sell clothing under the Nutmeg brand.  Generally, these goods are of decent quality and not too expensive. There is a fairly wide range. Like other supermarkets, their sizes should be taken with a large pinch of salt.   Unfortunately, Morrison's merchandise these clothes through an outfit called Deeset. When things go wrong then your troubles really begin.   Deeset won't reply to emails. They operate a confounded automatic phone system where your call is put in a queue. EVENTUALLY, you receive a message that no one is available to take your call.   Their shop floor workers are not allowed to order goods in for you and not allowed to phone head office.   It's inconceivable that a prestigious company like Morrison's should be involved with an outfit like Deeset, which does no good for Morrison's image.
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    • This is a bit of a lengthy one but I’ll summerise best as possible.
      I was contacted by future comms by phone, they stated that they could beat any phone contract I have , (I am a limited company but just myself that needs a business phone and I am the only worker) 
      I told future comms my deal, £110 per month with a phone and a virtual landline, they confirmed that they could beat that, £90 per month with a phone , virtual landline  they also confirmed they would pay Vodafone (previous provider) the termination fee. As I am in business, naturally I was open to making a deal. So we proceeded. 
      Future comms then revealed that the contract would be with PLAN.COM and the airtime would be provided by 02, I instantly told them that this would break the deal as I have poor 02 signal in the house where I live as my partner is on 02 and constantly complaining about bad signal
      the salesman assured me he would send a signal booster box out with the phone so I would have perfect signal.
      so far so good.....
      i then explained this is the only mobile phone I use for business and pleasure, so therefore I didn’t want any disconnection time in the slightest between the switchover from Vodafone to 02
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      so far so good....
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Gadget helpline - debited acount

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I recently took out a new contract with Dialaphone. Checked my bank account and was amazed to see that £20.94 had been debited for 'Gadget Helpline'!! ???


So I decided to contact this 'Gadget Helpline' which I apparently had "signed up" for! Received the WORST EVER customer service from a so-called Helpline Administrator going by the name of "Nadia", (second name not given)!


My story is as follows:


Email from me to "Nadia"


On 8/6/2013 a direct debitlink3.gif was taken by TMTI from my current account. I have no knowledge of ever wanting or hearing about this service and demand a full refund of £20.94 be given to me.


I have not had any correspondence from TMTI or given any permission of a Direct Debit to be set-up on my bank account! Please rectify this matter and advise of same.






Thank you for contacting Gadget Helpline.


Unfortunately you did not provide any details for us to bring up any account.

If you could please provide us your address and postcode or direct debit reference number we can confirm if you have an account with us.

Alternatively please call 08444 772 995 (national rate) to speak to an agent.

We are open Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm





Nadia | Gadget Helpline Administrator | TMTI Group | Corsley Heath, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7PL (UK)


T: +44 (0) 844 499 4744 | F: +44 (0) 844 499 4733 | E: enquires@tmti.net


My Response:


Direct Debit Ref: DL************


I hope this information will help you to solve this matter as I have not received any communication from yourselves and was not aware or authorised this payment of £20.94 to be debited from my account.




Nadia's Reply


A welcome letter was sent by email to ***********@**** on 8th May 2013 regarding your account with us.


Unfortunately we have no record of any request to cancel your account. In order to fully refund your payment made to TMTI Ltd we would need confirmation that the account was previously cancelled (cancellation email, call reference number etc.). If you can provide us with this confirmation we would be happy to fully reimburse you.


I apologise for the inconvenience.


Many Thanks


My Response:


Hi Nadia,


I can definitely confirm that I did not receive a 'Welcome Letter' in question on 8th May 2013 and also that the email address you say it was sent to is an incorrect address! Hence, I was unaware of having to pay any payment(s) for an alleged account with 'Gadget Helpline' nor did I enter into any agreement as such!


I would appreciate if you could rectify this error and refund immediately the amount of £20.94 which was debited from my account (Direct Debit Ref: DL********).on 8th June 2013.


I look forward to hearing from you in response and receiving this payment.






Our service is explained in the following places.

· The shopping basket (before you agree to the order)

· The terms and conditions of the order

· The order confirmation that Dialaphone send out to you

· The paperwork that is received when the handset is received by Dialaphone

· The welcome email we sent you directly from our company. (email addresses are not case sensitive)






So, I replied:




I am writing to advise of my intention to reclaim monies totalling £20.94.


According to my Bank Records, the aforementioned sum that was taken out of my account on 8th June 2013, on the pre-text of 'Gadget Helpline' service.


This payment is unlawful as they were not agreed to by myself. The disclosure of my bank details to a third party company without my authorisation is unlawful practice, to which I take great exception to. Furthermore, I did not agree nor accept any terms which would have initiated this direct debit process.


Having researched this situation in greater detail, it would appear that this is not mentioned during purchasing or on any itemised bills or contracts as it is a 'free trial' which automatically rolls into an unlawful direct debit being setup.


As the mobile phone contract was obtained through Dialaphone, the onus of responsibility in law was unlawfully distribution of my account details to the third party 'Gadget Helpline' company.


It is my wish that this situation can be resolved amicably, however, as prelude to this not being resolved suitably I have prepared documentation to pass this claim to the Financial Ombudsmanlink3.gif Service.


I would be grateful for the name and contact details of your superior as I would like to make a personal complaint about your customer services and also your full name.


Yours sincerely,


Her Response to that was:


The postal address can be found below if you wish to make a further complaint.




Began to loose my patience here, so responded:


I don't think you are hearing me here, I am DEMANDING you give me your full name and superiors name!



To which I got:


"My name can be found below, and my extension is 424. Our managers name is Jon."




Nadia | Gadget Helpline Administrator | TMTI Group | Corsley Heath, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7PL (UK)

T: +44 (0) 844 499 4744 | F: +44 (0) 844 499 4733 | E: enquires@tmti.net







Now how unprofessional was that response?? angry.gif


A) STILL did not receive her full name!

B) All I got for her superiors details was "Jon"!! angry.gif






NB: Just read on Dialaphone website that they no longer provide new customers with the 'Gadget Helpline' service as of May 2013.

  • My contract began on 10th May 2013!!



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Complain to your bank that the money was taken fraudulently. Call your bank and tell them and confirm the call in writing. Your bank is obliged to refund you immediately - although I expect that they will muck you around

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Rang Ulsterbank (once again):???: about claiming the debited amount back - very unhelpful as usual, was indeed fobbed off! Basically told to call into local branch and fill out some sort of "Redemption" form! :!:


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Do it and make sure it says you rescind any and all future payments to this company. the direct debit guarantee covers you.

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Have moved your thread into the Bank and Finance Subforums:- holder.gifUlster Bank section emmy

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