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    • I'm on happy pills (anti depressants) but they aren't cutting the mustard anymore and I do need to see my GP soon to see if he can help in anyway. With regards to gambling it's so complicated; through my life I have made money (as well as having had some jobs)  being a "professional gambler" (gambling where the odds are in your favour - think card counting for example, fruit machines years ago for a long time.... Other things.) But I've also been totally compulsive at the same time. It;'s so entrenched in my psyche that it's hard to imagine just giving it up totally. I also have drug issues that have plagued me and it's a shame because I am fairly intelligent and could have been successful in life in theory but mainly due to those two things (and not really having any drive, ambition, whatever... I could go on and on but this isn't a therapy forum :P) I've not managed to. I'm 36 by the way. Cheers
    • Oh I just remembered I have a long defaulted account with Halifax balance approx £3700 I believe (from around 2015) but they aren't chasing me for it or anything. It was actually over £5000 but they refunded me a load of unfair charges (their words)  This does however push me over the £20,000 limit for a DRO I think?  
    • Hi.   I think you've made a good start by setting out in writing what you need to deal with. People should be along later to advise on how to deal with your creditors.   For the mental side of things, have you talked to your GP about getting some help with what's getting you down? Or support with the gambling issues?   HB
    • Hi people.   So I've managed to get myself into a sorry state financially. I'm insanely depressed which I guess is common for many. I don't think all of it comes down to the financial stuff but it is really crushing me now.   Facts: A lot of debt has been due to living on credit and gambling. I don't have a job. I know I should get one but I just totally despondant at the moment (due to many reasons). I don't expect any sympathy but I thought I would share this.   It's tempting to bury my head in the sand and wait for the inevitable calls from various collections departments but I want to be as proactive as possible. I think I've cancelled all direct debits so I don't get bouncing charges from the banks...   So onto the debts:   Loans livelend; £2400 was 4k 13% interest Bamboo £3000 (only just made the first payment this month) supid interest Likelyloans approx £3500 stupid interest  One payday loan for £200 I just got to cover some bills (knowing that I'd unlikely be able to pay it) - this is the only thing I haven't cancelled with the bank as they just take it from your card   Credit cards: Aqua approx. 3900 Capital one approx. 1200 Amazon approx £500 Paypal Credit Approx £1100 Overdrafts Santander £1500 Barclays £1k limit (I don't actually pay anything for this)   So all in all approximately £18,000     I also have a negative Paypal balance of £5000 but I don't believe this classes as a debt and I don't think they can do anything about this having read up on it quite a lot.   I guess my question is what is my best course of action. Should I look to do a DRO? Should I go bankrupt? (eurgh. Full disclosure I did this 15 years ago when I was 21. You think I would have learnt!) Should I write to each creditor and offer them £1 a month? Should I talk to one of the debt charities?   It is all my fault that I'm in this state but I also know that it's not the end of the world because they are all non priority debts. I probably am slightly behind on the council tax but not significantly.   I started claiming universal credit a couple of weeks ago and had my first appointment last week but managed to miss the next one due to not being able to sleep and then oversleeping and so I guess they've probably kicked me off that already and I might have to claim again.    So yeah. I take responsibility for what's happened but I don't see any way out. I've been very depressed lately due to this and other things. There is no one to "bail me out" and I probably don't need or want that anyway. Any advice appreciated          
    • Hi All,   I left the UAE 2 years ago. Have my bank clearance letter from HSBC.  I have been receiving emails from a company based in Hemel Hampstead IDRWW about money owed to the bank of RAK in the UAE which I’ve ignored as thought it was spam. I have now received a letter through the post saying the same thing (no idea how they have got my new address) that they are acting on behalf of RAK bank. I’ve never had an account with them but know how dodgy things are over there so would be nervous going back!.... Do I just ignore it or reply? It must be identity theft?  I am also nervous about travelling as I travel a lot & wouldn’t want to be arrested!!  I obviously have no intent on paying a debt that is not mine plus have no assets here anyway... Can they actually take me to court for something that isn’t mine??  Any info gratefully received.  Have spoken to citizens advice & they couldn’t help. Thankyou   
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Clarification please on cpl of basic points of PPI reclaim process

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I am going through the guidelines here on reclaiming PPI in order to get a good grasp of what is involved before going ahead. I am not sure on a couple of fundamental points, and would appreciate some steering please.


The PPI relates to a credit card I have held since 2002.


I note from the letter-templates here and from other documents that you are required to specify the reason why you feel the insurance was mis-sold,

and also that you should ideally (must?) claim a particular sum that you believe is the amount involved.


When I applied for the card I believe it was with a form received through the post.

I no longer have any memory nor a copy of that form as it was so long ago now,

so can not recall precisely what was asked nor what specific details I filled-in.


I was not *sold* the insurance, but would have ticked an appropriate option-box to accept it as before the whole PPI issue blew up

I always felt that the built-in cover was a good thing to have in case of hard times.


I assume that either there was an amount of information their on the form telling applicants what the insurance covered and exclusions/circumstances etc.,

or that its equivalent was provided with subsequent paperwork.


I also assume just now that the card issuer would today lean on the ticked acceptance box as indicating that they had made me properly aware of all relevant particulars,

and that I had acknowledged them and agreed.


The reality however is probably closer to the fact that if I had been presented with the normal microscopic T&Cs section/sheet,

I probably wouldn't have given them much of a glance at all.


I would like to think that there is an element of common-sense somewhere, such as a concept of "reasonable expectations"

when it comes to people's understandable oversight when it comes to the endless small-print on forms for example, but I am not holding my breath ...


With this information therefore, I now have three questions.


1 - As I have to specify a mis-sold reason, and whether just for that purpose or also to have accurate information now anyway which would seem very sensible,

can I get a copy of my application now to see just what I was being offered and how I applied?

If not, then I don't see how I can even check for mis-selling and then specify a basis for claiming in the first place.


2 - Does the provision of printed particulars of the insurance - whether on that form or in a subsequent document

- constitute *selling* in the same way that a for-real person would be supposed to point out to you the effect of such things

as pre-existing medical conditions, unemployment/retirement, alternative insurances, and other things that are widely given as mis-selling reasons .


.. and does ticking their box at the time mean that all was known-about and understood so legally there was no mis-selling?


3 - I do not have any way at all of calculating how much I have paid in monthly PPI charges over the life of the account as I do not have my statements going back all those years.


I couldn't even guessstimate even if I wished to, as the monthly amount varies anyway of course according to the card balance.


I am sure I am not alone in not keeping statements going back to the year dot however,

so what is the approach taken to arrive at the figure you are claiming?


Maybe there is an industry-formula, though I can't immediately see how that would be possible given the extremes of people's credit-spending and repayment habits ...


Any guidance would be welcomed as just now I do not readily see how I can even formulate a claim.



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you are doing what everyone does...speculating.


you need to SAR the original creditors


and get all the paperwork FIRST


then start unspeculating.!!


it is always best to show that you KNOW what you are going on about

providing [an approx] idea of the level of reclaim shows that.


as for the reasons of claim.. it is a good idea to outline WHY you think it was mis-sold

though ..PERS i do not adhere to the scatter-gun approach , of using every availiable 'reason' - yet.


as for the tick boxes


it is well known and with credit cards that many were ALREADY ticked!!


SAR time my friend





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Thank you dx!


I was not aware of the SAR process, and have jut this minute quickly clicked a link or two first to see what you are referring to and it seems to be just what is needed.


Reflecting your own comments, my concern was that in order to make a reasoned claim you must determine both whether there actually is a basis for claiming in the first place, and then also the amount involved. I had yet to see how to be able to get at the facts that would make this possible, and now I will take steps and send a SAR letter but may I ask just a couple of quick related questions ...


What is actually received, and in what form? As an example, from the wording of the sample letter "all information" suggests that this could include either photocopies of all statements or a summary of that same activity/charges in some other form. One way or another this is exactly what is needed in order to calculate the claim amount of course, however copy-statements would be better than wading through 11 years of computer-printout wallpaper!


Similarly, "all information" suggests that it should include my original application info, however if this does not come in the form of a photocopy of the original document but as data-entry printouts showing the information as entered on to their system at the time of application/approval, it would not for example show the existence of a pre-ticked box on the application form if there was one.


Copes of originals would seem to be the best, however I can also imagine that for the firms involved it would be far easier/lazier just to do a filedump ... which I have to say would then also make me concerned for just how accurate/complete their data-entry had been.


Would the provided info include a copy of the T&Cs at the time of taking out the insurance? I am not sure whether this info would be useful to me, however I don't now have that paperwork and would want to take steps to re-acquire it if it is actually possible and if it might be useful. Do you know this?


Thanks again for the SAR pointer, much appreciated!

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If you request the original CCA (Credit Card) agreement, you will see the original form, and whether every box has been ticked or not, along with signatures and staff names.


The response of the SAR will be a cover sheet, plus reprints of every statement requested. Sometime they duplicate pages, and sometimes they miss a couple. Other times, they print double-sided You can request the missing pages if they have not been provided. It doesn't take too long to go through these pages. You are really only looking for several things; the monthly PPI payment, the total amount on your credit card, how much money was spent that month, and how much you paid. All these go into a single row of the spreadsheet table, one row per month.

Then you have a grand total of how much PPI was paid.

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