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Vodafone - unaware update when all I needed was my iPhone fixed

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Hiya there

I'm having some problems with Vodafone,

I own an iPhone 4 and had a 18months contract with Vodafone but in August last year( my phone was just over an year old)

it would not turn on or charge


I contacted apple directly who charged me £150-180 can't remember to fix my iPhone,

but as everyone know they will send you a refurbished one.


got the phone back everything was fine till I checked when my update was due and it stated April 2014 - a mistake or something,


I rang Vodafone customer service on the 30th December 2012

spend 10min on the phone and the guy told me it was a error on the system but he had changed it

I would receive a letter within 3 working days and once I got this letter I could update my phone/plan.


I didn't hear anything for 10days


rang back on Thursday and explained everything again

but this time the guy told me the money I paid to get it fixed was for the phone as I had an early upgrade for another 18months.


It doesn't make sense to me as I only had another 6months left on my contract

why would I pay £150 to get an iPhone 4 and get 18months extension on an under evaluated phone

as at the time iPhone 5 was coming out and


now I'm stuck with a £45+vat a month that I was unaware of.


I tried to talk to someone on the chat and they said their best deal was to offer me a 24 months contract

but once I mentioned ofcom I took the offer back here is a copy of the chat.


By the way I'm desesparate to solve this, is just too much headache



Copy of your recent chat with Vodafone online chat service team.

General Info

Chat start time Jan 12, 2013 2:23:10 PM EST

Chat end time Jan 12, 2013 3:40:52 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 01:17:42

Operator Kedar

Chat Transcript

info: Welcome to Vodafone! You will now be connected with a service adviser. Your approximate wait time is 0 minute(s) and 2 seconds. . We’re looking forward to assisting you today.

info: You are now connected with Sarika G.

Sarika G: Hello, you're chatting with Sarika G, one of Vodafone's online customer service specialists. May I take your full name and mobile number please?

You: &&&&&&&&&&&

You: &&&&&&&&&&

Sarika G: Good Evening !

Sarika G: Thank you for the name & number.

Sarika G: How may I assist? What has brought you to our website today?

You: i would like to make a formal complaint

Sarika G: Is there anything that I can help you to resolve it.. or you wish to make complaint ?

You: i could explain to u what is going on

Sarika G: Sure.. please.. I'll try my best to sort the issue

You: i own an iphone 4 which in august i believe it was i had to send it to apple as it would turn on or charge the phone jhust went dead and i had done nothing to it, anyway i paid i think it was about £150-180 and they send me a refurbished phone.I dont usually check my account online as i always receved my bill via txt but one of those days i checked when was update due as i know i had a 18months contract so i checked and for my surprise it said my update was due in 2014, so i rang the customer service and explain to him everything and the man who i spoke to said he was going to check with someone so he did and he said that's been a error on vodafone part and i would recive a letter within 3working days once i recive that i would be able to update my plan/phone.

Sarika G: It will take me a couple of minutes to check this for you. Is that ok?

You: as i havent heard anything i rang again and this time the person who was on the other end was really rude, and he said i would have to stick with the 36months contract and even tried to explain to him that i never did agree to 36months he said it was automaticly coz i had my phone fixed, which it doesnt make any sense as i paid for the phone.

You: also i was never informed about this contract extation

Sarika G: I apologise for the difficulties you are experiencing. Your patience and efforts are appreciated.

Sarika G: In order to resolve your query I'll need to verify your details for security purposes. Let me ask you a few questions in order to assist you.

Sarika G: Could you please let me know the first line of your address and post code along with your date of birth?

You: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Sarika G: That matches our records! Thank you for verifying your details.

Sarika G: One moment please, while I find that information for you.

You: its ok

Sarika G: Appreciate your patience. I'm still working on your request.

You: ok

You: anything yet?

Sarika G: Appreciate your patience. I'm still working on your request.

Sarika G: I have checked the account details, & can see that as per last interaction we have informed you that we can get the contract back to 24 months.. for any further on this I see that you have been promised a call back from manager..

Sarika G: Please hold while I transfer the chat to my manager..

info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to Kedar.

info: You are now connected with Kedar.

Kedar: Hi there!

You: hiya

Kedar: Sarika explained me the situtation.

You: hm i bit confused here why has my contract been extended if i had to pay for the handsat anyway?and i was not informed about it?

Kedar: Yes the cost taht you paid was for repairs and for replacement we extended the contract.

You: thay didnt repair and it was a refurbished phone they sent me, my uncle had the same situation with vodafone and his contract was not extended

You: and why i was not contacted at the time to explain it i dont want to sound rude but is not like you guys dont have my number,

You: ive been with vodafone since 2008 and i never had any problems with the comopany but now this is not acceptable

Kedar: Sure, I will reduce your contract term to 24 months, and this should not be a problem.

You: why was i told on the 30th of december that it was a vodafone error then?

Kedar: Well, can be a error and can be a misunderstanding by the one who placed the request, i cant really comment.

Kedar: However I will get the contract changed to a 24 mnths contrcat and this should not be a problem for you henceforth.

Kedar: *contract

You: but my contract does not say anything about contract extention on a case like this,

You: and i did spend 10min on the phone on my first call

You: so i really dont understand like

You: is really upsetting

Kedar: Sure I understand, dont you worry this will be taken care of.

You: but all i want is my original contract for 18months

Kedar: I apologise on behalf of Vodafone, and ensure that the change takes place.

You: which it would end this month

Kedar: Well, 24 is the lowest that i can get your contrcat to.

You: but is not even my fault

Kedar: I understand, but we are customer services and the repairs team takes the call of handsets repirs and extentions.

You: well lets meet half way, can you lower the value of my contract

You: ?

Kedar: I can only make an exception, which is to a 24 months contract.

You: they told me to ring apple

You: when i spoke to them

Kedar: I understand, however 24 months is the best i can do for you.

You: thats a breech of agreement as i was not informed

You: at the time

You: and is not in my contract

You: either

Kedar: No it is not, You were given an early upgarde on your phone and the charge that you paid was a one time handset fees, talking about the repairs that comes no where in picture.

You: it was a refurbished which i paid for

You: so the contract should not been extended

Kedar: So I am afraid, but just to clarify we cant really reduce the contract term, and this contract will expire on 04/07/2014.

Kedar: Yes its the refurbished that the reason why there was a small upfront charge.

You: small you call a £150 small?

Kedar: Yes the Iphone other wise on a 18 mnths contract (Early Upgrade) is around 300 GBP

You: iphone 4 i really doubt

You: anyway i will contact ofcom

You: as this is not going anywhere

Kedar: Yes and is because you are not eligible for a upgrade, it is as good as buying a new phone.

Kedar: Sure.

Kedar: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

You: no i was hoping to get some help

Kedar: Afraid, you feel that there is no help being offered, but you have been billed and charged for what is genuine.

You: im just really annoyed i was not explained at the time

You: and this is really unfortunate

You: coz i've been with vodafone all these years and also the way this has been handle is a bit upsetting

You: i do know you guys are doing your jobs

You: but is not fair a customer not been told things specificaly

Kedar: lease accept my apologies, i cant really reverse what has happened however seeing your customs and valuing your business, On behalf of Vodafone i apply a £5 goodwill gesture

Kedar: *Please

You: look change my contract for the 24months as is not that fair way, but if i wnat to finish my contract with vodafone how much would it coist me?

You: *want *cost

Kedar: Well the contract will end at 04/07/2014. Talking about cancellation charge £629.93 will need to be paid as of today to take a 30 days notice and get the contract cancelled.

You: just do the 24months instead, if the offer is still up

You: i dont want anymore headache over this

Kedar: As i said we cant really do anything, as you insisted so i asked a specialist to have a look at the account and now it is quite clear that there was a upgrade given to you and the charges are legitimate

You: so there is nothing you can do now?

You: not change for the 24months

Kedar: Unfortunately, but yes there is nothing Marco.

You: but 2min ago you were ok

You: and now only because i saud i was going to ofcom you will not do anything

You: *said

Kedar: Yes as 2 mins ago, i went by what you said, that it was a repairs case.

Kedar: Then after the investigation it is quite clear that this is not a repairs but an early upgrade.

You: they didnt repair it they sent me ONE refurbished phone

You: and i paid for it

Kedar: Sorry, but there is nothing to do with Ofcom Marco.

Kedar: Yes, I see that it was paid, however you paid for an early upgrade not repairs.

You: i had a iphone

You: all i did was sent the other one that was one year old and they sent me a refurbished one, i was not informed

You: and it is not in the contract

Kedar: Well, unless repairs teams informs you, they cant really change the details for you.

You: they did not inform

You: why would be going on about this if i was informed

You: really

You: i would not have accepted

You: at the time

Kedar: Well, then at this point in time the department is closed but you contact them on monday and they should be able to explain, if they did or no.

You: a 36months contract for a refurbished phone

Kedar: Meanwhile I will send a request for call recording, so that we have the quality Team listen to the call.

You: well and them all this over and over again

You: i would like a copy of that as well

Kedar: We do not send copies of that, its internal.

Kedar: But I will assign someone to contact you with the findings.

You: when?

Kedar: In another 4 to 5 days.

You: so we are really talking about a weeks time

You: this is really annoying

You: what will be done when you find out that is was a vodafone mistake?

You: whats the procedure?

Kedar: Well, We can comment when we have the recordings.

Kedar: You will need to wait till you hear back from us.

You: ok

You: dies sunday counts as a day as well or is it from monday?

You: *does

Kedar: No, the Team will be operational from Monday onwards. 5 days from there please.

You: ok

Kedar: Thanks.

Kedar: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

You: nope

Kedar: Thanks for chatting.

Kedar: Have a good evening.



Please help

Many thanks

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moved to the mobile forum


we have voda onboard


i'm sure lee will sort this on monday.


follow below please:


We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and to assure you all that our presence on CAG is with the very best of intentions.

vodafone UK has recently introduced a dedicated Web Relations Team which is keen to seek out customers who’re having difficulties with their accounts and feel that they have no other place to turn to than CAG and other consumer forums and blogs.

Naturally, it’s not possible for us to help directly with account specific queries on CAG and as such we would encourage those members who feel we can help them to contact us privately at webrelations@vodafone.com quoting ‘WRT135 – CAG Forum’ in the subject line.

When emailing us we would also ask that you either provide us with a link to your post or thread – if you’ve posted in another member’s thread please also provide your CAG username so that we can check what your query is.

Many thanks


Web Relations Team

Vodafone UK.









please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Hi mrsmferreira,


Thanks for making me aware of your concerns.


To enable me to review matters further could you email me with your details via the Contact us form here and quote the code WRT135 - CAG Forum in the subject line?


Once sent you'll receive an automated reply with a email reference number. To ensure that it reaches me could you update the thread with this and I'll get back to you as soon as possible?


Kind regards,




Web Relations Team


Vodafone UK

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