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could be even longer road ahead

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Hi happy new-year to you all and good luck to everyone that’susing this site for any future claims

After my susess with abbey\santander i have started to hunt down citi groupi may have had at least 5 loans with different companies but all under the citi group name so thismay take some sorting out Here’s a quick rundown of where I’m up to with it

SAR sent 22-10-2012

Citi Request for proof of identity 10-11-2012 proof sent straight back15-11-2012

Nothing has been herd to date

over 60 days not including holidays and i still have not receivedmy requested S A R what’s my next move any ideas

thanks in advance

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failure to comply letter




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Hi all i sent a failure to reply and a couple of days later the sar was received with the requested info i am studying it but it’s not as straight forward as the last one firstly it’s all mixed up i have sorted it into the credit card and what i thought was 2 or 3 loans


Firstly the credit card that seems straight forward i went thru all the statements and i have now used the calculator to work out the repayment of ppi the credit limit was £500 (paid off and cancelled in 2005)and i now know i am owed £150 according to the calculator i know it’s only smallbut after all it’s my money should i send the claim or wait till i have sorted out the loans this may take a little longer i only have the agreements and the totals so maybe some help here again with the maths!!

i did notice quite a lot of late payment and overlimit charges (£25.00 each every time )any chance i can get them back ?? must total well over £300 by the time i paid it of (sad i know but this was a bad time for me i seem to remember )

just a quick one i also received totally blank statements (what a waste of paper)from when i closed the account 2005 to 2007 can anyone explain this

ok that’s it for now and i look forward to winning again !!!thanks in advance for your help

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You should put in a claim on the credit card separately to the loans.


£150 sounds low to me...can you post up your spreadsheet please (minus personal identifiers)


The over-limit charges of £25 or whatever can be reclaimed too along with the associated interest on them.

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Overlimits should come back to you if the reconstructed balance is less than your limit. However plenty of companies are trying this on hoping Joe Public dont notice.


Another area to investigate, if you paid the account off or it goes into credit at all during the accounts lifetime, is any late payments. The reconstructed balance could go into credit (even if you have just a claim for £150) and therefore a late charge when actually your account is in credit is just plain bonkers.


If you cant prove this within the account then you cannot just claim them willy nilly on a PPI claim. Most if not all late payments will be valid and unless you operated the account close to the limit at all times then overlimits will be valid also. ( This is not saying they are valid in the sense of a charges claim but that is another fish to fry )


The spreadsheets on here give you a good indication of where to look but you will have to do some maths yourself and maybe rebuild your account showing the charge is unjust. Certainly if you ever went to FOS you would need to do this.


Only you know your account and sadly checking the maths is something most people cant be bothered with but with certain companies they are losing fortunes. And thats why the companies are doing it. Its worth their while to.


As a final bit of advice I would forget the maths too much until you get the uphold on your miss-sold claim. By messing you about with the SAR is indication enough they intend to mess you about with the claim.


I also hold the view not to send the bank your workings out until you have too. Far easier to pick their calcualtions to bits than have them picking yours to bits. And it is so easy with all these calculations just to make a small clerical error which snowballs into something much bigger. And if your error leads to an underclaim and they realise you have balls up I doubt they will be saying hang on we owe you more.


Good luck with it.

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