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'The Special Collection' part of jd williams

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Hi All


My mother was taken ill, back in late May/June, and as she has no local relatives it took a while for me to get round to looking into her mail and take over her affairs. she is 68 years and mentally ill and now immobile etc.

yep, 'The Special Collection' part of jd williams was a catalogue she had used.

So, they've added many charges, including what appears to be 2 charges on the same day, Twice. £12 each.

I called them to explain that she was no longer able to manage her affairs and that they should send me all her correspondence and also requested that they remove some of the admin charges that had been already applied.

Absolutely no help at all from their customer unhelpful line, they were quoting data protection . I then wrote them a letter and added a payment, explaining again what had happened and that with the payment the account should be closed. The original debt was for only £15. When I started to intervene it had risen to over £60. I sent them £28 with the letter. The letter didn't even get a reply or acknowledgement.

She also paid for a payment protection policy, I requested, received, filled out, got the hospital to fill out their bits and return the claim form. Nothing has been heard of since about that.

The situation now is that they have passed her account on to Reliable collections for the sum of £73.87


My opinion is that from the time they were told by me she was unable to manage her affairs they should not be able to continue adding charges.

The payment protection policy should cover this anyway.

The total debt now is over 4 times the original and that is after the £28 already paid, which is unreasonable and should not have reached this level because they had been informed of the inability to pay.

I doubt there is a signed CCA, but can only depend on their being unable to produce such a document.


I know it isn't alot of money and we can afford to pay it, but the principle of them being so nasty and unhelpful really angers me so I want to take them to task over it.


Question is, do I have a case to defend aginst them or, however bad, would they win in court?


Any help or advice would be appreciated.




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