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    • the differences between brexiter bull-fantasy and Remain Reality begins to bite   add in: Just a year ago she was saying in the express that Brexit would stop the EU 'stealing' our stocks 'on OUR terms', without mentioning:   * the vast majority of our catches are sold to the EU (which she should know as a fish auctioneer profiting from others work) * the effects tariffs would have * The vast majority of the fish we eat is imported * The United Nations stocks agreement * The migratory nature of the fish (sic) * Irish and Scot fishing/territorial waters if they become independent   and of course she's out of one of her income streams LOL .. but I assume her fish auction company can still auction UK catches to the EU without change ... for now   You can understand how terms like 'mummery' came into use can't you?
    • Thank you for your responses. In terms of the vehicle, it is a 2010 volkswagen crafter which I purchased for £2500. It has 160,000 miles on the clock. But for its last MOT had 260,000 miles on the clock.  The reason I didnt check these bits and Bob's is due to the fact I have only bought new previous to this and being young I guess I was naive and trusting to a certain extent or should we say inexperienced in used vehicles.   He has several Van's listed and several more at his address also. I have his address yes, I'm unsure on ownership of said property.   I have pictures of all conversations between ourselves, I also now have written confirmation from a garage in regards to the forged service history I am awaiting a call off 2 others as I type this. I am now losing an extreme amount of money per day due to not being able to work or get the money back and this is seriously affecting my health already.   Apologies if i have missed anything out there I've tried to answer as best I can.
    • Have you been in contact with the Council's Housing and Homeless Team? Also have you had a proper benefit assessment.
    • Hi unclebulgaria67,  yes this is a review,  she doesn't really see the GP much as such, its only med reviews and if she is unwell apart from the diagnosed illnesses, she sees nurses for the diabetes checks etc, there is nothing new they can offer her so its a matter of managing and getting through the best she can, which is where I come in as her carer.  She had 12 months cbt for bipolar back in 2009, there are no new things added to cbt so there is nothing they can teach her there, her fibromyalgia is treated with pain relief, there is no nhs physical treatment as only a specialised massage is thought to help but the relief is short lived so the nhs don't provide it (understandably) there is no cure for the condition and we have tried everything.  I will just do my usual best and be there for any assessment which I will request is recorded and hope for the best. Thank you for replying.
    • I have not used a comparison site for some time now... Do they really pass your info on? When it says "we sometimes use your information for third parties to make your life better..."  Basically we just sell your data to anyone who wants it?! 
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JSA Query Complaint

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First of all I would like to say hello, I'm a 29 year old male from Middlesbrough who has been in & out of work for the past 2 years, while out of work I have always made effort to find a job & have done everything that the job centre have asked of me. I am also studying Plastering at Middlesbrough College (Something I will be carrying on when working) I thouroughly enjoy it & can safely say it's one of the hardest things I have ever done, being a determined character, this has just driven me more to master it.


Unfortunately I have not bee treated the same way in return by the Job Centre.


During the past 5 months, I have had my claim sent to a decision maker, or have been declined money on 4 seperate occasions for a range of quite frankly, ridiculous reasons. They were 4 absolute no brainers, there was no need for a decision maker. As it was plainly clear no decision needed to be made.


First Time : My claim was sent to a decision maker, because my job search was written on paper & not in my booklet, because my booklet was full, a job search that had 4 times more job applications than my agreement requested. 2 of which had reulted in getting to the interview stage. This was because I apparently refused to fill in official paperwork.


Second Time : After enroling for college, I had been asked to bring my learning agreement when I went to sign on. I took said agreement with me, to be told that I was no longer entitled to any benifits, because I was in full time education, when it clearly stated my course was part time & for 12 hours a week. It took 2 weeks for someone to decide that my course was part time. Even though part time work of up to 16 hours a week is allowed in conjunction with a JSA claim.


Third Time : After getting a temporary bar job in a pub in town, I signed off. I was told that I would recieve a £100 back to work grant within 5 working days. This did not come. So when I chased up my enquiry I was told that I was not entitled to it as I had signed on a day late during the last 6 months of my claim. This is because I was attending my step fathers funeral. I explained this & the advisor told me that it basically meant nothing & didn't matter. I then said to the advisor "surely common sense provails in a situation like this" to be told "common sense can't be applied to benifit enquiries" then I was mysteriously "cut off"


Fourth Time : After finding out on the 4th January that I had done my last shift on the 29th December & was no longer on the rota, I called to sign back on again. To be fair the person who dealt with my claim could not have been any more helpful, we even had a laugh & a joke while she was waiting for screens to process (this was at the fact my 3 nephews were causing carnage in the background, you can't get any peace at my Mum's where I had to go to use the phone) I backdated my claim to the 29th January. I went & signed on, payment was put through & my money was wrong. After phoning the job centre to find out why I was told that my back dated money had been declined as I had not made sufficient effort to inform the Job Centre of my employment ceasing, closer to the date of which it ceased. How can I tell someone something 5 days before I even know my self?


After much protest I recieved a 3 hour call back from a manager, 2 days after the call back had been requested. Now at this point I had zero percent faith in anyone who worked for the Job Centre. The manager I spoke to was brilliant, couldn't have asked for a nicer & more calming person to speak to. I explained about my previous run ins with the Job Centre, including my back to work bonus. He ended up getting the back to work bonus & my back dated money sorted out within ten minutes of phoning me & the money for both was in my account the same day. If I ever got pointed out to me who this bloke was in a pub, I would have bought him a pint if it was the last £3 I owned. That's how much of a legend he was.


Which brings me to my next point. On 17th January my biological father, who lives around 1/2hr away by car, had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, now at this point the roads were clear, me & my little sister (who had only just passed her driving test 4 weeks previous) got in the car & went to see him straight away (like any human would in this situation) we stayed there, 9 inches of snow fell overnight. I was due to go on a work programme course on the 21st. On the Friday I phoned the Job Centre to warn them that I may not be able to get back home for Monday. I was told to phone back on Monday morning. The snow didn't stop until the Sunday evening & was that bad on the Monday morning, that my Dad could not get his 4wd Subaru Impreza out of the street, how can a 19 year old girl in a Citreon Saxo be expected to do the same?


I called the Job Centre on the Monday morning to be told that on Friday morning, when I go to sign on my claim will have to be sent to a decision maker.


Here is where I am so annoyed. I was told that my benifit will be stopped for 3 months if my claim is to be sanctioned. Therefore leaving me having to live off nothing for 12 weeks.


Going to visit my potentially terminally ill father

Not wasting to put mine & my sisters life seriously at risk

Not being able to control the weather


None of these are valid reasons to throw someone on the scrap heap for 3 months, but the worst of it all, if I had stayed on the dole instead of going out & working for a living, I would not have had to attend this course & this situation would not exist.


Would there be anything I can do apart from going in pre armed with a letter explaining the situation & how I feel about it, that I can do before tomorrow?


Anything to help will be much appreciated, as I am extremely nervous about tomorrow, worse yet I have a job interview 2 hours after signing on, just being in Middlesbrough Job Centre makes me feel very panicky & uneasy, because of the way they have treated me in the past. If the worst does happen then how am I going to be together enough to make it through my interview?


Also where would I stand legally if it was proven that my sanction was wrong after the 3 months? Would I get all my unpaid benifit back? Could I seek compensation?

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Would there be anyone who could help me gather any evidence that could help me with the enevitable sanction that will come after signing on tomorrow?


I really am all ends up with this, all of my other attempts at sanctioning had 1 ridiculous reason based on no logic at all. This time there are three, but as usual, the robots in Middlesbrough Job Centre will not see it like that, as they themselves prove every day they are robots & not humans.


I would love to meet the person who runs the job centre, I would openly admit now that I could do their job better for a quarter of their wages. I would also challenge them to start from the bottom & run a bath, because it's obvious they cannot run an organisation.

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