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Mr Lender shenanigans (repayement plan setup)

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email 1:




This is in reference to my loan account which is now overdue in the name if ****** and I am wishing to set up a repayment plan I have spoken to a customer service representative that was whilst helpful threatened me with further fines being made to account.


I am currently with out a debit card and am unable to make a card payment I am also not able to make a bank transfer today. I do however wish to agree to a plan with yourselves and am prepared to make a token payment this month as I am not in a position to pay any more until the end of January.


My proposal is to pay £20 to you by Friday via bank transfer. And then a further £78 at the start of February recurring for 5 months until the sum of £410 is paid. This is my total balance as it stands including £20 default for this months failed payment.


By doing this I am acknowledging my debt to you and am attempting to honor it.


I would also request that you only contact me via email in regards to this matter and should you need to phone me I only wish you to contact me on my mobile phone number ******.


I expressly state this I do not wish to contact my employer or any other phone numbers with which you hold in regards to me.


I hope you find this satisfactory and your prompt response would be much appreciated.





Reply 1:


Dear *****,


Thank you for your email.


Just to confirm you were due to make an interest payment of £90.00 on the 31/12/12 which has not been received.


Your account has now entered defaults status and you are incurring additional late fee charges due to non payment.


To setup a repayment plan with us you will need to pay the £90.00 interest that was due on 31/12/12.


Please note we are unable to accept part payment, should you fail to pay the full interest of £90.00 due your account will remain in collections where you will continue to incur charges.


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,


My Email 2:




Firstly thank you for your prompt response, but I simply am not in a position to make a payment as I have explained on the phone and in my email. I am also well aware of my rights regarding fair treatment and what the oft deem reasonable. I am being more than reasonable in my offer to you. I am accepting the £20 charge to my account I am also including said roll over payment.


It is not the case that I need to make the roll over payment before you will talk to me regarding a payment plan. I have researched this deeply and whilst I am prepared to go down the long and arduous route of sending emails back and fourth in dispute of this and that, the end result will only be more work for you and I both.


Again my proposal is this:

a £20 token payment and then I wish to set up a standing order of £78 for 5 months.

Making £410.


A £20 default fee

The £300 loan

And the £90 rollover fee due for this month.


As I have stated I am receiving a new card and expressly deny you the right to try and take any money from my account this is needed for more pressing debts like council tax and any attempt by any means would be unlawful.


I have also requested that I only be contacted via email and the phone number ****** if entirely necessary. I do not wish there to be any breach of this and can you please confirm that this will be noted on my account whilst we deal with this issue.




Reply 2:


Dear ******,


Thank you for your email,


Just to confirm we are unable to accpet your proposal, as you have defaulted on your outstanding loan.


Please note to setup any repayment plan agreement we would need to received the outstanding interest due of £90.00 on your account.


Should you fail to repay the outstanding interest, your account will remain with our collection department were you will contiune to incurr missed interest and late fee charges.


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,


My final email of the day after 5.30 so didn't expect a response will be pursuing tomorrow/ today (3rd of jan):




As I have stated I cannot afford to pay you £90 for the privilege of setting up a repayment plan further to this why would I pay you £90 without the knowledge that a payment plan is in place, should you be willing to negotiate a payment plan then the circumstances are different.


You are breaking many oft regulations by insisting I pay the rollover sum and if I have to escalate this then I will.






--- I should also add that on the second of his replies it had a generic signature attached giving me this guys direct line to his office, I didn't include this in the post as I would feel a tad hypocritical posting the guys work details on a public forum when I'm demanding he doesn't use mine. Still it appears to have been a slip as the first reply didn't have it. Nonetheless at least I can plague him with phone calls letting him know his reply to my email is overdue.


any advice always welcome, will keep updated.

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their reply, whilst addressing the issue of communication he appears to have forgotten I do have one small concern in them rejecting my repayment plan


Dear *****,


Thank you for your email.


Just to confirm a note has been placed on the system not to call your work and the number has also be blocked.


Please note our defaults department will need a valid number to contact you to discuss your account.


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,

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Hi painful,


MrLender always try to get the full interest before setting up a repayment plan. Once you paid this they will state this was a 'rollover' and then ask for the whole amount one month later. They will try this three times. Do not fall for that and insist on a repayment plan. Continue to communicate in writing. They do repayment plans of 12 - 18 months.


If you pay by bank transfer use their Barclays account as their HSBC account seems to have issues on their side.

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hi, thanks for that, its kind of what I thought, will stick to guns.

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