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Disciplinary. Ehm No?

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Hi there guys I'm pretty new to the forum so hello to everyone! I'm currently working for a major retail call centre lets just say It begins with a J and ends in Ewis. Now for a while now my team manager has been constantly listening in to all of my calls ( This is not normally done unless someone is under investigation) and pulling me up for any errors I made on certain calls. Such as getting customers initial wrong due to the phone line being terrible or for not suggesting add-on items to a customer when he had bought a cooker...? Now I don't know if anyone has ever experienced this but being listened into constantly on a shift is stressful enough but then when I made a simple human error I was taken aside by my manager and threatened with a disciplinary.


Now this all seemed to materialize after I had a sick day due to food poisoning ( I had been to a hotel the day before and ate some dodgy food) I then phoned up my manager to say I was ill and in bed to which she said "yeah get well soon". She then proceeded to phone my house phone 3 times until my wife answered and then she told my wife it was urgent she spoke to me. I then got up out of bed went downstairs and answered the phone to which she said " I was just seeing how you are, get well soon". Obviously this was to make sure I was at home. After returning to work I was taken aside and asked to provide private information from the hotel detailing what time I had checked out at. After informing my manager that It was in my wifes name and that she wouldnt be getting it she told me that I wouldnt recieve sick pay because she doesn't think I was ill? She asked for this invoice multiple times even after I said she had no right to ask for it.


Not long after she informed me that due to a customer disconnecting, which she presumed I hung up on I would be going to a disciplinary. To be honest by the way this place is run it didn't surpirse me all that much. I then asked her to provide formal notification of the disciplinary with information regarding my case and that I wanted to speak to her manager as well as someone independent who I could talk to about the proceedings. She originally told me that the disciplinary would be on the sunday coming but she failed to provide any information or formal notification and as sunday came there was no disciplinary. I then spoke to her and she said the disciplinary was going to be some time next week: to which I said: "Fine, but I'll need that information in a reasonable timeframe". Almost 2 weeks later ( wednesday 2/01/13) she handed me formal notification of the disciplinary and the information being used. Now I work 3 hours on a wednesday thursday and 8 hours on a sunday and as I work in the evening our HR department in closed by that time. So that has given one working day (3 hours) to prepare for the disciplinary which obviously is useless. I havn't been able to contact anyone in the firm because I dont have the time nor do I know who to talk to as anytime I ask my manager she says she'll find out and I never hear from her again and she has informed me that the disciplinary will be carried out by someone who works in our department and not only that sits right next to my manager all day and who she goes to for advice on her team members.


To be honest I'm at the point where I am exhausted with all of this and the fact there seems to be a brick wall between me and any form of upper managerment, I'm a quiet lad, I come in do my job well and leave and im being bullied by someone 5 years younger than me, it's causing me so much grief and she wont leave me alone. I have never been a stressed person in my life but constantly being surveyed and picked on is really wearing me down. I don't obviously expect much at this disciplinary because honestly it's a stitch up and I was writing to see if theres anything I can do. I am permanent and have been working there for 6 months. I appreciate any help you can offer guys.

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I was in a similar situation a few years ago although my line of work was different. It's obvious that your boss is on a mission to make your life miserable and either wants you out of work or mentally ill.


Somebody will come with more sensible advice but if it was me I would raise a grievance for bullying.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for Poundland"

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