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Need Help ! Support Group ESA ..Tax Code??!

Anxiously Awaiting

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Hello Everyone.


Well I last wrote on here a few days ago for help with the yearly ESA medical.


I passed the medical and was put in the support group catogory of ESA


Today I received a Tax Code letter, I'm so confused :frown:, I thought you only got these forms when you are working?? I don't even leave the house unless I desperately have to ..and I mean like if I need medical help!, or I HAVE to like to attend something the job centre threaten you with (if you don't go you don't get your money kind of "threats").


It says my mum's name and states that she will use the Tax code to work out how much money 'they'; (It actually says they ..I don't know who this 'they' is, obviously), pay you from 6 April 2003.



Can anyone help me please :[[[[[[ I'm going insane here with panic and worry.

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Hello there.


I don't think you need to worry, I expect there's a reasonable explanation. Is there a reference number at the bottom of the form somewhere please? It just doesn't sound like a tax code wording to me and I wonder if it's something else.


This letter is definitely meant for you and not your Mum?


And I guess you mean from April 2013 and not 2003? :)


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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2013 yes ..SEE! That's me panicking :[ There's two letters together, one looks as though it's implying I work and one isn't and is saying it's for ESA purposes .. it's lists my mum's name on the one where it seems like they think I work .. might it just be an error?

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esa is taxable income and therefore you would be issued a tax coding probably 810 something if i remember correctly


Indeed yes, although it's not immediately obvious what OP's Mum has to do with things.




The idea that all politicians lie is music to the ears of the most egregious liars.

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My mum had a playgroup jointly owned that got closed down to build a medical centre this closed in 2006 ..She had an accident in 2010 and has hip problems and is classed disabled, she's waiting to get a hip replacement but because of her age she has to wait for this (don't ask why cos I don't even know myself I just know she has way too many physio app's and is constantly at either the DR's, Physio or hospital app's), she also has carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues so she doesn't work anymore, neither does my Father he's been classed as disabled after a serious work accident that happened in 2007. Yes it's from them




Dear **


Your Tax code for the year from 6 April 2013 to 5 April 2014 is ****


(mum's name) will use this tax code to work out how much take to take off the amount they pay you from 6 April 2013. It is important that you check your tax code is right. You don't need to contact us unless you think your tax code is wrong. If you contact us you will need your national insurance number and tax reference. Please keep your coding Notice you may need it if we send you a tax return.


This is how we worked out your tax

balance of tax allowances (amount)..see note 1 (note 1 - We know you have another job or pension (you get a p2 coding notice for that job or pension too). We have used some of your allowances to give you a tax-free amount at theis job or pension.


a tax-free (amount) If your income for the year from (mum's name) is more than £** You will pay tax as follows (list of 20%-45% costs) we normally split your tax-free allowance into monthly or weekly amounts. This means you can get about £** a month, or £* a week before (mum's name) takes tax of you.





Your tax code for the year from 6 April 2013 to 5 April 2014 is ****


Jobcentre plus will use this tax code to check your tax position when you stop claiming ESA or at 5 April 2014 if that is sooner. You need to check that our information is correct. If your tax code is wrong you could pay too much or too little tax. Please keep your coding Notice you may need it if we send you a tax return.


This is how we worked out your tax


Personal allowance (nearly everyone who lives in the UK receives a personal allowance. This is income you can earn or receive each year tax free. The amount you get depends on your circumstances. This tax year you are entitled to personal allowance of £***


Other earnings (or pension) We will check if there is anything that would reduce your tax free amount. We have transferred *** of your tax-free amount to use against your other income or pensions. at the end of the year we will check if you have paid the right amount of tax.


a tax free amount of - If your SA for the year is more than £***, tax will be due as follows (lists costs from 20-45%)


We turn £** into a tax code of **T (mum's name) will use this code to take off the right amount of tax each time they pay you from 6 april 2013. We will tell (mum's name) your tax code but we do not tell them how we worked it out.

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typical tax office ar$e and elbow springs to mind....it would seem that they think you have a job!!! they obviously havent worked out your on esa therefore you are NOT working....you will need to ring them and tell em they have made a boo boo

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yea lol, just phoned them up and she just asked if I worked (obviously not -.-) & then said what is this (mum's name) company anyway ... IT'S MY MUM o.O , her responce "ah, it's our error (duh) we'll cancel that now and inform the DWP that this tax is cancelled as it ... doesn't exist? lol .. I don't know what her reply was I was over coming a panic attack, my sister took over the call but according to her it's all sorted out now ..I asked to ask if it will mess my benefits up she said no so I hope not :[

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