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Vodafone & Unlock Codes

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Just over a year ago, hubby and I bought new handsets via Vodafone.


We're now into free unlocking, anytime before the 12mth period was up, it would have cost us.


We didn't particularly need good reception at home (which is just as well!), so we left it for the year.


End of November, hubby rings to request unlock codes for both of our phones.


He was told 72 hours.


Rang back every week for two or three weeks, still no codes, back log in the system blah blah blah.


Rang week four, told that the data was input incorrectly, it would be redone etc etc.


Week five (last week), still no codes, waiting for them to arrive via manufacturer (Hauwei),

at which point I lost patience and emailed their Director Of Operations, Stephan Langkamp.


I was polite but to the point and said that I required the codes by yesterday - Monday 7th Jan.


I got a phone call from one of his minions on Saturday, 5th Jan, assuring me she'd sort it out.


Another call yesterday telling me they still haven't had the codes from the manufacturer and that she'd put £15 on each phone so we wouldn't have to top up.


So I got the contact details for the manufacturer and rang their UK tech hotline.


Got them to run the IMEI codes through their system.

They're telling me that when the phones were sent to the Vodafone distribution centre after manufacture, the codes were with the phones.


They also told me that their contract with Vodafone prevents them from giving us the codes directly.


So we're sitting here, six weeks down the line,

no unlock codes and phones that we can't use because the reception is so dire,

and we've got Vodafone telling us one thing and Hauwei telling us another.


I've just composed the following letter to go to Vodafone, and wondered if someone would be kind enough to check it out for me and make sure I haven't missed anything.


Thank you :)


Dear Mr Langkamp


Further to my email, dated 3rd Jan 2013, I am writing to make an official complaint with regard to the fact that we still do not have the unlock codes for our phones. It has now been six weeks since my husband first rang to request them. We have been misinformed and generally given the run around by your customer services. A misnomer if ever I heard one.


FYI - I yesterday contacted the manufacturers of the handsets, Hauwei, and had them check our IMEI numbers. The unlock codes were sent out with the phones from the manufacturer, over a year ago when they were sent to your distribution centre, and I'm informed by Hauwei that their contract with you means that they are not allowed to give us unlock codes for our phones. I cannot tell you where the codes are, but I can tell you where they are not - they are not with the manufacturer, and I do wish your staff would stop giving us incorrect information to that effect.


I am giving you, from the date at the top of this letter, five working days to provide us with the unlock codes for our phones. I am also informing you that should we be required to make further phone calls or write again to you, then you will be charged a fee for each.


Phone call - £10


Letter - £10



Should the codes not be forthcoming within that time, we will seek legal advice and pursue the matter through the courts.


Yours Sincerely

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we have voda onboard here


i'm sure this can be sorted in minutes as soon as lee gets your number back


follow this...


We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and to assure you all that our presence on CAG is with the very best of intentions.


vodafone UK has recently introduced a dedicated Web Relations Team which is keen to seek out customers who’re having difficulties with their accounts and feel that they have no other place to turn to than CAG and other consumer forums and blogs.


Naturally, it’s not possible for us to help directly with account specific queries on CAG

We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and to assure you all that our presence on CAG is with the very best of intentions.


we would encourage those members who feel we can help them to contact us privately at webrelations@vodafone.com quoting ‘WRT135 – CAG Forum’ in the subject line.

When emailing us we would also ask that you either provide us with a link to your post or thread – if you’ve posted in another member’s thread please also provide your CAG username so that we can check what your query is.

Many thanks


Web Relations Team

Vodafone UK.






please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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At this point, I'll try anything! (Dancing naked round a big fire at midnight not included :p ) I'll email him with a link here now - and I sincerely hope he can help, because I just want to be able to actually use my phone for my business, and I can't at the moment.


Thanks for the heads up :)

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Colour me unimpressed, although, sadly, not surprised. I've not heard a word from Lee, although I did get an email 'from the directors office', telling me the manufacturer has a backlog of codes to send (!) and that they'll put £20 on our phones, then refund it to a credit or debit card, so we can buy two new phones to use. I'm afraid I'll be sending my formal complaint, then taking them to court for the codes, and so we can be compensated for our time and all their faffing about :(

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Hi Smeesue,


It's just a quick post to acknowledge your thread.


As per my email from yesterday I'll leave matters in the hands of our Director's Office who I'm sure will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Kind regards,




Web Relations Team


Vodafone UK

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