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    • I received a Claim Form issued on 19 Jul 2021. The claimant is ParkingEye Limited.    The alleged offence took place on 22/10/2019. The particulars of claim read as follows:   "Claim for monies outstanding from the Defendant in relation to a Parking Charge (reference xxxxxx/xxxxxx) issued on 25/10/2019. The signage clearly displayed throughput University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff - Staff 4, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW states that this is private land, managed by ParkingEye Ltd, and that it is subject to terms and consitions, including auhotisation being required for parking, by which those who park agree to be bound (the contract). ParkingEye's ANPR system captured vehicle xxxxx entering and leaving the site on 22/10/2019, and parking without authorisation. Pursuant to Sch 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, notice has been given to the registered keeper, making them liable for the Parking Charge payable upon breach."   As they claim the PCN was issued in October 2019, I do not recall receiving anything in the post. I did receive a Final notice of Debt Recovery from dcbl, demanding £140. However, it had no reference on the letter so I just ignored it. I logged on to ParkingEye's portal to access photographic evidence and did not manage to find the complete PCN, however, there were just two pictures of the car with a time stamp (please see the attached files). I have copied the parking charge details from ParkingEye's website:   Parking charge details Parking Charge Reference: xxxxxx Vehicle Registration Number: xxxxxx Contravention date/time: 22/10/2019 19:41:52 Contravention location: University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff - Staff 4 Location address: Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW Stay duration: 0 hours 30 minutes Allowed duration: 0 hours 10 minutes Status: Open Outstanding balance: £155.00 (Please allow 24 hours after payment for it to be reflected on the balance)   I do not recall parking there, however I may have entered the car on multiple occasions on the day to turn the car around.   I visited the car park yesterday to take some pictures (please see the second attached file)   I have completed the AOS on moneyclaim.gov.uk   I am looking to file my defence based on the following points: The photographic evidence supplied by the claimant does not prove the car parked in the above mentioned car park. It just shows the front and the back of the car with two different time stamps. The notice which states that it is a staff car park is located right at the end of the car park, which is not noticeable as you approach the car park and the board seems fairly new to me, the claimant has not provided any proof to suggest that it was there when the alleged alleged offence took place? As they have allowed a 10 minute grace period, a £70 charge for 20 minutes is unreasonable.   Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks a lot. Parking Eye 2-converted.pdf 20210725_232345-converted_compressed.pdf
    • Technology firms are scrambling to add new features but will video calls improve.View the full article
    • Just need a bit of clarification on this. I run my own online business so I think I've got it right, but just good to have some clarification. I bought some items via ibidder auction site. Typically trade and liquidated items for sale there.  The items were men's fragrances and as I gather, auctioneers skip out of a load of the legal consumer right act jargon (from what I recall). Anyway. Several of these fragrances arrived smashed to bits. I logged it with the auction house with all photo's and evidence, and the staff responding even agreed with me that it was clearly damaged in transit.  Anyway, rather than refund me right away or ask me to return said damaged items to get a refund (as should happen right? After all, they pay insurance for their own benefit, to protect themselves as the sender), they put a claim in without refunding me. It's like they have been waiting for compensation to pay me, and if that didn't happen, it's no money for me.  To stop this getting long, the courier refused the claim because the items they sent were prohibited. Terms state anything made partly of wholly of glass won't be compensated and even so, fragrance rules is no more than 4 per parcel (they sent me around 10). Of course that's not my fault, they are responsible for shipment of goods and if they choose to cut corners, then regardless of it being trade lots, that's on them, not me. They've breached compensation terms of the courier and yet because of them not getting compensation, they wont give me my money back, even though they agreed from the evidence that items were clearly damaged in transit.  My thoughts on this (please tell me if I'm wrong): First port of call as they aren't forthcoming via emails is to put the pressure on them. Truthful bad reviews on sites like trustpilot will surely make them want to do the right thing? (That step is already done, by all means I'm happy to hear that I was wrong or it was stupid).   If that fails then it's down to an LBA, not just for the amount lost out on but also for loss of value of other items in the package (glass, liquid damage to those items reducing the value) and reasonable hours lost where instead of putting into my own business, I've been dealing with them.    The sum is low, some £50 or so. Yet it's the principal. I have to deal with customers day in, day out and if I cut corners by not fully insuring shipments, then it's me who takes the brunt and has to refund the customer anyway, so why should another businesses risk mean I've lost out? Thanks
    • both pages are in the earlier upload LFI   dx  
    • You have only shown part of the PCN. Could you please show the rest of it. Parking Eye are usually pretty good at complying with PoFA but not this time.
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Mini Credit Faster Payment fee & £5.50 debit card charge


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Hi All,


As most are aware, Mini Credit charge £19.50 faster payment fee every time they issue the loan - 1) there is no option when you apply for the loan for this not to be added 2) Faster payment is free 3) the faster payment charge of £19.50 is excessive and misleading as it is being advertised as a "faster payment charge", rather than actually being profit for Mini Credit.


Additionally, Mini Credit also charge £5.50 for using debit card for repaying the loan early - I believe this is excessive and misleading, and charged as a profit. I am not 100% sure but I thought debit card transactions for businesses are charged at 50p??


Now, I have had several loans in the past with Mini Credit and all paid on time.


I currently have no loan with Mini Credit and my account is closed (I would strongly advise anyone not to apply with them either).


What I wanted to do was submit a complaint to Mini Credit requesting my money back due to the above arguments. Most likely, they will refuse and I will take the complaint to FOS.


Has anyone every submitted a complaint to Mini Credit or FOS regarding this?


Also does anyone have any views on this or my chances?


I was thinking its worth a try to fight for, I wont end up loosing anything and I dont owe them any money anyway!

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It's worth a try!


I do think though that the main stumbling block could be that you knew about these charges when taking out the loan.


Yes, £19.50... Pure profit, it costs nothing to do a fast transfer. There's another lender, think either mr lender or 247 moneybox that also promise to send funds instantly for about the same price, OR you can opt out and have your funds the SLOW way.... The funds arrive instantly also... Unfortunately tried and tested lol.


£5.50 for a debit card early payment? Haha! That's laughable.


I do think that you will possibly be fighting a losing battle. If fees like this were added without knowledge then you'd have a good unenforceable argument. Because these stupid fees are explained upfront, it's those of us that have willingly paid these fees that have a screw loose...


Good luck regardless! Any investigation carried out on these PDL company's can only be a good thing!

It never rains but it pours...

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Contact the OFT and ask them if its a breach of Guidance. Especially since they arent giving you the full loan, but are attempting to collect the full loan PLUS interest on the entire amount.


While you can ask the FOS, they wont do anything until 8 weeks are up and even then its debatable.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Thank you both for the above replies, I will ask OFT its in breach of any of their guidance before submitting a complaint.


Even then, whether I win or loose, Mini Credit will still have a £500 bill to pay if sent to the FOS!


If I get any further info or I submit the complaint, I will keep it posted here

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True, unfortunately the FOS wont even consider looking into a complaint until you have exhausted Minicredits complaints procedure, and MC are very well known for making you wait the full 8 weeks, hoping you will back down and give in to their silly demands. And sadly a lot of people do just that.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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I agree with you. But I always make a note in my calender when the 8 weeks end, and have the complaint form ready to post the day before the 8 weeks end.


I know what you mean though, but I actually love sending in complaints, arguing back and forwards, and then sending it on to Ombudsman, trade associations, OFT etc etc lol......and it is worth it, I have so far had a total of £195 from Goodwill gesture for distress caused in 4 of my complaints. So when a company does do wrong it is worth to follow their complaints procedure, and be persistent in following it up all the way (and asking for compensation if distress is actually caused).

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  • 4 months later...

Right I would just like to update everyone regarding the above case...please read on if you have been a customer with mini credit....


After a lot of arguing back and forwards with mini credit, they finally agreed to refund the early repayment fee of £5.50 for every loan that I had. After remaining dissatisfied with their response, I had to persistently beg for mini credits to give me their final response - and they confirmed that this was their final response. I then took the complaint to FOS who have wrote to me today advising that mini credit don't agree with their decision and it has now gone to the ombudsman to review. The decision was was that the fee £19.50 fee should not be funded, however they should pay me 8% interest FOR THIS AMOUNT ON EVERY LOAN since I TOOK OUT because mini credit were deducting the £19.50 fee and charging interest on money that they did not give me!!!! This was the same with the £5.50 fee.


I feel like a bit of success against mini credit and I urge everyone to put in a complaint regarding the fees! I know I'm still waiting for the ombudsman to make the final decision but it sounds sweet against a coMpany that has taken advantage from many of us!


If anyone wants to know the letter I used please get in touch... The more the merrier :)

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