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Hi Ive posted before so will spare the back story and ive tried to read through the previous posts to get some kind of answers but I would really appreciate anyones input.


My current situation is I have 3 credit cards that when unemployed I could not repay.


All 3 reached 6 months arrears before I found a job and managed to agree AP with 2 of them.

The third made it extremely difficult for me before finally defaulting me.


I have sent a CCA request to the defaulted card and Moorcroft have written to me to say they are holding off on recollection attempts until the paper work is found.


The added sad situation i now find myself in as that I am currently getting divorced.


The house is fully paid with no mortgage and my wife wishes to remain here with our children and not release any equity.


Therefore I am trying to decide what is the best course of action now bearing in mind I am facing a long difficult period

while I attempt to pay for my own accommodation and rebuild my life and finances.


The sums involved are quite large.

card 1 is 10k and im paying 150 a month

card 2 is 8.5k and im paying 175 a month

card 3 is 17k and is defaulted although i am expecting to have to make a large payment at some point in future.


I have a fourth card with a balance of 2k that somehow i have managed to keep up to date.


So my question is


should i just default on the other 2 cards seeing as i have one default already?

maybe even CCA them and buy some time and then attempt to make lower full and final settlements in the future?


I am concerned that the AP stays on file for 6 years after the final payment so should I just take the hit for the next 6 years?


I am concerned that I wont even be able to rent anywhere due to the credit checks.


The only bright spot is that my earning potential has picked up again.


I just want to make best use of the limited resources I will have.


Thank you for any advice

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I suggest staying put in your house until you've got them sorted or borrow a sum from the house and pay them off with that


at least the rate on that loan will be lower and unless you were playing away I doubt the cards were run up to that level on your own,


so why should wife have it so easy


tell her to leave and you'll stay with the kids!


do think its unfair for woman to get everything and if you walk away from that now youll never get any of it!

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When did you take out the cards?

who are they with?

You can offer them a payment lower than what you are paying now and get them to freeze interest and late fees.

Tell us as much as you can in order to help you.


It's never as bad as it seems, they can't jail you.

They just try to grind you down.



If my advice helped you please click my star

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Sunshine, maybe Pete is a decent guy who wants to see his children and their mother are provided for?


Pete, don't secure any loan against property it's a monkey on your back. Series3 is giving the correct advice x

scotgal 

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Who are the original creditors?


Who is now chasing you and for whom?


How old are these accounts?


Check your credit file.


Keep EVERYTHING in writing, NEVER talk to them over the phone, keep a diary of events also.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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