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so sick

Hastings Direct sold our car without our agreement

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Apologies for the length of this!!!

:mad2::mad2:On November 16th 2012 our car was hit by a council van while parked at work.

My husband reported it and Hastings sent it away to Nationwide for the damage to be assessed.

We were given a hire car which was sub-contracted to Enterprise.

The council's insurers accepted full liability and wanted to deal with us directly but we were advised to deal with our own company first to see what they would offer.

On 26th November I rang them and they had deemed it a total loss-the damage was to the bumper,rear lights and a small part of the body work.

My husband was advised by the initial representative that he would be able to buy the car back.

We were asked to send all our documents showing full service history etc-year's MOT etc etc which we did so that they could assess the value.(6th Dec)

We received the tax disc back from Copart on the 4th December saying that our vehicle was in safe storage.

On the 20th December, Enterprise telephoned to ask if we had heard from Hastings. We said No. They said they'd been in contact with Hastings who said they should have phoned us but they were so busy-could we phone them?

We didn't hear anything. We received a letter dated 19th December,2012 on the 28th December as a receipt for the safe arrival of the documents.

On the 4th January,2013 we had a phone call from Enterprise saying the 3rd party insurers were cancelling the hire car as it was taking too long. WE were advised to phone them to get it extended.

We waited on hold for 40 mins and eventually got through to a rep who promised to extend the hire car for another week. He told us the offer they had come up with. We were not happy with it and doubted that everything had been taken into account. IT certainly wouldn't allow us to buy a similar car.

The rep said to my husband he could cancel the claim and get it repaired himself which was different to what we had been told at the start.

The next day Enterprise phoned to say they had not heard of the extension and we would be liable for the cost. At 11.40 we had a call from someone else at Hastings saying the hire car was to go back and they would send us a replacement but from another company but not until Monday.I tried to contact

On Saturday we emailed our first complaint to the company at the poor communication etc.

On Monday(7th) we had the second hire car delivered to us and when I telephoned Hastings to find what was happening to the first was told it had been extended for another week and that the new hire would be collected! This meant that the same driver who had just dropped off the car came back to collect it .

WE spoke to a senior loss adjuster about our complaint (8th) -he agreed that the offer was too low and that he would work on it.

He spoke to my husband on Saturday and agreed to up the offer, return our car to us and then said " OH bad news-it's been sold"

Today I received a notification from the DVLA that we are no longer the registered owner of the vehicle.

The Senior loss adjuster accepts that they have made mistakes and not dealt with things properly but the car has been sold by Copart and there is nothing they can do.

I have contacted the FOS but that all takes time and I feel like I have been mugged.

We did everything that was asked of us but have met with incompetence and misinformation at every turn.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi so sick, Thank you for taking the time to post about this situation and I am sorry to hear that this has happened. I would like to investigate this matter on your behalf and see what went wrong, can you please contact me with your policy details so that I can escalate this matter and help you to get it resolved. You can email me directly at socialmedia@hastingsdirect.com Many Thanks, Jamie

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While it's too late to help 'so sick' as the car has been sold it is possible to buy your car back from Hastings. Worth saying I'm now a happy Hastings customer but they have annoyed me again today by not ringing me back despite promising for the second time. So while I get subjected to the 'extremely high call volumes message' and terrible 'one direction' music, let me pass on some helpful advice for anyone that wants to buy their car back following a write off by Hastings.


Hastings have a 'no buy back policy' and will tell you it's not possible to buy the car back if it's written off. Now this is not strictly true as I bought mine back from them. It took a lot of phone calls but worth pursuing if you have an older car that's actually worth something due to rarity or money you have spent on it. I should say if the accident is your fault then forget it, but if the other party is at fault then no reason why you should not be allowed to buy it back.


So step one is declare from the outset you want to buy the car back and make everyone aware of this. So when Nationwide take the car for assessment make them also aware you intend to buy the car back. You will get the "ohhhhh but it's Hastings" Just ring them direct and ask for a note to be put on the file. State under no circumstances must the vehicle be collected for scrap, it is legally yours still.


Now Hastings will ask for V5 documentation and service history to "establish the vehicles value". DON'T send them anything. I can't say that enough, not even your driving licence they request. You send that V5, they will take ownership and sell the car to CoPart like what happened to 'so sick above'. Now to get round the driving licence bit which they actually need request they do this over the phone as you need your licence for ID purposes. They will arrange a conference call with the DVLA who will confirm your details and any driving convictions to Hastings.


Sit tight and wait for that first settlement offer which in my case arrives without anyone asking again for that documentation. However keep ringing Nationwide so you know the vehicle status and if they are writing it off. State again you intend to buy it back, still the legal owner, so under no circumstances should it be recovered for scrap. When you get the indication they are going to write it off, ring Hastings and tell them again you are buying the vehicle back. You might have to make the point again that the accident is not your fault and even claim the car has sentimental value if needed.... (insert your own made up sob story). I got the green light and Hastings then needed to ring Nationwide to 'release the vehicle'. You then arrange and pay for your own recovery who collect the vehicle from Nationwide. In my case I had not even agreed a salvage value with Hastings yet so the whole thing was still a bit of a gamble. Salvage value will depend on the age of the car and the amount of the final settlement but it was peanuts in my case.


Now continue your battle to get a fair settlement. Follow my other post about this and be prepared for them to use the buy back against you. The funniest thing said to me was "you can't have your cake and eat it. Either accept the offer or we take the car back if you want the value to be re-evaluated". Did I accept the low offer? No. Did the car go back? No. Did I get a miles better offer without sending any documents off? YES!


Should say it took them a few mistakes and more phone calls to actually get the money in my account but it proves it can be done.


Hopefully the above might be useful to anyone wanting to buy their car back from Hastings. I'm a happy customer, honestly :!: now if they would just ring me back and not take ages to answer I would not bother passing on this information. Karma and all that, hopefully someone else can battle them and win.

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Hi Imeister, Thanks for posting here on CAG. I am very glad to hear that you are a happy Customer and are taking the time to share your experiences. Can you please get in contact with me directly at help@hastingsdirect.com with your policy details so that I can make sure you get the promised call back. Many Thanks, Jamie

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