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Clutch / Flywheel - advice

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Hi, need some advice. My vehicle had it's clutch replaced for the first time one year ago after probably about 85k miles at the same time it was MOT'd.


In the last week vibration had started and a noise when the clutch was depressed. Took it back to the garage and they said it sounded like the flywheel. They've now taken it apart and the flywheel is down to it's mounting bolts apparently and so needs replacing, but with the 'bits' whirling around damage has been caused to the new clutch causing 'adnormal' wear.


The MOT expires on 5th March so the clutch was replaced within the last year (just).


I'm being asked to pay for yet another clutch, which isn't cheap. Is this just hard luck or should the flywheel have been replaced/had more attention paid to it at the time?


It's a 2006+ Ford Ranger 4x4, one of the first of the new ones so it had a new engine but I think an older clutch or gearbox.

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It is quite common for the mechanics to "recommend" you change the flywheel at the same time as the clutch, but it is not specifically required as part of the clutch replacement. Clearly last year your mechanic didn't give you such a recommendation, or you didn't accept it if he did. either way, replacing the clutch last year seems to have gone ok in a fashion and the problems you have now cannot IMO be "blaimed" on any error in replacing teh clutch alone last year.


I think the fact that the flywheel is worn out soon after the clutch supports the idea that the mechanics normally suggest you should replace both together.

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It was mentioned he wasn't sure if it had a dual mass flywheel but that was as far as it went when I dropped it off - it was then returned to me with the new clutch and MOT so I obviously expected the clutch to be good for another 80k ish. When the vibration started I thought it was a UJ on the driveshaft as changed one of those a year or so ago so it made sense that the one at the other end of the shaft would fail. But it was the flywheel. I just would have expected it, since the gearbox was removed at the time, to have replaced the flywheel at the same time if 80-90k miles is their typical life or if it was looked at then I would expect less than 12 months later that it fails and takes the clutch with it. As a non-motor engineer with limited experience/knowledge I feel it's a lack of due care not to have either replaced it or inspected it.

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