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Rejected Claim still on Database

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18 months ago my car insurance company paid out to a third party after they had claimed my already dented car had hit their car. I had firmly denied this to my car insurance company at the time and only learnt of the payout 6 months later when my renewal price was hiked by 50% - roughly the cost of the payout.


After complaining they belatedly examined my car and eventually admitted they were wrong to pay out. They gave me back two years no claims bonus and mypremium was cut back to what it had been the previous year.


12 months on when talking to them about this year's renewal I discovered that this non incident is still on their database.


I wasn’t planning to renew with them again but shouldn’t they have wiped this from their database?

I assume that this is the same database that other insurance companies access?


Am I obliged to declare this non incident when declaring previous claims/convictions to other insurers? This would obviously lead to a hike inthe new premium.

If I didn’t would my new insurance be invalidated in the event of another claim and would I be committing a crime?


Of course I can complain again but I learnt last time that this is not a swift process and my renewal is due shortly.

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The fact that there was a claim against you is something that you should declare when obtaining alternative quotes even though it appears that the claim was spurious.


I would suggest that you get it in writing from the insurers confirmation that they paid out in error.


Then, if you look for alternative quotes online for example, don't include that there was a claim, find one you are happy with, then phone the insurers and tell them about it. If they agree to proceed at the quoted premium write and confirm the telephone conversation and send them a copy of the letter from your existing insurers.


If you disclose all the facts, the new insurers can't hold it against you but if you withhold information that they later discover, they could invalidated the policy (non disclosure of a material fact).

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After further discussions with my insurance company have happily wiped this false claim from 'the' database and say I need not declare it to other insurance companies.They say it was a 'Class of claim 50' They have provided a letter also saying that it does not need to be disclosed to other insurance companies.

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