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Hi :)


For months now I have been given the run around by United Utilities.


Background: I am in terrible poverty and have been too unwell to fight for any benefits, and I am too unwell to sign on.


My friends help me out with bare essentials. My landine was cut off as I couldn't afford to pay, I have had no hot water and because of no heating my house is full of black mould...etc. etc.etc. I am sure you get the idea. I am holding onto the hope that soon I will be well enough to sign on or get a part time job.


In the meantime my water bill has mounted up to over £750. I explained the hardship and they told me to apply to the United Utilities Trust Fund. It is so VERY difficult energy wise however I just managed to fill out the application. They said I hadn't filled in the income and expenditure section properly -


Now this part is not rocket science as I have NO income!!!! No job and no benefits - apart from council tax benefits.


I sent a complaint and explained this again, they turned me down.


However they invited me to apply again for the trust Fund!!!


I wrote a letter saying if they do not tell me where I am going wrong on the application form and what the specific issue is, then I am only going to make an identical application - which presumably will be rejected again. I begged them to send me out a specific fault of my application.


They would not respond.


In the mean time, The United Utilities are starting to demand payment again. So I explained to them the situation and asked THEM to explain tks me where my application had failed.


They said generally 'the income and expenditure' - i said I have NO income !!!!!


I asked for specifics and they refused to tell me.


In the meantime they told me I could apply for the water sure scheme - due to my pain and disAbility If I apply I can only be billed for the average persons water bill - i use more water because of my disability.


So I got a doctors letter to state I use more water due to my disability, filled out the form, enclosed a copy of the council tax benefit, and was applying in retrospect whilst also asking them to waive the bi so I could start with a can slate.


They sent my application back stating I was only receiving a REDUCTION of council tax and not a council tax benefit.


This is NOT true . What has happened is that Council benefit has been Abolished and Everybody has to pay a small amount - i am in receipt of the full benefit and have been billed this small amount.


I then made a complaint = 1) that due to my disability and neurological condition, i am unable to ring or take calls and I have been denied a direct email to someone from United Utilities that I could get help from. I type from a mobile phone and hand writing letters is impossible.


They keep taunting me on their letters telling them to ring them if I need help. They say its impossible to give me an email address.


So I am forced to use their general email address which only allows for 1,000 characters!!! and never gets addressed by the right person.


Last email i stated under the data protection act this is to only be replied to by stated person.


Complaint 2) I have requested over 8 times my water rate readings over the last 3 years so I can see for myself if I have a leak or if my personal attempts ago reducing my wAter consumption have been successful and yet they REFUSE to give me it.


I also made a complaint that they have dismissed my wAter sure application due to supposedly not providing them with my council tax benefit evidence - and yet clearly I have!!!


Whilst acting with their time frames also, confusion from them and their differing departments meant the were sending letters threatening to repeatedly come to my property in person until they hear from me!!!


Today, I have received no response from my complaints but instead have received another BILl for over £750 ...


I just don't know what to do.....

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Have you made a complaint to http://www.ccwater.org.uk/

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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Have you made a complaint to http://www.ccwater.org.uk/






I made my complaint initially to the United Utilities Trust Fund.


Then I have made several complaints to United Utilities.


I have also asked for United Utilities to waive the whole debt as it says in exceptional circumstances they are able to do this. But it is then that they told me to apply for the water sure scheme.


The thing is, i also had to make additional complaint which i forgot to mention - I was applying for it in retrospect - to get rid of said bill - but they responded as if it would only be applied from now which is useless.


I also initially had a pond which was leaking and had live fish in which had to be regularly topped up as I tried to get well enough to fix it. I was able to use a telephone then,and i told them about this - and they didn't tell me that I should only be being billed for an average persons wAter use - and so i am also asking for this in retrospect too since they didn't inform me. I have Said they must have a recording of the telephone conversation.


They have ignored thus too.

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I was hoping that united utilities would resolve this as a complaints letter to cc would be so very difficult to mount and organise :(




Does anyone have a name of someone at UT I could re-direct my case to - a complaints department?


Are there any template letters that may be appropriate to send?


Is there anything in the disability discrimination act about when a company refuses to give you a direct email address when a disabled customer asks for this due to a difficulty using the telephone and hand writing letter?


Thanks :)

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I gained an email address to correspond directly to United Utilities.


I received a letter today stating this is Stage 1of the complaints procedure.


Does anyone know what stage2 might be?


I was accepted for the water sure scheme however even though they did not inform me I shoukd have applied for it earlier - they refuse to back date it.


The debt was so high (750) due to excess use of baths over a three year period due to severe pain - which could not be alleviated by drugs.


I also read in exceptional circumstances they can waive a bill - what defines exceptional? if i dont meet this i dont know who will....


Problems seen that i have a chronic fluctuating neurological disability and have been unable to get through the benefits process - friends and family attended to bare essentisls and i didnt use much - being ill.




i became responsible for the water bill when my mother died and i have no means of paying it.

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