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hi folks, i have been a lurker here for some time and this site has helped me alot over the last 3 years. I am currently in a trust deed and i am making large payments on what is a sizeable amount of debt. I do have a car (wifes) that is currently financed (finishes in May) and i am looking to upgrade as we are expecting a new arrival.


But no one will touch me for finance and the car is on its last legs and is costing us more to fix because of its age. Is there anywhere that anyone can recommend that will enter into a finance deal where i can get a reasonably new car ??





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I am not a debt expert but have had loads of experience in the motor trade spanning many years.


Avoid any company that will supply you a car and credit specialized for poor credit scores. The sell absolute junk in my experience, seriously anything from accident repaired cars to rubbish picked up at auction. These cars would not find their way on to a reputable dealers forecourt.


Thankfully a lot of the worse culprits have now gone but their are still a few smaller ones about. The cars will be nothing but trouble, have been poorly treated, have dubious service histories and will be worthless in very little time.


The way they work is you will call them about a car, lets say for instance you call about a Focus. They will provisionally approve you over the phone so you visit them. When you get there a problem will be announced and they will make you hang around for hours. They will then offer you a series of cars that are totally impractical. They will make you wait more hours to make you feel more desperate then come up with something similar to the car you wanted.


They will take you on a test drive on a carefully planned route that is easy on the car to hide knocks and bangs. In the end you will be so tired and desperate you will sign even if you are not happy.


A friend picked up a Vectra from one of these sharks. The warranty was worthless and the car was complete junk throughout. We even found evidence of body repairs done with newspaper. He paid about 7k for it and withing 18 months it was sold at auction for £900.


He is still paying the finance through an IVA today. They wouldn't even repossess it and blamed him for the condition it was in.


Edit: I will add I have even seen a car recently on a finance deal have an electronic box fitted. If you pay late or go over agreed mileage etc the finance company will send it a code which disables the car. They then charge a fortune to have it reactivated. I didn't believe my eyes at first.


My advice is go for a cheaper car and pay cash if possible. There are loads of good cars, particularly Japanese that will go on for years trouble free despite being bargain basement prices.

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