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    • I have just received a non mol and the judge who signed it daughter works for the solicitors who applied for it and he also use to work for them I belive he was a partner in the practice  Is that not a conflict of interest? 
    • Hi, we had a council tax debt that was settled in full with our council back in July. However the bailiffs are continuing to pursue us for their fees.  We had an initial incident where the first bailiff had no ID and stated he was from the council and needed to inspect our house (council house). My partner let him in and he started listing items at which point my partner questioned who he was and he then told her he was from Rossendales reference outstanding council tax. After a discussion she set up a payment plan and he left. Things went on and we missed 1 payment, we rang them and explained and they said it was fine if we can pay double the following month to catch up. We agreed but before that date arrived we had a doorstep visit. It all became silly and stressful, i spoke with Rossendales who just were not interested and so rude its hard to not get agitated and stressed so I took out a loan and paid the council directly. I paid the entire debt with them. This did not include any bailiff fees. I logged an official complaint with Rossendales over the conduct.  It transpires that the bodycam from the initial visit was miraculously unavailable and also no complaint was logged by Rossendales, however there are notes on our account regarding the complaint!! With the virus etc I guess this has delayed their action but today I received a phone call saying I have to pay the council tax debt now or they will remove goods tomorrow. I tried to converse and explain what had happened and was shut down, the agent said he wasnt interested, either pay now or I'll visit tomorrow to remove goods, every time I tried to speak, he spoke over me so we got nowhere.    I'm at at a complete loss as to what to do, I cannot raise a complaint with them without evidence and they're not interested in anything other than causing stress and trying to obtain money or goods.   Please can anyone offer advice, do I just need to pay their fees, even with their conduct? Can they still charge fees for a settled debt? What if they do visit? What can they do and what can I do? 
    • Sar from PRA group arrived today, it includes an Account Financial history statement showing payment on 29/12/15. They also included a copy of the credit agreement with my signature.
    • To make next year's GCSE and A-level exams fairer after all the breaks in learning for students the DfE have announced a range of measures to support young people taking exams in 2021. View the full article
    • That looks good, you only need a short defence at this point.   You could stick a bit in about them inflating their claim to try to circumvent the small claims limit on legal fees and this is an abuse of process.   I've just read the thread from the start and am still not sure about your point (3).  Is it right that it was a hire car and only you were named as a possible driver?
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Charge on house is it time to panic????????

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Hi everyone,

First time on here any help would be greatly appreciated.


Had a credit card with Virgin , MBNA, and ended up with just under 6000 owing on it. Self employed and ended up not being able to pay monthly repayments. After debt being sold to god knows how many different companies ended up with IDR finance from Wales. Made offers of payments, all refused. Below is a time line of following events, really worried now and don't really know what to do or who to turn to.


SEPT 2012 sent claim form for CCJ from Northampton County Court.(admitted full liability)

OCT 2012 Judgment passed. Repayment of £20.00 PM to be paid. Standing order set up to pay, ongoing no payment missed.

DEC 2012 Letter telling me they were going to different court for a reditermination hearing.

FEB 2013 Judgement passed. Pay full amount forthwith !!!

FEB 2013 I sent in form N245 (I think) it cost £40.00 and had means test on it with my offer of £20.00 PM(filed within 14 days)

FEB 2013 Letter from IDR telling me they have applied for a charge on my house.


The time from sending in form to the court and receiving letter was 5 days, so they may have overlapped.


What will the charge do?. Can they force me to sell.:???:


Many thanks All :)

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I will try and find someone who can advise but I doubt they will be able to force a sale. Is this debt in joint or single names. Is the mortgage/home ownership in joint or single names ?

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they haven't got the charge yet? so could try and challenge it? anyway, orders for sale only as last resort and in consideration of the circumstances. unlikely. have a look at the charging order threads eg http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?203298-A-guide-to-Charging-Orders-amp-Orders-for-Sale%284-Viewing%29-nbsp, including post#523



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Hi all,

No charge, not got yet , just applied for. The house is in my name only, living alone with my son here 3 nights per week min. Should I see a solicitor if so what is the time frame. Also the house is 25K in negative equity.


Thanks all for the help :)

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