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Help with strange thing with my account (co-op)


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Hello everyone,


I have a problem I have just discovered on my cash minder account.


I paid in a cheque for £6070 on the 22/05/13

yesterday I went to the bank to take some money out,

When I did this I checked my balance as always and it said it was £59100DR!

I was gob smacked and then I remembered that the co-op debit before credit

so thought nothing of it as I could still take out the money that was cleared.


Tonight I went to the cash machine again and my balance was £160 and that was it, no sign of the cheque waiting to clear.

Just said, Accout balance £160, available balance £160.

I got worried at this stage as it should have been showing available to take out if I so wished too (I wouldnt im not that stupid)

I only discovered you could do this last month when I paid in another cheque and see I could take it out 2 days later.


I went and asked if the cheque had cleared early because it was from a big company (Vodafone)

And thats when they explained that it hasnt cleared yet but becomes avalaible, something to do with interest or something.


I just got back and logged straight onto my internet banking and am shocked at what I have seen and im now worried something has happened.


On my statement is shows 22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070

23/05/13 ADJUSTMENT £6070 Withdrawal


What has happened here?

Why would they adjust my account?

Im thinking maybe its the amount as its a lot bigger then any of my previous deposits etc

but then I have never drawn on uncleared cheques before apart from last month

when I genuinely thiught it had cleared but even though I took it out.

When I was told I really shouldnt have, I put it back in and waited for the cheque to clear just incase,

So im wondering if this has triggered something on my account?


I dont mind the funds not being made available just aslong as it will clear when it should but now its not even showing.

I was relying on this money for next week and now if they have done something its means I am going to have to wait even longer.


Anyone know what could have happened?


I would phone them but I dont have a home phone atm and im not calling on my mobile

and im trying to get some advice so I dont sit up all night worrying what it could be before I can get to a branch tomorrow.


Hope this all makes sense and I thank anyone who can advice in advance.

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I cant, I simply dont have enough credit on my phone to allow me enough time to speak to them as I am going to have a few choice words for them (Not nasty) You know what I mean.


I was hoping someone on here would know if this is common practice or if somehow I have a red flag that basiclly says to not clear my cheques or something? If it was a few days later, I would have assumed something had happened and it bounced but the next day really says to me that something not good has happened.

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Two days is quite quick for them to credit a cheque,

So the strange entries could just be they made a mistake and put it as cash instead of cheque and debit it to balance so they can then they enter the amount as a cheque shortly


You say:

"22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070"

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Two days is quite quick for them to credit a cheque,

So the strange entries could just be they made a mistake and put it as cash instead of cheque and debit it to balance so they can then they enter the amount as a cheque shortly


You say:

"22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070"


Thats the way its always been done, The previous cheque I paid in said the exact same. Counter cash crd.


The cheque does not clear after 2 days however the fund are made avalible and you can draw upon it after 2 days becuase the law was change that you now have to earn interest on it etc.


Its T+2 Wroking day.


Either way, The account balance should show at minium £6070 but it doesnt, It doesnt show. The day it was paid in, it said account balance x amount and avalaible x amount, The next day it was showing was over drewn by £6k and today its completely disappeared.


Very strange, there must be a reason for it as it was paid in the same way as all my previous cheques and its showed up the same as all the others, only difference is, someone has adjusted the account and withdrewn the £6070 out so it balanced out meaning no sign.


If it was a mistake, they should have already re-credited the account with the cheque amount and it should be avaliable for me to take out if I wished to at my own preval if you get what I mean.


EDIT: Sorry just realised, Its not counter cash crd, Its counter card crd. Thats what all the previous cheque deposits say as well.


I think it may be that the cheque is in the same name as myself. Its from my father. We have the same name and our signatures are very similar even sometimes look the same if we have done them sloppy.Suppose its the joys of having the same name and clearly decided to scrbble it in similar ways. I did ask if this would be a problem and they said it wouldnt as long as the cheque was coming from a different account.


Does anyone think this could be the issue? I cant see it being as there is no funds in the other account as my dad should deffo have the cash and I dont think he would have written me a cheque that would bounce. Could the bank of done some checks or something/ Like you can pay the £20 for faster clearing?


Im just worried they think there is some sort of fraud going on! If this is the case, it really upsets me to the fact that they never called me to see if I could shed any light on the matter!


If they have compeltely removed the transaction and it dosnt re-appear by Tuesday could I put a complaint in for them making assumptions or something and causing me problems. as I promised a payment to a overdue loan on Thursday thinking I would have the cash and now it would seem thats unlikly if they have removed the transaction. This is going to cause me to get another late payment fee as I was lucky they held it upto Thursday for me. I assume they have because I told them I had just put my inheritance cheque into the bank and it will be cleared by Thursday.


Sorry for blabbing on, I just thought I would give you more details info just incase someone might now know what they hell they have done to me. As you can tell I cant sleep as its doing my head in.


Thank you

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