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    • yes VERY only the police/council can fine you for parking by issuing a Penalty Charge Notice   if you look carefully, you'll see this is a private Parking Company and a Parking Charge Notice... in all effect - a speculative invoice for breaking some imaginary contract you entered into by using the payment machine. NOT A FINE.   sadly, as I think you've now realised, YOU DO NOT EVER APPEAL in 9/10 cases. as you've shot yourself in the foot by identifying yourself as the driver and lost any protection you had under the Protection Of Freedom Act [POFA] by doing so.   please complete this:   and scan up to ONE multipage PDF ONLY the NTK and any other communications to/from PE.   lastly STOP EVER RINGING AND USING EMAIL WITH THESE FLEECERS or THEIR DOGS. writing ONLY  from now on.    
    • No I did not confirm the site as I do not know which site it was. It was the first (and last ) time I had travelled on that road and I paid what I thought was the correct fee. I have been through every stage of this and still end up paying £425.50! This is extortion! I would now gladly pay the £2.50 again if they would allow it. I already paid £6. If you read Bailiff advice's post he has found a website that may be the one used as my bank statement states Bristol in the transaction and this website is owned by someone in that area (albeit a private home when googled). I will do my damnedest to get this money back and am seeing legal advise. If the original money has been taken then it is theft.
    • HI Sorry to say I'm back again with this one that I hoped might have gone away. It seems not.    I have today received a claim form which I've attached. Also I have attached the terms and conditions from the car park and the Claim Particulars.  A   ny advice on what to do please? I have not corresponded with VCS in any way. There is no evidence that I was the driver that I am aware of. There are no photos on their website other than of my car.   Thank you.      
    • What you needed to do was apply to have it set aside. Such an application needs to be made “promptly”.   You can expect that they’ll oppose such an application, and that gives them grounds to do so. Given that you are now 6+ months down the line from when you started posting about a set aside : they have a valid argument.
    • Unless I've missed it I don't think you have confirmed which site you paid the crossing charge to. It seems likely that you inadvertently paid the DartCharge to a 'look alike' site that isn't the official Dartford Crossing payment page. In that case your 'proof of payment' would not, unfortunately, be proof of payment to Highways England because you didn't pay Highways England,. You paid someone else who isn't authorised to receive money on behalf of Highways England.
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Ex-bankrupt Kerry Katona fronts payday loan ad campaign

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Reality TV star Kerry Katona, a former bankrupt, has been recruited to front a new advertising campaign for a payday loan company.


Kerry Katona, the reality TV star and former bankrupt, is fronting a new advertising campaign for the payday loan company Cash Lady. The star, who previously promoted the frozen food retailer Iceland after winning "I am a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here", talks about her former "money troubles" in the TV ad. She was declared bankrupt in 2008 after failing to pay a tax bill. Cash Lady's online advertising says it offers "fast cash for fast lives" and offers loans of up to £300 over a month. However, as with most payday lending, borrowers who fail to repay these short-term loans within the agreed period can face punitive rates of interest. If the former Atomic Kitten singer borrowed £300 over a year, she would pay an APR (annual percentage rate) of 2,760pc.


Even on short time scales a £180 loan borrowed for four weeks would require borrowers to pay back £52.20 in interest charges, which amounts to an APR of 378pc, according to the company's own website. The payday loan industry is currently being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading and there has been controversy about the interest charges levied and the number of customers who roll over these short-term loans, so facing more interest charges.


Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9788409/Ex-bankrupt-Kerry-Katona-fronts-payday-loan-ad-campaign.html

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