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    • Hi, I bought a car from Citroen dealer 'Robins and Day' on 21/06/2019, it was C4 grand piccasso 2016 with only 4400 miles on the dashboard. The caar started giving trouble every morning showing "gearbox fault, repair needed'. Its only started happening in the morning when weather satrted getting cloder. When I switch on the engine in the morning it is fine but as soon as I start reversing the car  then gearrrbox gets stuck on reverse gear which locks everything, unable to switch on or push the car back to a parking position to keep the road clear. Last thuursday morrning gearbox got stuck while reversing infront of a school, it was verry stressful be causing one mile of traffic.   Got the car recovered by RAC and taken to the dealer, diagonosis was booked for Friday the 18th october 7:30 am but they were not giving me any update until today afternoon that actuator may be broken. They now want to get authorisation from the extended warranty department of their headoffice, said once parts is ordered it will take upto 3 to 4 days.   I am a cab driver and I have already lost 7 days and I assume they are going to take another 5 days, in total around 2 weeks. They are taking too long because I have compait to ther headoffifor ruude and unproffessional service.   Can I claim my loss of earnings against this dealer?   Should I start the process to reject the car now as it is still within 6 months from the date of purchase?   I have been to the same dealer twice for other fault like dashboard touch screen getting stuck , also front and rear window heater geting activated even if I  dont touch the buttons. 2nd issues was car was making noise, they told me it was a bracket broken at the front pannel of the car due to someone hit the car ( it was someone hit the car in the parking lot, and brrren the front ffog light's trim) which they charge 200 ponds for replaciing the bracket, but problems still there.   I will appreciate foryour kind advice. Thanks in advance.      
    • Go on holiday with it Dump the iva (it should be ended by now anyway max duration is 5yrs!!)   Whos it with?? Sounds like youve been had blind!!   Get a list of the debts up Send everyone a CCA request!   Bet 90% you dont even owe
    • Yes no problem remember to do a witness statement for your partner or anyone else that was there if you intend to rely on their evidence or wish them to be able to speak at a hearing  will be posted within the hour cheers
    • Hi DX100uk   Thanks for your message and also that you remembered my issues   I am still in iva but not paid them for 3 months.   After my redundancy in Mar I had to pay them 18.5k and thought I was close to ffs but they advised that due to redundancy payment treated as windfall (lol) they were changing the due amount from 81% to 100%   I did find another job after 6 weeks but am on probation for 6 months but its not going well as I am stressed from iva and new job.   The doctor has signed me off for 2 weeks with anxiety & referred me to a councillor, also written a letter for me to fwd to iva asking they allow me to settle early.   So far my original debts were 74k but proven debt was 61.5k    With my payments to date (including redundancy) I have paid in 54k and my girlfriends family are so worried about me they are offering 11k as gift for ffs   Payplan were going to terminate my iva and said it could well result in bankruptcy ( I have a flat with a mortgage) but equity of about 80k which I am worried they will go after   I spoke to pp today telling them how stressful this all was and it may well be that I don't pass my probation ( I am 59 btw so was lucky to find a job so quickly) Sorry to burden you with all this but I always respect your advice and knowledge, and PP have worried me by going for the 100% and bankruptcy warning   Thanks in advance 
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Capitalone/Cougar sending letters to mother in law's address!! Hubby has a debt with Cap1

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I thought Id already posted this but cant find it???.

..maybe I didnt post correctly..



Hubby has a debt with Cap1 and they have now defaulted it.


We have recently moved house and havnt updated our records yet

but yesterday we sent off an SAR request with a change of address inside

along with a photocopy of his passport- hope thats sufficient.


Today we get a phoneall off the mother in law saying theres a letter at hers for him.


She hasnt opened it but as you can imagine we were shocked

when he opened it and it was a debt letter from Cougar about said debt.


Its made me feel sick and Id be mortified if she knew what it was because shed go off her rocker and rightly so.


Can anyone help me with this as I just dont know what to do to prevent it!!??


I presume they are going through previous addresses? :!:

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As your main concern is your mother in law not finding out about this, you will have to write to Cougar with your new address. There is no reason not to tell them because you've advised Capital One who would give it to them anyway.


Ask them to confirm in writing that they have updated their records.

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Have noticed there is an email address for cougar on the letter so Ive emailed them and hope this works for now, Ill send a letter also.

Thankyou :)

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