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    • Hi and Welcome to CAG   I have moved your topic to the appropriate forum Mortgages and Secured Loans please continue to post here.   Have you actually checked your CRAs yourself...you say you have been advised...what is showing ?   Andy
    • Yes not much happening at the moment...you could complete your DQ in the meantime...dont submit until advised by the court.      
    • Hi, has anyone had any experience with Barclays Mortgage options being incorrectly advised?   I went on maternity leave 6 months ago and went to Barclays to see what options where in terms of my mortgage. All I was advised was a reduction in my mortgage for 6 months which would result in arrears for six months.   I was not advised of any alternative options eg mortgage holiday or interest only. I have now been advised that Barclays have logged arrears and missed payments on my credit file which was not explained to me. I have sought advise from a financial expert who has advised I have been misinformed.   Has anyone had any experience with dealing with something similar?
    • I've had a read of the council tax 92 regs (admin & enforc).    Section 2 - seems to cover how correspondence concerning a property should be addressed.    I have the following query:   I notified my council by email (lots of messages to and fro) and sent copy of Order - all got resolved, refunds made, property labelled as exempt.    The next  physical letter for the property I still received (on divert). The letter was not in my name.  It was labelled 'The c tax payer'.    I had not given council a forwarding address.    I had email advised I was temp residing elsewhere - so all communication to me, about me, was to be done just by email.    I had also redacted the bank's name on the Order.   Why would the council - as seen in sar - subsequently send letters addressed to me c/o the bank's address?      The council clearly didn't get the bank's details from me. Is it possible bank 'pretended' to be me, used their address as 'my' forwarding contact address?     The property is exempt - so there is no need for 'my' name to be on council records, let alone c/o the bank. How can I find out what has happened?  And can I easily remove the 'wrong' address attached to my name?   dx - these people are trying all sorts of underhand tricks - they are awful.  A barrister friend likened it to "they think they are above the law; they keep trying to circumvent it for their own purposes - and it won't work".     re: the court - they still haven't served sd and their B petition thus got adjourned.  None of this was disclosed in the sar.      Are they now supposed to locate me and issue a proper sd - before the adjourned case  - which they haven't told me about...    Out of curiosity - in the midst of nationwide lock-down how can anyone be served?
    • you need to use our custom google search box which if does not show on the current page you are viewing it appears after hitting our top square logo and get reading up on like 'parcel lost court claim' or such words you think fit,  to fully understand and get familiar the correct process.   like https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=parcel lost court claim&oq=parcel lost court claim&gs_l=partner-generic.3...442891.450854.0.451334.   though you must be mindful that during and for a longtime after, the current situation we see ourselves in, nothing much might well happen for well on a year as the courts will need to catch up.    re:   
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MKDP chasing old Welcome finance debt - SB'd?

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I don't have any other debts to worry about, fortunately.


Now that I know what the number is I wont be answering if they luck out again. They dont have my home number and my mobile rarely gets a signal at home.


they can of course e-mail me but they cant prove if I read it or not!

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