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    • Fine. Have a quick think and decide whether you want to bring a small claim. If you do then it is worth spending a little bit of time looking through this forum and discovering the steps of how to bring a small claim in the County Court. You would have to start with a letter of claim which would give them 14 days to provide you with your refund or else you will start a small claim against them and without any further notice. Day 15 you issue the papers. Don't make the threat unless you are prepared to go ahead and carry it out. As I've already said, bringing a small claim is extremely easy and on the basis of what you say, your chances of success are much better than 95% – and in my view Halfords will put their hands up unless they really want to waste their money and their time. Does Halfords really want to spend their time and money losing a case in which they will have to draft the defence document, respond to various papers from the court, put you to the trouble of paying the hearing fee, instructing lawyers to go and attend at your local court which I believe is in the North west of England, losing their case, having to pay your £40 plus interest plus your court fee plus the hearing fee – and then suffer the indignity of having their name plastered even further all over this forum and over Twitter and Facebook and trust pilot. If this is what they want then they really don't value their reputation very highly.   I have sent the following response to Halfords  
    • The Highway Code says you must not enter unless your exit is clear*. The law doesn’t say the same, the offence is stopping on the box junction* It is possible to enter while your exit is clear, and then another car block you, you stop on the junction, and commit the offence* even though you complied with the Highway Code**   (or, even, breach the Highway Code by entering when your exit isn’t clear, but not commit the offence as long as you don’t actually stop, and your exit becomes clear in time!)     * = absent the defence of you wanting to turn right and the only thing preventing you doing so being oncoming traffic (/ other vehicles turning right)   ** = in which case you appeal, not on grounds of the contravention not occurring, as it did, but on the grounds that given you had made all efforts to comply, and another driver’s bad driving caused you to have to stop so as not to cause an accident, it isn’t in the public interest to pursue it.
    • read the guide CCA goes to the claimant   dx  
    • Hi, yes that is what has happened. The technician originally said that the tyres were for BMW, it came to light in the PayPal disputes I’ve had with them that it’s not only for BMW but certainly not for my car. It seems like everyone I speak to has a different sort of opinion on what the tyres are for. We looked for a branded tyre within a good price range and chose that tyre assuming any tyre on the list would have fit our car.. I shall do that yes I would like the call recording as I am actually quite upset how the lady spoke to us about it when we contacted customer services anyway. Thanks for helping. 
    • By the way, please will you send a subject access request to Halfords and make sure you asked them for call recordings as well as any of the details that you input in respect to your tyre order and any other personal data which they hold on you in any form. Get this letter off to them by email tomorrow and confirm in writing.   I suggest that you send the letter for the attention of Andrea Botha | Executive Contact Manager who will be aware of this situation.   https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andrea-botha-96b565143   I've written to her again and suggested that maybe she doublecheck the situation because of my understanding what you say is correct, then I think that she must badly have misunderstood the circumstances of this. Once again, I understand that you input the details of a Kia and Halfords recommended tyres fit for a BMW. They only informed you of this error after the tyre fitting had been booked. Your initial contact with Halfords after this resulted in a promise to reimburse you and it was only a subsequent contact with another customer services person that they renege on the promise. Is that correct?
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Capquest phoning work numbers

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Hi Everyone,


Just a quick query, I have sorted out my debts thanks to the amazing advice from this forum.


One of these, Capquest has been in dispute for over 18 months, and have been quiet since.


Now on Saturday, I got a phone call from them on my work phone (which is a shop), how they got hold of this number which no DCA's have I don't know but refused to go through security with them and told them it was an offence to ring a work number.


If they ring back, i wanted to know what I can threaten them with, is it OFT?

IF they persist I will send a letter but I want to quote the correct statement to them.


Any idea's fellow Caggers?:|

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yes, but inform the ICO/FOS too.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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You Must inform this DCA that you will only deal with the in writting.

Address a letter the Compliance Manager at Capquest.

Any Letters I Draft are N0T approved by CAG and no personal liability is accepted.

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