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    • I didn't realise there was much difference, this is my first time doing anything like this so maybe a bit ignorant. Sorry for any offence caused.
    • We probably signed it around Oct 2018 On the original sofa we received back in jan 2019. Harvey’s agreed to replace that one as it basically fell apart within months so the replacement was on the same agreement which we ordered October 2019 We have around £900 outstanding on the finance.     
    • Well don't think I'm being territorial about it, but you come to us for help and then you use templates and advice from other organisations. I don't understand why you mix and match. 28 days is far too long – especially given the difficulties you have had so far. Pre-action protocol only requires 14 days. The 28 day now takes you slap into Christmas and New Year's et cetera and causes additional complications. You should understand that organisations like Which?, Citizens Advice and so forth are all very well but their approach is far too gentle and am afraid that to deal with companies or traders that won't honour their consumer obligations to you, you need to be assertive and keep them on the back foot. I'm not too sure how you think that giving the breeder 28 days rather than 14 days places you at any kind of advantage or that the breeder is likely to be more cooperative. Short, rigid deadlines are far more likely to keep your potential defendant focused on the issues. You have sent the 28 day letter now so there's nothing you can do about it. However I think you need to settle on where you are going to take your advice from and stick with it. We are quite happy to stand aside – and it would be better if you did decide because unlike Which? and citizens Advice we don't get paid and we put our effort in for free.
    • well that's is not correct when did you first report issues and when did you sign the agreement with creation (who will state anything to keep you paying)   dx  
    • Harvey’s have told us we have to keep paying. Bensons for beds told us we would get a refund but apparently they are wrong. We are waiting to hear back from the finance company but Harvey’s also said we would likely get the same reply as the contracted payment is with creation 
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Ok, I've advised accordingly and we've just found four specialist driving solicitors on the web.

The matrix is intrinsically flawed. Within it is the program for it's own destruction. If you are reading this, you are in the matrix and it's days are numbered...so watch out! :eek:

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Let us know what happens.


He's been a complete idiot. If he'd responded to the NIP then even if he'd got the three points for speeding he might have escaped a ban, but I think that is unlikely now.


As I said before, you have been a good friend to him.

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A minor error like a spelling mistake on the summons won't make any difference to the outcome I'm afraid.


What do you mean by the redline for a reply being tomorrow? If you mean the court date is tomorrow then he's going to have to go - phone in sick if necessary.if he pleads guilty they'll deal with him there and then. If he pleads not guilty they'll adjourn and set a new date for a full trial. Without knowing more about the circumstances it's impossible to say whether it's worth pleading NG and trying to defend the charge.


In the absence if a defence to the failure to name charge his best option might be to get to court early, ask to speak to the prosecutor and ask him whether he would be willing to switch the failure to name charge for a simple speeding one in return for an agreement to plead guilty to speeding. The prosecutor would not be obliged to accept this sort of plea bargain, but they often will. If the speed alleged is not too far over the limit, a speeding conviction would get him 3 points and a s,mall fine, rater than the 6 points and a big fine he can expect for silver to name.


Failing that, if he is convicted he will get 6 points, but he can avoid a ban if he can persuade the magistrates that a ban would cause exceptional hardship. There is no set in stone definition of what exceptional hardship means; having a job which relies on being able to drive is a start, but in general hardship caused to other people will weigh more heavily than hardship caused to himself. Does he have dependants who would suffer if he lost his job?

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