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need help!!

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I am trying to find out if my partner is entitled to any help regarding benefits etc.


He is a self employed sub contracted builder and at the beginning of Dec he was temporarily laid off.


Reasons for this are that a contract that he was working on with his boss had to end earlier than planned

because the customer had run out of money and could not pay them any more,


hence my husbands boss could not pay my husband, and until the next contract starts (which isn't until the end of Feb),

he doesnt have any form of income what so ever.


He went to his local benefits office to see if there is anything that he could possibly claim,

but all he got told was that he could claim JSA, but he would have to be actively seeking work,

and the problem with that is, that he hasn't lost his job as such, he has been laid off temporarily until this new contract starts in Feb,


the benefits people said, that unless he shows that he is actively seeking work he would not be able to claim JSA.


It has now come to the point were he can not pay his mortgage.


He contacted his mortgage provided a few days ago and explained the situation to them and asked if there was anything he could do.


They said that he needs to make some form of payment towards his mortgage otherwise they would take action,

but they dont seem to understand that he doesnt have any money what so ever!!!


His boss owes him approx £1500 in unpaid wages, but he can not pay my husband because he doesn't have the money to pay him,

because customers have not been paying him...its like a domino affect.


Does anyone know of anything that he may be entitled to or can anyone offer any advice.


Many thanks:|

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He was advised correctly,

he would need to claim JSA but can advise that he has a job to return to in February

and in the meantime he would need to be actively seeking and available to take up a temporary contract of employment pending the start date of his usual job.


With regards to the mortgage if he has payment protection then he may be able to claim through that for some assistance

but he will have to show them that he is actively seeking and available to take up employment too,

has he enquired about a payment holiday on the mortgage?


Help through JSA with the mortgage interest wuld not be considered for the first 13 weeks of the claim.

he can claim for JSA online https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance/how-to-claim

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he does have payment protection, but it only comes into force after he has been out of work for more than 3 months, and then they only pay the interest not the full amount. He has asked about a payment holiday but this is not something that his mortgage provided (nationwide) would be able to do.

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