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Recieving Disability WTC while living with a partner?

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Currently I am on ESA and am constantly reassesed. My condition is fluctuating and leaves me in a great deal of pain about half the days out of the month and I cannot predict when I will fall ill. There are some days when I am well enough to work and I am happy to do so but so far no employer as been willing to take me on given the unpredictable nature of my condition and indeed a Work Porgramme advisor was the person who told me to apply for ESA as he said I had no hope of finding a job.


The only option I see is self employment working from home as that would allow me to manage my condition but while I do have some skills I am not confident that I can make a living at least not for sometime on self employed homework. I have looked into WTC and I believe I would be entitled to the disability WTC if I lived alone but if I were living with a working partner his income and anything I made would be put together and considered jointly.


I don't live with my partner yet but I would like to move in with him and he with me. He does work and makes a good income of around £30,000 a year before tax etc. However I wouldn' be able to live with him unless I made a say around £500 a month. He is understanding about my situation but with the cost of living so high and being that his elderly mother still relies on him financially to a degree I don't think he would take me on unless I was bringing something to the pot to help with my own living costs.


From what I understand if I was living with him any claim for WTC would account for his income and I would recieve nothing even if my personal income was very small. I find this difficult as there is no guarantee that a disabled persons partner would be willing to support them financially. It is hard enough to find and maintain a relationship if you have health problems never mind the added financial concerns.


I am getting older and worry that this might be my last chance at having a relationship and I want to keep it but I don't feel that I can ask him for so much. I don't know what my options are if I suspect that I will be removed from ESA sooner rather than later with no consideration give to how likely it is that I will find a job. I could stay as I am with family and try to build up self employment while getting Disability WTC and trying to earn more but I run the real risk of my partner losing interest and moving on. It also means that yet again my illness is preventing me from living my life. I already put up with so much that it would be nice to think that love isn't totally out of my reach.


Is there anything which might allow me to do some work and get some support while living with my parnter?

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