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Toothfairyfinance/NDR/MHB issues

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I posted sometime last week, basically like everyone else, I had a £200 loan which escalated to nearly £700 in a few days.. I called even before to say I was struggling to pay the £200 and they refused a payment plan. I have been getting non-stop calls from TFF, NDR and MHB, who are apparently going to come to my house, I ignored most of the calls and sent a letter to them.

Today I got a call from this number - 01224 931013. They have called me the most, and in their voicemails they say "from nothern debt recovery" then I got another two voicemails a couple of days ago "from MHB.." and only today I decided to speak to them and I don't remember them confirming who they were, I was out walking and their phoneline was terrible, like all fuzzy could barely understand.

I didn't want to say much but I just told them straight I've sent a letter and I'm not paying the ridiculous amount when I made it perfectly clear I couldn't even pay £200 so how do you expect me to pay £700?!, the lady on the phone said she would take off £200 if I paid today, I said no then she said I could pay £50 a month for 8 months and only pay £400. I did think about this, like all I plan on paying is £272 because that's what I owe, Well I think it was £236 but obviously I couldn't pay it and I already deffered the loan many times, so I thought paying an extra £130 isn't that bad.. but then I can't afford it, I can't just throw out another 100, I told her I would call back tomorrow and discuss because I obviously needed to think about it.. I thought I was actually talking to TFF on the phone I'm sure she said that but it was too fuzzy to understand, but now after checking all my voicemails MHB and NDR have the same number?! lol.

So now I'm not sure what to do, I don't really want to agree to it. I wouldn't mind paying 50 a month for 6 months even though that may be a bit of a struggle but I don't want to pay extra, I can't afford to and don't really want to. But then I don't want any more hassle and don't want them turning up at my house, I got a letter saying they are coming and getting a CCJ ready..

So I need some advice.. Shall I write to them again saying I will pay 300 max? and that's all I can afford.

I still owe minicredit 150 which has also gone up to like 500, I haven't even dealt with them yet apart from on the phone, when I asked for a repayment plan and they refused unless it was 500.. they haven't been harrasing me though so I kind of forget I owe it, like they sometimes send me an email and text but that's it.


I'm stuck in a rut, please help!

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Ignore them. Your main mistake was you talked to them on the phone. They are one of the worst lenders to deal with. They issue threats like you already found out, yet NEVER actually do anything unless they know for sure youll just bury your head in the sand and let them get away with it.


Have a good read of this forum. youll see what i mean.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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