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employment contract and holiday entitlement queries

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Hi all,


I hope this is in the correct place if not i apologise in advance.


ive just started work at a job as a web designer and have (after 3 days ) had what was supposed to be an induction, however it was very vaguely laid out but there where a couple of points i though i should seek advice on.


the first and most important i feel is my employment contract or lack there of, i have been told that i will only receive an employment contract after completing my 3 month probationary period. At the time i didnt ask any questions but on thinking about this surly by not receiving a contract there is no paper evidence of the fact i am working and what im required to do. although this may be legit i was hoping someone may no whether or not this would effect any of my employment rights?


the second issue i have is the holiday days allocated to me. ive been told that becuase im classed as part time i will only receive 12 days annual leave.


the reason i feel this is unfair is that although yes i only work 25 hours a week i do so over 5 days mon-fri (5hrs a day) and given that the holiday rate is the same as normal pay surly i should receive the same 20 days that everyone else receives?


by my workings out even though i work less hours than a full time person i work the same number of days over the year and given that holiday pay is the same rate as regular surly i should receive the same amount of days but only with 5 hours worth of salary for each day?


Any info would be greatly appreciated and i hope you understand my question about the holiday entitlement because at this rate with my mandatory week off at christmas (which im not happy about) im only left with 1 full week i can take of in the summer to spend time with my son and to be honest if this is the case then this company is getting one hell of a deal for what there paying!


Thanks for reading :-)

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Hello there.


Here's a link to gov.uk about holidays including part-time workers. It's not as good as it used to be, but may give you some more information.




I had an idea that you can calculate holidays using hours, but hopefully one of the forum regulars will give you some more details.


My best, HB

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Hello Anytime. They have to issue you a contract within 8 weeks of you starting work. Your holidays (assuming that they offer statutory only) must be the equivalent of 5.6 weeks, therefore you would receive a total of 140 hours minimum, including bank holidays. Check your contract when it is issued though, as they may offer more than the statutory, but 140 hours is the absolute minimum and you must receive at least that.


Hope that helps.

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Is this a cash-in-hand and as-and-when-required job? What was the original job offer and do you have any track of it?


I personally wouldn't start work without a piece of paper in hand.

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