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Vauxhall Atara (Motability)

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I order new antara under motabilty on 06-10-12

Was due on 5-12-12 delay until 20-01-13

Delay again new probably delivery date 15-02-13

Has any one had an a same experiance with Vauxhall?:evil:

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I've edited the thread title to clarify that this concerns a Motability car.




The idea that all politicians lie is music to the ears of the most egregious liars.

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Hi I have had the opposite I ordered an Insignia through Motability for delivery end November and had delivery end October this was for factory build as had none standard Bluetooth.


Get your vehicle number from your dealer and you can check build date and delivery etc through this link.





cannot find it A to Z





Halifax :D

Paid in full £2295


MBNA:mad: 20/03/2008 settled in full out of court


Capital One:D

07/07/2007 Capital one charges paid in full £1666

19/01/2008 recovered PPI £2216 + costs


Littlewoods :-D

12/08/2007 write off £1176.10 debt.


JD Williams charges refunded in full £640

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I ordered my Motability Vauxhall Astra Tourer (estate) on 12/01/13 with delivery time of UP TO 12 weeks (latest date thus 06/04)

On 28/03 dealer rang to tell me everything was fine and car would be delivered on 26/04. (no explanation for delay)

Today 20/04 at 5.30pm the dealer rang again to say the car would be with them from 17/05 making this an 6+ week delay. The dealer was courteous (and apologetic - which I acknowledged wasn't the individuals fault) and when I explained my mobility circumstances and the need to plan for and have faith in a delivery date he explained that he was going on holiday and would e-mail his colleague who would check this out and get back to me.

I feel I should explain that I am not just some impatient git but a 55 year old with a degenerative terminal illness and accordingly I regard my time as very precious and this increasingly extended delay is having a massive impact on me.

I live in a rural area and since July 2010 I have had a booted motability saloon, which I was able to carry my scooter by assembling it and keeping it in my boot. Since December 2012 I have been unable to assemble and lift my scooter and have had to pay carers to accompany me or do errands/shopping for me.


Motobility kindly gave me permission to end my contract early and order a new suitable car. One of the reasons I chose the Vauxhall over a VW and others was the delivery date. I've been looking out of my window, planning and looking forward to all the things I want to / need to do and each delay is a very depressing and increasingly disabling bombshell.

From a fiscal point of view I am not only experiencing extra care costs I am also losing £60+ every time the 17th of the month passes. (I paid an up-front payment on my original car and will receive a monthly pro-rata amount back when I can exchange cars - the amount I'm losing for keeping an un-used unsuitable car outside my home is now £120 and rising).

As the Vauxhall Astra Tourer is built in the UK and we are in a financial depression I can see no reason why there is a 6 week (possibly rising) delay. All I can think of is that Vauxhall are knowingly securing orders, which they know won't be delivered on time - or possibly relegating motability orders down the chain as other orders come in hoping disempowered disabled customers will sit gratefully by and wait.


I await a response from Vauxhall and will update this post accordingly. (Sorry the post is a bit rambly/ cynical but I was given the news at the very end of the working day facing a weekend alone and am rather upset). Glyn

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I had to wait for a while for my Astra but oh boy was it worth the wait. 1.8 GTI with 180 bhp wow what a car.

Had to give it up as I dont drive much now I nearly pass out several times a day. I was too scared to drive it.

Yep a very nice car and I hope you enjoy yours.

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If you are having issues with the delivery of your Motability Vehicle as well as complaining to the respective dealership/garage I would also advise people to complain directly to Motability.

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I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group

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Thanks for your words of encouragement Dyfed, I hope you have/find a driver and continue to enjoy getting out and about. The awaited Astra with scooter hoist will be one of the most mundane and well researched practical cars I've ever had. My hopes are not for an exciting drive but to be able to overcome my inability to walk more than a couple of paces and lift anything. I'd just like to be able to pop to the shop, park and local beach for a few moments by myself every so often. The fact that I have a very nice BMW and a 300bhp Lancia sitting largely unusable on my drive compounds my sense of helplessness.

Thanks also STU 007 it is my full intention to raise this with Motability at the "start of play" on Monday. The timing of the information at the very end of the working week put me in Limbo - I thankful for the opportunity to launch forth on this page; which has helped me put myself "on hold" over the weekend.

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