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omg had enough

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About me, At age of 17 i got my NVQ, 1.2.3 In carpentry, Since Then i started working for many company's. 6 Month's before accident, i was Just started my own business. Ive been


Told By DLA, Incpapity and Industrial injuries, Im 30% too 40% disabled. Since 2003.Many Assessments, over 8 years.


Since 2012 march. Ive been told from Industrial injuries im not disabled anymore. Money stopped. Apeall Got to wait 80 weeks


Since Reascement for DLA on 2011, I was givin life, for my disability. High rate, and medium care.Been receiving DLA since accident.But not life. Being on Low income, and having the council balifs Come Round and industrial injury's gone in 2011... had to give up my home after 11 years.(repossession) If i was able to work,


Do you think i would just give up my home, or work for £600+ ( please take a look at incoming and out going's)How i have lived, since partner split 5years ago.


I can prove ATOs is lieing, if you read the report's. If this still fail's. I will not be able to go on, JSA. Why, How do i get to the jobcenter. Taxi. it will cost £40 to collect £70. and the extra pain it will cause.


Why have 5 years worth of injection's and now i carnt have any.(sinus) = more pain. No mention off it.In there Report. Might commit suicide. like i did afew years back, But atos says im not depressed.. And im not on Anti depressants.. Amatriptline.


WHY. http://www.nhs.uk/medicine-guides/pages/MedicineOverview.aspx?condition=Depression&medicine=Amitriptyline&preparation=Amitriptyline%2025mg/5ml%20oral%20solution%20sugar%20free


I will speak to new doctor,Because ATOS Has force to move out of area..=New doctor. This Drug alone,(amatriptyline) While no other problem's. You would not be able to work...crazy sleep pattern's. And In a Zombie State.


Why did ATOS.. Send me to nottingham, 12 miles, When i could have gone Mansfield. 5 miles == less pain.(traveling) Why did ATOS say My MRI scan is normal, i took it with me. Why did ATOS.. Make out i got a Bus Home.. Its inpossible for me too use buss. Can only go by Car,(taxI) and lowering the seet back. (Industrial Injuires). Why did ATOS.. Make out i sat for 15mins in a chair, I always use, there medical Beanch's. Dont sit up right, Have to do that While traveling.


And While At ATOS, I had too see another Doctor, In another room. Becouse Medical bench was in front of computer... Why did ATOS.. Say im not depresded. And not taking anything for deprestion. Why did ATOS.. Make out I go Supermarket shopping.. When i have always had it delivered. Why did not ATOS not state why i did not do the Pysical, Travel and movment,= pain for what.. ? to get 9 point's Why Atos.. Send a chegue for £25 for taxi,


Now got to pay £20 to take it too bank. For EESA. Assesment Why Atos,not mentioned about problem's on Medication.


Why dont I take a video recorder, next time. Why are they making me even more ill, they already made me lose my home, and all my belonging. Doctor ask doctor for letter about deprestion, and ds1500 report. And why i had my injection's stoped.(sinus) I got benifit's while i had injection's, now in more pain, they stop it.


With a very painful sinus. Pops up one a week. Talk to doctors about, chest, number 2, and getting injection again. So badly need it. Atos are killing us. Disabled. 36 per week now 1700 im only 34, lost everything

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