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BankFodder BankFodder


BankFodder BankFodder

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Proof of identification ?

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I have sent the same typed letter to four accounts i am claiming against and have just realised that one account ,that i closed a couple of years ago,does not know me at my current address.:eek:

The letter reads "the above address is the one you normally use to communicate to me and has been proof enough of my identification"

Obviously this is not correct and i am looking to send them proof of my identification to be attached to my S.A.R before they use this as a delay tactic and send it back to me on day 40 !! :|

Does anybody know what proof i need to send and weather this is accepable practice (asking for it to be attached to my S.A.R ?) Thank you :smile:


Yorkshire Bank:S.A.R sent 16/10/06;Confirmation 10/11/06, ;Statements received in full 14/11/06;Prelim sent 21/11/06 for £3,643.;22/11/06 prelim aknowledged,repayment refused.Claim flled


Yorkshire Bank Visa:S.A.R sent 16/10/06;Confirmation 10/11/06 as above.;S.A.R. reminder sent 15/11/06


Barclays Bank:S.A.R sent 16/10/06 ;Statements received in full 28/10/06 ;Prelim sent 04/11/06 for £1,350; 06/11/06 confirmation of prelim ,investigating claim.;L.B.A sent 24/11/06,Claim filed


Barclaycard:S.A.R sent 16/10/06 ;Partial statements received 18/10/06 back to 01/05/04.Sent reminder letter 21/10/06.Received second fob off letter 25/10/06;Estimated missing statements/sent prelim for £1,701.28 14/11/06 (contractual interest)LBA sent


Halifax: ; S.A.R sent 16/10/06;Reminder sent 15/11/06;Statements received in full 20/22/06;


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Its normal to use a utility bill or similar, one less than three months old would be good.


I used htis approach on a couple of accounts and had no problem.





Kick the shAbbey Habit


Where were you? Next time please



Abbey 1st claim -Charges repaid, default removed, interest paid (8% apr) costs paid, Abbey peed off; priceless

Abbey 2nd claim, two Accs - claim issued 30-03-07

Barclaycard - Settled cheque received

Egg 2 accounts ID sent 29/07

Co-op Claim issued 30-03-07

GE Capital (Store Cards) ICO says theyve been naughty

MBNA - Settled in Full

GE Capital (1st National) Settled

Lombard Bank - SAR sent 16.02.07

MBNA are not your friends, they will settle but you need to make sure its on your terms -read here

Glenn Vs MBNA

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I used a driving licence photocopied at local branch, stamped by staff then forwarded to hq by recorded delivery.:razz:


Claim served on 13-08-2006


full refund .19-08-2006,

23-08-06 cheque arrived £580-deal.:D


capital one .

Filed claim against 16-08-2006 for £340.

Capital one 02-09-06 offer £383 refund to account.deal:D


Abbey Data Protection Act 4-07-06


issued court claim for £189 16-10-06

waitng for allocation nov21-11-06:cool:



Pleae make a donation to site, when you win-- I DID

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