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    • They are from Birmingham City Council , and this where the his mom live At this time I was homeless , with no permanent address 😔😥
    • Hi all im looking for advice when it comes to council tax liability for a new home if an eviction is started for our old home but then suspended due to court error and pandemic causes further delay in proceedings.   The short story is i'm a disabled carer getting legacy ESA and carers allowance who has lived in his own home for nearly 20 years with mortgage as leaseholder. (SMI loan helps with mortgage interest). Also terrified of the UC migration that a change of circumstance will cause so dragging my feet tbh.   Just before the Pandemic the freeholder of our "old home" obtained a dubious possession order and we received notice of eviction before the pandemic so signed a tenancy for a "new home" that we where grateful to be accepted for in a new local authority district. As a result we stopped paying the bit of mortgage interest we needed to pay in our old home in favour of paying the rent for the new home out of our own pocket but before we could move into the new home proper and tell the DWP about a change of circumstance to get the rent paid (natural migration to UC?) the pandemic locked us in our old home!   Now we still haven't moved because the possession order was set aside when the courts re opend post first lockdown because of court error but possession proceedings are still ongoing with the added bonus the mortgage company is now involved and there legal fee's alone have been added to our mortgage balance effectively consuming all equity that was left in the property, thus our long term plan to sell, settle debts and move into rental is destroyed.    The new home awaits us and we spend a couple of days a week there, we have been able to put cheapest carpets in and blinds and moved some stuff in. We pay the rent out of our small income for security to avoid homelessness but we cant abandon the old home yet because thats likely a bankruptcy for certain if we just hand it to the mortgage company..   Believe it or not this is still a council tax question because the council where the new home is want there council tax and have demanded hundreds but obv we cant claim CTR yet as we havent formally had a change of circumstance due to the delay in eviction and im not sure they will like whay i have to tell them.    So the primary question is will the council be able or even willing to reduce or cancel the liability for the new home under these circumstances until we actually get evicted formally from the old home?   I think when you have title to a property you cant claim help with rent on another property and rightly so even in times like this...   We also worried about losing the new flat because being housing association we supposed to live there as our main home but have been delayed moving as described, its pretty certain we are getting evicted in the new year one way or another then insolvency might follow that depending how it occures we are just trying to find a path to avoid insolvency, benefit fraud and homelessness and deal with the council tax in the new home to! Not a small task during a pandemic! Its a tricky customer this any help welcome...  
    • Implications of a county court judgment_compressed.pdf
    • Hopefully you've been able to get this sorted out. Can you update us because you're not the only one encountering problems with Currys returns.
    • It says only 30 days to respond. Can I still respond?   Here they are:     Letter beforeclaim_compressed.pdf
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Islington PCN code 01 confusing signage and road markings

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I have been given a ticket and appealed it on the basis that the signage isnt clear. The council say that its a market traders bay and active only on match days as it is near arsenal football ground. Before I went there the person I was seeing made the effort to get a valid temporary residents parking permit for the day which I correctly adjusted. I researched the day before to make sure that it wasn't a match day and the team were in fact playing away.

I arrived on the day and read the sign very carefully and there was a bay with a number in it but on reading the sign which was between my space and another it said there were additional controls on match days. I parked in the space and got a ticket. I have attached photos that I took as soon as I saw that I had a ticket.


I don't believe that the signage and road markings are clear, the single yellow line is in fact broken and the sign makes it seem that the yellow line was in fact there for match days. I have never seen a number in a space before and there was no info on the sign to indicate that it was a market traders space at all.


can any one advise please as I am quite annoyed by this and the council are acting like stubborn mules. I don't live in London and where I do live there is no market.

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Downside is that the market bay is considerably smaller than a normal bay and has a SYL running through it, which the resident parking bays don't.


However the timeplate is at the end of the resident bay and could be mistaken for applying to both.


The council are unlikely to accept this and you would have to take this to adjudication.

Whether the adjudicator would agree with you would be a gamble.


If you still have the discount available, I'd probably pay. If you are at the NTO stage, (ie full penalty) then you have nothing to lose by appealing.

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sadly I am at the NTO stage but believe that the signage was inadequate for any reasonable person to understand how it linked to the syl or space. The fact that on the sign it did not have an arrow indicating which side it applied to or that this space was for market traders is my main reason why this PCN was wrongly given. When I parked there I didn't notice that it was shorter than the next one either. I might remember to check next time to make sure but why is it that this sort of information doesnt really get known about until you get a PCN or you are involved in traffic/parking control. there should be a statement on the sign saying it is a market traders space. its mad

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I am at the NTO stage

Make a formal appeal to the NTO, and when that is rejected, appeal to PATAS.. Even if you subsequently lose at adjudication, you will still only be liable for the full penalty. And if the adjudicator agrees with the confusing signage, the penalty is cancelled.

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