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    • yes VERY only the police/council can fine you for parking by issuing a Penalty Charge Notice   if you look carefully, you'll see this is a private Parking Company and a Parking Charge Notice... in all effect - a speculative invoice for breaking some imaginary contract you entered into by using the payment machine. NOT A FINE.   sadly, as I think you've now realised, YOU DO NOT EVER APPEAL in 9/10 cases. as you've shot yourself in the foot by identifying yourself as the driver and lost any protection you had under the Protection Of Freedom Act [POFA] by doing so.   please complete this:   and scan up to ONE multipage PDF ONLY the NTK and any other communications to/from PE.   lastly STOP EVER RINGING AND USING EMAIL WITH THESE FLEECERS or THEIR DOGS. writing ONLY  from now on.    
    • No I did not confirm the site as I do not know which site it was. It was the first (and last ) time I had travelled on that road and I paid what I thought was the correct fee. I have been through every stage of this and still end up paying £425.50! This is extortion! I would now gladly pay the £2.50 again if they would allow it. I already paid £6. If you read Bailiff advice's post he has found a website that may be the one used as my bank statement states Bristol in the transaction and this website is owned by someone in that area (albeit a private home when googled). I will do my damnedest to get this money back and am seeing legal advise. If the original money has been taken then it is theft.
    • HI Sorry to say I'm back again with this one that I hoped might have gone away. It seems not.    I have today received a claim form which I've attached. Also I have attached the terms and conditions from the car park and the Claim Particulars.  A   ny advice on what to do please? I have not corresponded with VCS in any way. There is no evidence that I was the driver that I am aware of. There are no photos on their website other than of my car.   Thank you.      
    • What you needed to do was apply to have it set aside. Such an application needs to be made “promptly”.   You can expect that they’ll oppose such an application, and that gives them grounds to do so. Given that you are now 6+ months down the line from when you started posting about a set aside : they have a valid argument.
    • Unless I've missed it I don't think you have confirmed which site you paid the crossing charge to. It seems likely that you inadvertently paid the DartCharge to a 'look alike' site that isn't the official Dartford Crossing payment page. In that case your 'proof of payment' would not, unfortunately, be proof of payment to Highways England because you didn't pay Highways England,. You paid someone else who isn't authorised to receive money on behalf of Highways England.
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I'm having problems with toothfairy finance, need advice!

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I've been looking at other posts for advice, I just joined here.


. I've taken out loans before with wonga and quickquid and paid back fine.


. then I had some issues and took out a loan with toothfairy finance (£200) and minicredit (£100) wonga and quickquid have agreed to repayment plans..

so each week I give wonga £10.27 and quickquid £25, I didn't really wanna argue as they were really understanding

and I actually had a different repayment plan with quickquid and forgot to pay

so they gave me another chance really, also they only charged me £12 late payment the first time and didn't go crazy like the other loans.



my main issue is toothfairy finance.


I'm 20 and work in a bar, my hours got cut to 10 hours a week, which means i'm getting £40-£50 a week..

I need to live somehow and also I visit my sick dad weekly, who was in hospital for a year due to having a cardiac arrest

due to I believe a mess up with the aenesthetic(cant spell) team

so there is now an investigation into it as he was in a coma for 3 months, is now brain damaged,

I was already a little depressed before this happened but got worse and I clearly got out of control on taking out loans.


A couple of days before TFF was due I called them up (i already deferred it before) and explained to them my situation that I couldn't pay and wanted a repayment plan..


They said no, then the time came and I started getting the northern debt recovery texts..

I called again,

He told me that it wasn't actually due until 31st December (I called start of December thinking it was due near that time) even though I knew

I probably still wouldn't have the money

I was still getting texts saying my loan was due even though the guy said it wasn't, but it doesn't really matter because regardless I couldn't pay it.



I owe £272. That is all I will pay when I get the money but obviously I'm sure you are all aware of their charges,

it's now £688 or something ridiculous.


TFF don't wanna know and tell me to contact nothern debt recovery,

I don't want to speak with them on the phone because they're not gonna help are they?


I'm getting emails like "we're trying to contact you to sort out a repayment plan" but that's obviously the £688 they want not £272!


So I'm gonna send a letter, but they probably won't read it?

I don't really know what to write though.


At most I will pay £5 a week, as I am already paying out £35 a week.

I am looking for another job obviously, I wasn't aware my hours were gonna be dropped but there isn't much I can do, I didn't sign a contract at this pub or anything.


My main issue is the threats about coming to my house, which is my mums house.

I don't want her involved and trying to come into the house.

I don't have anything valuble anyway lol but they don't have a right anyway.

Also I don't want them going to my work, I think I gave a false number,

and only the brewery name, there are a few pubs on the road with the same brewery.


Can someone actually tell me if they have ever went to someone's house.

I live in Bedfordshire, will they actually travel here? and will they go to my work?


As for taking me to court, I'm not bothered, I am willing to pay what I owe (£272) but I can't possibly do it now.


The court will see i'm trying and I can get a doctors note for my depression and trouble with my dad,

and also proof my hours dropped and I've been trying to get another job.


I know I made a stupid mistake and I'm trying to fix it!


My main concerns are I don't want them threatening my mum who isn't very well herself (stress) esp when i'm not there.

. I keep getting texts of NDR saying in 3 days they will pass it on to marshall ballifs or something who I believe aren't real ballifs?


I'm also having a similiar issue with minicredit, called up about repayment plan and said to me the only way for me to do a repayment plan is if I end up paying 400 in total (weekly) asked why.. because it's future charges.. I said no obviously.. I owed 130 which is now 260, I know this is kinda off topic.


So any help will be appreciated, I wish I found this forum before hand. How should I write my letter and what to do about NDR??

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Firstly do not call over the telephone, they are not / dont care they just want money.


Dont worry they will not take you to court they will start threats by sending in the bailiffs using Marshalls Hoares ( they are a debt collection owned by TF )

you must report them to the OFT asap.


Step 1, Only email and keep records

Step 2, Cancel debt cards and call the bank they will try to set up CPR Con paymeny method.

Step 3 pay via bank transfer only never give your details out.


Note TF, Marshalls Hoares, Northern Debt, Appleton Massey Solicitors are all the same company so dont worry, make token payments and keep records all emails, texts etc etc


Only repay the loan plus 1 mths interest

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I'm not planning on calling them,

I have ignored their calls as I know exactly what they are going to say a

nd are not going to agree with me,

I just don't want them showing up at my house or work,

have they ever done that?


I'm gonna report them tomorrow, thanks for that and I have a new debit card with a different bank,

I can't cancel my current bank card as I have bank charges but they always block payments anyway from them,

I will call them tomorrow to double check..


Also I was looking back at emails I got from them, This one from Northern Debt Recovery..


"We have been passed your file by our client ToothFairy Finance Ltd t/a ToothFairy Pay Day Loan .


You took a loan with them on 08.10.12.

They have made numerous attempts to contact you via calls, emails, letters and sms to arrange repayment and have offered to put you on a more flexible and affordable payment plan.


As you have failed to make satisfactory arrangements to repay your debt your file has now been passed on to ourselves.

We are informed that ToothFairy Finance Ltd t/a ToothFairy Pay Day Loan has also sent your file to be reviewed by their solicitors.


If you ignore this letter and do not make contact within 5 working days on 0843 381 0843

we may send our Door Recovery Agents to your property to discuss your debt with you.


Should this also prove unsuccessful we may refer the matter back to ToothFairy Finance Ltd

and recommend that your file be fast-tracked for legal action against you in the County Court (or Sheriff Court if you are in Scotland).


As you failed to repay your loan in time or make adequate repayment arrangements,

you have incurred further Legal and Recovery fees as per the terms and conditions of your loan. Below is a breakdown of what you owe


Loan and Interest £416

Legal Fees £150

Recovery Fees £200

Repayments todate £144

Total £272"


This is a joke,

I contacted them myself three times before the loan was due and after and they would not agree to any sort of payment plan..


The last time the guy was rude and told me to call NDR to discuss a repayment plan with the £688 I apparently owe.


Also, am I right into thinking they are getting the total wrong? It says total £272..


Before my loan was even due I was getting letters from TFT saying I owed just £161 :S


also two days after they sent me another email (1st January 13)


"You curre ntly owe:

Loan and Interest GBP 452

NDR Accept Case File GBP 200

Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10

Solicitors - Case Preparation GBP 150


Repayments todate GBP 144

Total GBP 688"


Case Prep??

and Repayments to date..


I haven't made any and they definitely haven't taken any out of my bank so I am assuming it is the amount of times I extended the loan?


I just multiplied 36 by 4 and came up as 144..

I knew I extended it didn't realize so many times though, my head was definitely not screwed on.


Then on the 6th I got this..


"You have made insufficient efforts to resolve the matter of your debt with our client ToothFairy Finance Ltd in respect of your ToothFairy Pay Day Loan .


We have no option now but to instruct Door Recovery Agents.

We have also been instructed to refer your file to our Solicitors to deal with this case and you will hear from them shortly.

You are liable for the full debt as set out below.

Your constant refusal to speak to us has been noted and will NOT act in your favour as the matter progresses.


You currently owe:

Loan and Interest GBP 452

NDR Accept Case File GBP 200

Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10

Solicitors - Case Preparation GBP 150


Repayments to date GBP 144

Total GBP 688


Please note that:


1. Door Recovery Agents have been instructed to attend your property to discuss your debt with you.

2. Our Solicitors have now been fully briefed and will be contacting you shortly.


We may seek a County Court Judgement (*or its Scottish equivalent) against your name. Should we be successful we will then apply for either one of two measures:


1. a Warrant of Execution* to allow Bailiffs to seize goods and sell them to repay your debt; or

2. an Attachment of Earnings Order* which will be sent to your employer so that they can pay us directly.


How can they get a CCJ, What does it actually mean? can they really do that!?


And as if my employer is gonna do that, I work in a pub, 2 shifts a week, never signed a contract or anything..

I get paid cash in hand and I don't think I will be working there much longer if I get this other job I applied for

.. Also they are leaving in a few months.


I want to pay this loan when I have the money but only £272,

I'm not just gonna give them the money though,


I want a letter saying they will accept the payment and leave me alone otherwise

they are getting nothing from me!


I've read alot about people paying what they owe and still getting harrassed, I'm not having that!

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stick by your guns


its all threats


they can add nothing to the debt.


pay what you can when you can


do it by YOUR banks internet portal.


end off


stop worrying.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Marshall Hoares came to my house about my TFF loan, I sent them away and they have done nothing buy email me still. They are asking for 1900 on a 200 loan they know I'm out of employment and haven't taken me to court.

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