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Vodafone promises iPhone 5 on insurance, then refuses it

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Hi everyone. Happy new year!

Here's my story (my girlfriend's really). I'll keep in as simple as possible

- my gf's 5 yo sonyericsson breaks after being insured for 5 years and paying religiously.

- we go to Vodafone store and we're put on the phone to insurance

- we are offered 5 handsets of a value of close to £100 (original phone SE C902 was close to £400)

- I argue my case but to no avail and I'm put back through to VF call centre

- after a 5mins explaining my reasoning the call person puts me on hold, then after clearly having consulted with someone offers me iPhone 5 that's due in a couple of months

- I agree (had previously no desire to owe one nor had idea of release date etc.)

- I end the call and ask shop assistant to confirm with on screen information and he says: yes there is a note on account saying I 'phone 5 to be given when released'

- as my gf has no phone and is due to go abroad we purchase pay as you go for £100 that's locked to Vodafone.

- she's due to go to Italy so we ask to unlock. We're asked £10 but I don't want to as I've read somewhere on forums it is free. I'm told to call the call centre.

- from home I call centre, arrange free unlock, but few days are gone and nothing happens.

- gf leaves for Italy with locked phone and no chance to use it with her Italian sim (Internet, local calls etc)

- throughout her stay in Italy we try to call Vodafone several times, we're asked to wait.

- 2 weeks later back in uk she gets the unlock code (her phone is Huawei ascend c100),

- I check her phone and we've exchanged 80 SMS to save money on calls (she gets £100 bill from Vodafone)

- 2 months later iPhone 5 is released. We wait 2 weeks for fever to pass, then call VF to claim it. We are told No, you can't have it. You'll need to upgrade to get it.

- we speak to several people at Vodafone call centres over next 4 months. We're either told a straight and sometimes a rude NO, sometimes told we'll be call back etc.

- at some point one of them finds the original conversation however a very rude call centre manager tells us we can have the recording for £10. He often uses military term 'negative' (very stressful)

- since the beginning of this story we've bought a house and restructured it completely so our spirits are not high but we're coping (: (never rude to Vodafone staff nonetheless)

- 2 days ago we decide it is not fair call again. I am put through to different people at VF with responses like: 'what took you so long to call' to 'you want get any replacement phone as it has been too long ago'

- we're put through to insurance and I am asked 'have you decided yet what phone you want?' I say yes and get an updated option of 3 phones in £100 area. I say I will decide and will call later.


*Most of the phone calls were made by me (authorised) as my girlfriend (the account holder) does not feel confident enough with her English.


We've discussed this with my partner and decided that we are not going to let go. It is not because we want iPhone 5 so badly, but because of the money, time and effort spent because of this. She bought a pay as you go phone (she's still paying the insurance by the way) texts, time to call centers, mental health factor etc. We both have been with Vodafone for the past 10 years and are feeling very let down by a company that says it 'rewards loyalty'.


I have googled 'legal action against Vodafone and this site came up so I must be in the right place.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts/experience in this department.


Many thanks



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Vodafone does not reward loyalty. They only reward bloody-minded persistence and receipt of a county court claims form.

That always produces results.


Your two big mistakes have been to do everything verbally instead of in writing - and not to get a print out of the screen note. Instead you have relied upon trust and now you have learned how trust is rewarded.


Two lines of action to begin with.


Send an SAR to get a copy if the screen note which shows that you were promised the iphone


What does the contract say about your entitlement to a replacement phone - value etc?

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