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Egg filed defence then offered part back !

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Hi everyone


Has anyone had a defence filed against Egg then they offer part back ?


Well I have - received notification on line that Egg are defending just on Thursday. Then got home yesterday to letter from them offering part back £4 on every £20 claim ! Well they obviously know they are beaten.


Going to ask them to credit with the amount they offer and that I'm going to court for rest. They are agreeing with OFT but they seem to think the maximum is £16. Well my argument is that is OFT's maximum but they still have to prove that it actually costs that price.


I'm gobsmacked that they actually offered anything back.


Won so far


RBS - got to court - won full amount

Capital One - paid up before court

MBNA - paid up before court

Halifax - paid up before court


Still to win - POSITIVITY is the key


Lloyds TSB - both going to court - just received letters and have to send £100 off for each case.



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Of course what I also meant to say that the part offer was also saying they would keep the account open ! So they're obviously threatening to close if I go for the whole lot. To be honest I'm not bothered if they close it as I hardly owe them anything now and have other credit.



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Guest ian cognito

It seems to me Egg haven't got much of a clue what they are doing, FYI I had an charge on my last statement of £15 so thats at least a quid they owe you for each one!!! Just forge ahead, accept their part payment with no conditions and see what happens next!!

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Egg have got into a real legal mess because they have refused to settle ANY claims, no matter how trivial or what the individual merits of the case happen to be (read arrogant). I think in the long run this will prove very damaging to the reputation of their business.


The terms of the offer (in my letter, anyway) are "full and final" so DO NOT ACCEPT IT unless you are happy with it as full and final settlement.


If you have already filed an N1 and they are not offering to cover your court fee, then there seems little point in accepting the offer.


IMO Egg have done this a) to scare off existing litigants and b) to reduce further litigation from commencing.


They also make a thinly valed threat to close your account if you do not accept their offer. Personally, I regard this threat as blackmail. Fortunately I have no outstanding debt with Egg but I suggest anyone who does makes every effort to refinance their debt elsewhere and to close their accounts with Egg pre-emptively.


Boy, this company has really made me angry.


NB: I'm not a lawyer, do not rely on my advice, the value of your shares can go down as well as up, your home is at risk...,etc, etc.

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Lol. Well the problem is I have settled with my over banks very amicably, some even before issuing an N1 (it does happen!)


With Egg's attitude, I am not going to bank with them in the future and I will be telling everyone else how bad they are and how good my other banks are (if there is such a thing as a good bank).


Egg has already spent far more money in defending my case than it is worth AND they are losing reputation and business at the same time. They are supposed to be a business and they are behaving like a spoilt child being told to do something it doesn't want to do. They are also abusing their power as a lender.


I still can't believe their attitude and I think it is ultimately self-defeating. I have issued summones to numerous corporations before and I have never seen anything quite like this. Oh, and I ALWAYS win :grin:


If Egg want a fight, they'll get a fight. 8-)

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Just writing back to Egg to ask them to put the money in my account they have offered which includes the court fee but I also said to them that I do not accept this as full and final payment and I will take the matter to court for the rest and they must refund me in full by Tuesday 24th at 12 noon at the latest or it goes to court.


In their offer letter they offered to keep my account open if I agree ! Well I told them I couldn't care one way or the other - I don't need it and have plenty credit elsewhere.


Their stance is that "they won on a case which went to court" well I said that they only won because the claimant didn't turn up and that I have so far won with all my claims so far - true except for Lloyds TSB and Monument which I have just sent the form for Monument to the court - LTSB next.


Egg think they are a cut above the rest. I reiterated to them that the charges are penalty charges which are unenforceable and that they cannot prove it costs that much to get back costs.


Let's all BOIL them in court!


Anyone else getting to court with them ? Has anyone won with them yet?



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Had the same offer you had of refunding £4 per charge. Sent my court allocation questionaire off this week. Just waiting to see what happens next.


See my post 'Has anyone else had egg file a defence?'.

NatWest - Rejected partial offer. Ongoing:rolleyes:

MBNA - settled in full :D

Morgan Stanley - settled in full :D

Egg - Settled in full:D

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