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    • Hi all,   Could any of the site team (or experienced site membes) give me any guidance on the above defence .   I need to have it in by Friday at latest, and was hoping to submit tomorrow to make sure that its lodged in good time   Many thanks in advance x 
    • Sorry but sounds like early days if CWD and lately IDR. Been dealing with this since 2009 and still going on as well as those crazy collection agency’s in Dubai also still emailing to this day.    I set up a special email account where I have everything from CWD, IDR and all others so it’s all in one place and the laws that have been broken.  Upon discussions also with R. Sterling at detained in Dubai its also been helpful.    Currently with the FO with my complaints against the attempted collection of debt in the UK when it has not been passed through the correct channels regardless of what is in the T&C.    Personally I would not pay any ting until as people know that debt has been passed through the correct manner of courts in the UAE or indeed purchased by a UK company which then I will be happy to defend given the laws here and whT I have available.    Make sure to ask for everything when the time come all statements, extra charges terms at the time of supposed signing etc !    Listen to the team also 
    • I'm sorry the CAB have given me some terrible advice in the past, and some others on here.  Please do as Andyorch says above. do not use Moriaty's forms.  Do not fill in ANY income and Expenditure for Moriarty. They have no more right ot demand that from you than I do.
    • Why are you considering Bankruptcy...they have not even issued a court claim yet ?    Its vital you use our forms provided in the link ...not the ones Moriaty have sent you.
    • Its already statute barred in my book...the Statute of limitations is quite clear...its just that the Judge in this recent case with PRA is trying to move the goal posts for his DCA chums by stating the period of limitation begins when the creditor issues a default notice and the 14 days have elapsed...that is what he classes as the cause of action...not the fact that creditor have failed to serve a DN in over  8 years..decides to serve one now which in effect makes the statute barred limitation period since last payment 14 years.   The Limitations states that the period of six years starts with no payment or acknowledgment within 6 years from when the cause of action accrues ...accrues being the operative word...the Act does not state accrues starts from the issuance of the defect notice, .....it as always been the cause of accrues from the last missed contractual payment...thats what determines the cause of action.   But the CCA1974 states that a creditor is not entitled to enforce an agreement until a valid default notice is served...so this Judge in his wisdom has tried to fuse the two acts together...which is obviously nonsense.. he has not allowed for creditors who serve the notice late or not at all.
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Intrum Justitia/Experto Credite

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I have today received a letter from Experto Credite who have said that they have been instructed by Intrum Justitia to collect a debt purportedly owed by me.


I have no idea who either of these two companies are and will be sending the Prove It letter,


but as they have sent it to me in my maiden name do I type my maiden name or my married name?


I have also been married for 10 years so it could be a statute barred letter going next anyway!


Any advice very much welcomed.

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Ignore them, this is just a phishing letter, don't get drawn into their puerile game of letter tennis.


Check your credit files first see if there is anything on them.


If they persist then you can send them the SB letter.

But I would certainly wait until they send you something else with exactly why they are contacting you.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Back in 2007 I was in a debt management plan, it had just settled in and then I got a letter from Intrum J. My name was spelled incorrectly and for the life of me I couldn't recall any debt, except perhaps for a software renewal that I had actually cancelled quite properly having informed the company and Amex with correspondence confirming a zero balance. Advice given to me was to ignore it, I slung the letter in the drawer and years later found it again when we moved the furniture around! I've not heard from this outfit since so just sling your letter in the back of the drawer too!

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