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Ebay. I am being bullied by Ebay!

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I placed my shop counter on eBay for 'Buy It Now' for £40 with the clearly identified condition that the buyer must collect the item.


An eBay buyer [EDIT], won the item and duly paid for it. However, in the end, the buyer decided that collecting it was too much trouble for her and she opened a complaint against me to eBay that she hadn't received her item.


The item remains here and has been waiting to be collected for 3 months. I made every effort to assist her to collect or have the item delivered for her item but she was too lazy to be bothered.


eBay, in their wisdom, have decided that because the buyer hasn't collected the item, then she hasn't 'received it' and found in her favour, they themselves refunding the buyers £40. I am refusing to reimburse the £40 to eBay out of principle and as a result have had my buying and selling priviledges withdrawn until I reimburse eBay the £40.


We are still storing this item and insist that eBay have transgressed their own regulations and contract conditions as a sale is a legal contract and I have done everything I was contracted to do.


I submit that as eBay have 'paid' the buyer her £40 without my permission or accepting any remaining liability in any way for this item, they are now the owners and I am pursuing them to collect the item from me and settle the 50p per day storage charges they have incurred. They in return continue to regurgitate the same incorrect 'facts' and send steriotyped 'DEMAND' emails every day!


eBay. consider. that because they hold the ability to suspend the trading powers of members who they don't agree with, can bully those members into surrendering and agreeing with their 'judgements' no matter how illogical, unfair and nonsensical those judjments are.


Colin Lewis.


I am also seeking out other blogs upon which to air and spread my complaint. Any suggestions?

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Nothing new there with ebay I'm afraid. They always side with the buyer. I hope you get it sorted one way or another, but unfortunately it's not really my field. ebay in fact, is more of a minefield. Especially Paypal.



If all else fails, kick them where it hurts and SOD'EM;)


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