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income support to ESA

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Hi everyone, im new and extremely worried.


i have just recieved a letter saying im to get a phone call, then a form called Limited capability for Work.

last year I had a medical when the man came to my home for my DLA. will that be used as evidence to support my claim or will i have to go through this process again.?


since the medical last year, i have been in hospital twice, with life threatening asthma, last time blue lighted and ended up being resuscertated. my asthma is triggered by stress and im terrified it will go again because of this worry.

i have a stairlift, and saftely precautions at home eg careline incase i have an episode and an adapted bathroom.


the medication I am on means i need a nebuliser 4 times a day. will they accomodate this if they see me as fit for work. embarassingly i also need a bathroom with a facility to wash my privates after i go. will they provide this, because i have a back problem due to the medication i take my spine is crumbling and pressing on the nerves which causes the problem with the toilet.


im really worried because i look well to the eye as im proud and as im only 45 i dont want to give in to my illnesses. i am also on the waiting list for a nerve operation.


any suggestions please and thanks in advance.

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Firstly, though it's easy to say and not so easy to do, there is no point worrying about this process as it won't change a thing and could go on for ages before you get a decision.


Second, you are not obliged to answer the phone call from the DWP, though all it does is explain the process of claiming ESA. The form will eventually arrive whether or not you have spoken to them.


Have a read around the forums and you will find plenty of advice on filling in the ESA50. You could also download one now from the DWP website and get a head start on filling it in because it is a very long form. If you can, get help completing it from a welfare or benefits advisor. Also, collect medical evidence such as a letter from your GP to send with your form. You should also send a copy of your DLA award letter as this could be taken into account.


If you think you will need a home assessment, you will need a letter from your GP to say so otherwise you will have to go to an assessment centre, usually a job centre plus office.


Don't worry about them finding you fit for work at this stage. Even if they did - and I'd like to say it's unlikely given what you've written but stranger things have happened - you could appeal the decision.


Whatever you do, don't do the British stiff upper lip I'm fine thing. If you are genuinely too sick to work, and you really sound as if you are, then you are entitled to this benefit and deserve it.


Keeping posting and there are lots of people who will try to answer your questions, and your experience might also help someone else.


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You may want to inform your GP of this and any issues you have which prevent you from working if they don't already know.


You have to make sure that any information you give is relevant to the current ESA descriptors. The list can be found here and the support group descriptors can be found here


You have to score at least 15 points to claim ESA and be put into a group. You have to meet at least one descriptor from my second link to be put into the support group.

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Miniharker. Youre in the same position as loads of us now with your transfer from IB to ESA

Get a Advocate if you can, to help you, do a search for Advocacy online and find one closest to you. They will help. Mine is brilliant

Download the online ESA 50 form to your computer then work on it every day, improving and modifying it using the WCA Handbook below and also the Descriptors contained in it. You can eventually print it out and send it in, you dont have to use the form they send you. Using the online one you will always have a copy of it for future reference on your computer

Make sure you realise fully, The ESA50 and ATOS arent interested in how sick you are. They are interested in how your condition affects how you can move, mobilise and actually do things. DONT droll on about how sick you are. THEY DONT CARE, carefully word your ESA50 replies showing them how your condition affects your dis-abilities.




THis is the WCA handbook issued to ATOS and Decision makers, RMLID (Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly Digest)


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Thankyou Reallymad, that was really useful information.

regarding a home visit, last time they didnt give me a choice. would it be better to ask for that. ? i have 2 health issues you see, my asthma is either ok or in and ambulance, there is no warning, no buildup. my back is always bad.

i am in constant pain, i have no feeling in parts of my right leg, and foot, but i still struggle on. so at my best i can walk 50m because i make myself. i make myself get up in the morning, i make myself do everything, but it really hurts.

at my worst, i was in a coma. i have 15 minutes to get to hospital with no warning. i have unlimited consultants and doctors letters that i always send to them regarding this. the last tribunal i went on nearly killed me. i was taken in by blue light, resuss, cardiac call and in intensive care in a coma. all this is relevent im assuming?


Thankyou Nysta my GP will write a good letter. i think she will be horrified. she knows stress will kill me. i have heard they are bringing the 50m down to 20m is this in place?


Invalidation thankyou too i will look at everything


Fortunately my telephone number has changed so i can ligitimately not answer!


i cant believe im going through this when i did it all last year. my DLA runs out this summer and i was shocked they assessed me then and not this year. what are the chances of me loosing my DLA too?

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Thankyou Nysta my GP will write a good letter. i think she will be horrified. she knows stress will kill me. i have heard they are bringing the 50m down to 20m is this in place?


For PIP they will. Not heard anything about DLA though.


If you ask for a home visit, you need to argue why. I stated (my situation is different to yours) that I would struggle to get from mine to the assessment centre without help and my disabilities mean that waiting around in a waiting room is impossible unless they want to see me have a meltdown...

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