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    • There will be no issues with a course offer if the dates are as you say. The usual cut off is four months from the date of the offence. This is so as to give the driver the time to accept the offer and take the course before prosecution becomes "timed out" at six months.   However, if the NIPs really were the first to be issued and there are no issues with the address details then both have a cast iron defence to the speeding allegation. The first is dated 20 days after the alleged offence and the second 23 days after the alleged offence. The Road Traffic Offenders' Act makes it quite clear that if a NIP is not served within 14 days of the alleged offence then no prosecution can take place. But as I said, late first NIPs are very rare and both need to check all the details I have mentioned before they decline any out of court offers of a course or Fixed Penalty.    For information, courses are normally offered for speeds up to (Limit +10% + 9mph). Only one course of any type can be taken in three years (with the date of the offences being used to calculate that period) and courses are not offered in Scotland. However, if a driver is not offered a course for any reason when he would normally qualify (including late NIPs) he has no right of appeal to have one offered. If the matter goes to court the court has no power to order a course.
    • My grievance against my manager is on Wednesday at 12.00 noon. A union officer is representing me. The representative for my manager is a product manager. I was told today that she is the Daughter or a Step-Daughter of the manager. Is this a conflict of interest? Am I correct in saying that, because the manager is the subject, the hearing has to be carried out by a person higher than the manager such as a director? if so, the product manager is not entitled to carry out the hearing. I'm pretty certain that I read this in law books. My Brother is a licensed union chairman but has since left his previous employment.  He is certain that I am correct . Any help would be gratefully appreciated.   diecastdave
    • Ok cool many thanks!  Much appreciated...I will check everything out now and answer all those questions!
    • Sorry,  its regular outgoings of payments. It’s income related they’re on, not contribution based.  Mum and applicant were totally unaware of the rules in regards to deprivation of capital.   On income related ESA but claim housing benefit and council tax support.   He hasn’t came into a huge chunk of money. It’s been spent over a duration of four years. appointee’s livid, and worried that he’ll be homeless.  
    • Hi all           I spoke to the courts earlier today and they advised me that the points placed on my licence were removed in October 2019, and that a court date is set for November 26th. Guess what ??? I had not been given that info either. The courts were very helpful and explained to me that everything had been sent to my previous address (which I have not lived in or owned for 5 years) The car in question was registered in March 2016 and I have owned since new and has never been registered to my old address. I have proof of this down to the point of not taxing the car March 2017 as the car was zero tax I did not realise I still had to go online and tax it, the summons for that was sent to my current home address.  it is very strange that the police directed everything to my previous address. i then contacted the police on the number given by the courts and was told to forward proof I was out of country at time of offence for them to look at, the police officer was very understanding and quite helpful giving the information. I have to e mail her tomorrow and will give an update when I know more as this previous address thing is really confusing !!!  
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CFO took full payment despite agreement to Defer. where do I stand?

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I took out a small Loan with CFO a few months back, I stupidly kept borrowing when I needed money for bills.

two weeks ago I received a text asking if I wanted to pay in full or defer, as I couldn't afford to pay in full I opted to defer.

they attempted to take payment on the 21st of December a week before payday. they call me and I tell them they made a mistake, they move my payment to the 28th.


However they took the full amount owed, leaving me no money to pay my bills. I have been advised by my bank (Natwest) to contact them and ask them to refund my money because of the deferral agreement, They haven't been answering the phone so I thought about emailing them.


My problem is that, as I did owe them money that I don't really have a leg to stand on. what should I should do?

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utter rubbish


demand your bank return the money


NOTHING at all to do with CFO.


they did not write to you stating the ammount in advance

which they must do.


We have been telling people to put a letter into their bank instructing them not to make any payments under any circumstances to these companie

http://whatconsumer.co.uk/visa-debit-chargeback/- it works!


banks MUST follow written intructions from their customers !

This fsa guide has now been updated:




Here's the text:


Cancelling a regular

card payment:


When you give your credit or debit card details to a company and authorise them to take regular payments from your account,

such as for a gym membership or magazine subscription,

it is known as a ‘recurring transaction’ or ‘continuous payment authority’.

These are often confused with direct debits, but do not offer the same guarantee if the amount or date of the payment changes.

In most cases, regular payments can be cancelled by telling the company taking the payments.



you have the right to cancel them directly with your bank or card issuer by telling it that you have stopped permission for the payments.

Your bank or card issuer must then stop them – it has no right to insist that you agree this first with the company taking the payments.

Be aware, though, that you will still be responsible for paying any money that you owe.


see: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?336569-How-to-remove-a-lender-s-continuous-payment-authority(2-Viewing)-nbsp






please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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