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Hi all


My Parents a few years ago took out a contract with SSE to service and maintain their gas products ie fire, boiler, hob etc in their home. They made monthly payments to this company and never had a problem.


Then in September ish time in 2011 they contacted Dad about doing their yearly service. Mum was seriously ill in hospital at the time (in fact she passed away in November 2011 having never come home again), so Dad explained to them on the phone that it was currently a difficult time to arrange a time for them to come in as he was spending all his time at Mum's beside and could they call back again in a few weeks to arrange a time/see how things stood. They never called back.


Then in 2012 they carried on taking £19.60 a month out of Dad's bank account, but never contacted him about arranging to come in and service any equipment. So in October he cancelled the DD. The company had always contacted them in the past to arrange a time/appointment and up until Mum was ill Dad had always had them come in and do the work.


They've now started to send Dad the normal threatening pay us or we're sending people round, you'll end up with bad credit rating letters.


I don't really see why Dad should pay them for a service he wasn't receiving. OK he said no when they tried to make the 1st appointment but did ask if they could call back in a few weeks. There is an answerphone etc but they never attempted to reach him nor in 2012.


Does he have a case for refusing to pay or should he just pay up? Like he said if he sends a letter explaining why he cancelled with a cheque they'll just take the money and bin the letter.


So I'm asking the experts if there's anything he can send them about why he shouldn't pay before he pays up? He's happy to pay if he has to but has said that if he can get the £20 wiped, he'd give it to CLIC as Mum died from Leukaemia.




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I would hav thought your dad still needs the equipment checked? so why cancel!

a phone call to arrange next check would have been sufficient, when conveniant.

It is normal to give notice when ending a contract, so it be cancelled properly.

suggest you speak to them and see what can be arranged to end it or perhaps renew and get service done.

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Yes Dad still needs the equpiment checked and will go with someone who will do what they are paid to do. He paid out for 2 years without them making any arrangements as per the contract to service it. They didn't keep up with their side of the agreement. So why should he carry on paying for a service he wasn't getting? He won't be renewing it with them as they've failed to keep to their side of the contract so why should he continue to pay money to company that can't honour a contract?

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I am sorry for your loss.


IMO your dad needs to have a close look at the contract that he signed especially about the procedure for ending the contract.


Also if he was unhappy with not getting the service he was paying for did he actually make a formal complaint to SSE?


I can fully understand that you were all grieving at the time and problably your father more so but as has been pointed out a quick phone call to arrange a nw time is probably all that was needed and it wont help not going through their cancellation procedure.


IMO I would actually write a Formal Complaint to SSE (always get proof of posting and ensure you put account/reference number)


(Note - If you are going to deal with this on your fathers behalf remember that you will need to encolse a Letter of Authority from your father giving you permission to act on his behalf in any and all dealing with SSE until this matter is resolved)


Now this is just my suggestion but as your father was grieving at the time over the sad loss which is totally understandable he was going to cancel the SSE contract, but due to the sudden loss it was harder and your father at the time assumed all he had to do was cancel the direct debit.


Your father is now even more stressed due to the recent correspondance threatening to send people round and to affect his credit rating.


In hindsight your father may not have followed the correct cancellation procedure but under the circumstances he was grieving at the time and still is, so you would like to ask SSE if these circumstance could be taken into account and if a member from the Complaints Section could contact you to try and fully resolve this matter.


This is just a suggestion only,

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A service contract isn't credit, the same as motor insurance paid monthly isn't credit. Write and head the letter Formal Complaint. Don't ask or request anything just mention the circumstances and the threats.


Also send the same by email to the CEO - ian.marchant@scottish-southern.co.uk

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