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    • I don't think it will be especially more difficult or less difficult than trying to get the car repaired – and afterwards it will be considerably easier because you won't have the constant anxiety of having to deal with the same dealer.
    • Additionally, although on the basis of what you say, if you bring a claim against them then your chances of success are much better than 95% – the problem will be, as ever, the problem of enforcement. If this person all these people are serious about ripping people off and avoiding their consumer obligations, then you can be sure that they will be quite good at avoiding the enforcement of judgements. This needs to be very seriously thought about before you start investing money on bringing a claim which will be successful but won't bring you any return
    • Yes, a small claim is absolutely feasible. You need to make sure that you've got evidence of the tampering and also so that a judge can understand it, I think you need to get a little bit of very simple documentation about what this is and how the tampering works and what it achieves. Secondly, you need to accumulate a good file of evidence showing this person's trading activities and the fact that they are posing as a private seller when in fact they are in business. In terms of any contract, if the car is unroadworthy then it is in breach of contract. You don't give us any information about what the car is, when you bought it, or how much you paid. Please could you give us the information. Also, who are you dealing with? Don't be shy about putting this up on the forum. There is no disadvantage to you. Finally, you're talking about the wrong act of Parliament. The sale of goods act has been superseded by the consumer rights act 2015
    • I think it's best to get rid of the car.   But it's going to be a struggle.
    • Hi Lutz and welcome to CAG   We have seen many similar cases over the last 10+ years. You will hear nothing useful from the bank for at least a few weeks.   You will have triggered 1 or more markers that start the bank blocking and investigating the account - it could be large sums of cash, money from abroad, or other events.   Get the SAR sent off immediately. I would send it to :- Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP   Send it by email if you can find an email address to use that's appropriate.   Then, as BankFodder has already said, work quickly to open a new account - this should be your immediate priority because Barclays will tell you nothing useful in the next few weeks.   If you have bought a property recently, I assume you were able to satisfy the solicitor with regard to passing Anti Money Laundering checks. However, this will not help  you get access to your money with Barclays.
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Dell Laptop Brought From Argos - Faulty.

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I brought a Dell laptop from Argos 17 months ago. 8 months later it had a motherboard failure & Dell replaced it. Today the motherboard has again failed. I have spoken to Dell support and they advise that it is going to be 180 for repair as the laptop is over 12 months old.


I understand that the warranty covers me for 12 months, however seeing as the original fault occured when the laptop was 8 months old I think that this shows the laptop is not fit for purpose. It is my understanding that under the sales of goods act, items sold by retailers should last for a suitable amount of time. I feel that a 400 laptop should last more than 17 months, especially without a fault occuring after 8 months.


Dell are also advising that the replacement motherboard was a refurbished motherboard and therefore would only be expected to last for 3 months. I was not told this at the time and it is not something that I would have accepted.


Is there anything you can advise?

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Forget Dell, your contract is with Argos and you need to go through them.

You need to contact Argos and advise them that the laptop has failed and that you would like them to repair/replace it under the Sales of Goods Act. You may need to get an independent Engineer's report to state that the failure has been caused by a manufacturing fault, which will initially be at your own expense (usually around £60-70) but provided it is a manufacturing fault then Argos must refund this to you.


The fact that the original motherboard was replaced with a refurbished one is completely irrelevant and it doesn't matter how long Dell think it should last. A laptop should have a reasonable lifespan of 4-5 years and the SOGA will treat it just as one single item, not a bunch of components.


Also, how did you pay for the laptop? If by credit card then your credit card provider will be jointly liable I believe.

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