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I've been a shelf-stacker for around 1 1/2 years now and while I've always disliked my job, I do my best to work the hardest I can. I stack produce which is probably the most hard-working aisle of them all as it involves a lot of heavy lifting. I do it three nights a week, for 8 hours with a 30 minute break, no complaints.


While other employees might complain about doing specific aisles they don't like doing, I simply get on with my job. After all, you're there to do what the manager tells you to do (within reason of course)


Anyway, it all started a few months back when a new employee started on night shifts with me. We immediately clashed after he refused to do a specific job which he was asked to do, and told me to do it. I told him what was up and he said he was very depressed at the moment. I told him not to take it out on me in a calm way and we both got on with our job. Problem solved right?


Now it's worth mentioning he is very close to the night shift manager. He's a bit of a 'kiss ass' and is known to do it every time a new manager is in charge (brings down drinks for them without them asking / lending them things / going on the same breaks as them etc). Let's call him "Doug".


Now like EVERY other employee I have a chat for a few minutes with the person working near me. My mate works just opposite me, and we occasionally have a little conversation (completely normal around the workplace). Now Doug would see me talking and go and report me to the manager at the other end of the store. If I'm gone for five minutes to the toilet, he would report me again. If I'm 2 minutes late from my break he would do it again.


He obviously has it in for me from our first meeting.


Now this is where it get's interesting.


I believe my manager is judging me completely on what "Doug" has been telling him. I'm a fairly quiet person and I usually have my headphones in while getting on with my work (again, completely normal and allowed). The only thing we say to each other is "Hi manager, where do you want me to day". - "Hi Joe, can you do this, this and this for me please, thanks.". That's literally all are conversations consist of. How can you judge someone of that?


Now I've had arguments with "doug" about him reporting me. He's been told by the manager that he has permission to punch me in the face. Doug has told most of the employees this and I regularly get told "Doug wants to hit you Joe, why is that? Apparently he's gotten permission as well?".


This is most likely a joke, but should that really be circulated through employees? He almost boasts about it (so I've heard). I've talked to him about it, and he basically ignores me so I can't get through to him.


Now, my Manager is talking to me like absolute s***. Called me the liar the other day, patronises me, makes sarcy comments about my work. I tell him "Why do you think I'm not working hard enough". He sounds offended by it, and tells me "I would bloody tell you if I think you don't work hard enough!".


He approached me the other night and told me "WHERE have you been and I hope you're staying 20 minutes after work to make up for this lost time". I didn't hear him call my name the first time, so he raised his voice the second time and asked me why I had ignored him. I told him I didn't hear him and that he had known me for nearly 18 months, and I wasn't the type of person to ignore someone out of spite to which he replied "Oh yes I think you are. I told him I had been to the toilet as I was just recovering from food poisoning from a dodgy Chinese over the weekend and that I had only been gone 10 minutes at the latest. Now it's worth noting that most of the other employees go up and get cups of tea/coffee/food out of the vending machine whenever they want, and he doesn't mention it. In fact, he spends around 10-15 minutes talking to some members of staff he gets on with


He sarcastically said "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever" when I told him I had only been gone for 10 minutes. At this point, I started raising my voice because for me it was the last straw. I didn't swear at him, I was just defending myself. He threatened me with a disciplinary to which I replied, "Please, so I can have the chance to defend myself against a rational member of management".

Another issue was that I came to him 30 minutes after the new holiday forms were issued to book my holiday as I needed time off mid April and it's done on a first-come-first-served basis. I go to check if my holiday had been verified and was shocked to see that every other employees name had been verified apart from mine. A month later and he still hasn't 'got round to it'.


I apologise for the long post, but I'm feeling so angry at the moment. I go into work so angry and it's really getting to me.


Do I have a case for unfair treatment? Could I go higher with this? What's the best way to provide 'evidence' of what's been going on?


Thanks for your time



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Have you discussed it with hr or senior store management. Its obvious this manager isnt interested in your view so you need to skip him and go higher. Chances are he needs a senior manager to knock him down a peg or two.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Have yourself a good kip and chill, never do anything until at least the day after when you have had chance to calm yourself


Got to say "Please, so I can have the chance to defend myself against a rational member of management" was a very good responseunder pressure.I'd have probably not been as diplomatic and cutting


You certainly have the basis of a complaint above him as renegadeimp has said am would be the next course of action, however your start point is one manager and one employee at least against you, that's 2-1 meaning as you have said, "How do i get the evidence" those chats he's had with you if you complain will become "I've spoken to him many times informally as the good guy I am but he ignores me, is always on toilet breaks or chatting etc"


I can't tell you how to prove this because i don't know how you can unless HR speak to your workmates and they confirm it which i wouldn't expect, that said if one did confirm the "banter " around the smacking you in the face and also your manager being part of it then you would find things swaying in your favour.


You need to get your head around what they will throw at you and if you can't prove it then it will be down to you more believable than them. You do sound like you have had enough of this situation so i do think you need to do something but be prepared for the comebacks. HR may accept your concerns, they know not every manager is a paragon of virtue and good employment practice.

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Case for unfair treatment? What case? How have you been treated unfairly?


Tell him you want a catchup. In the meeting ask him does he have any concerns about your performance and conduct and explain that you feel that issues have surfaced since Doug started (don't specifically state Doug but mention month when he began working). If he has a go at you, let him. Once you finished for the day, go home and write down what happened and when.


Your main issue is not your manager but Doug.

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