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    • Hi Shelley and hope you're ok 🙋‍♂️   Is the respondant an individual, a business, a Ltd Co, etc ? This info may help others advise on how best to enforce the Tribunal award.   Interest  -  it's the award amount of 2,500 times 8% divided by 365 which gives you the daily interest amount, times the number of days.   Or 2,500 x 0.08/365 = interest per day = 55p per day   Or use the factor of 0.00022 to give the same result for the daily rate of interest to add. 2,500 x 0.00022 = 55p per day.
    • receipt converted to PDF and added to last post      
    • Well I really don't know where to begin with this. I've spent hours trying to figure out what to put but it seems that every witness statement is different depending on the exact circumstances. I know that I shouldn't put all my cards on the table but I don't know which ones to hold back and which ones to get rid of altogether.   This is what I have so far...   I, XXX of XXX am the Defendant in this case. I make this statement in support of my defence again the Claimant, Civil Enforcement Ltd.   1.       CEL make it impossible for defendants to discuss PCNs with them or their representatives:              A.       On the 26th Nov 2018 I received an unexpected PCN from CEL. I immediately went onto their “Contact Us” page, which stated that operators are available to speak to during normal working hours (see appendix 1 - THIS IS JUST A COPY OF THEIR CONTACT US PAGE). I tried calling numerous times to discuss the matter but regardless of what time of day I called there was no option to speak to an operator, only an automated system to pay.              B.       When I received a debt collection notice from ZZPS (see appendix 2 - COPY OF LETTER) the letter instructed me to call them on 01932918916.                      14th Mar 2019 - I tried calling several times and have a call recording I can play for the court to show that it was impossible to speak to anyone. Instead I was played the following automated message: “The party’s call minder belonging to 01473478289 is full and can’t accept any more messages. Please try again later. Goodbye.” The call then hangs up.                     19th Mar 2019 - I tried again at several times throughout the day and this time a message played thanking me for calling ZZPS and asked me to hold. It then rang for 2 minutes before repeating the same message. This happened over and over again. I have two recording that I can play for the court showing this to be true, one that lasted 9 minutes and the other for 10 minutes before each time giving up.            It appears that there is some unreliable call routing in place meaning that I had no way of contacting CEL or ZZPS as they both advise.   2.       CEL failed to produce any of the documentation I requested in writing, which obstructed me from making a decision on how to proceed with this case:             A.       On the 3rd Dec 2018 I completed CEL’s online Appeals Form (see appendix 3 for a saved copy of the submitted form - ATTACHED TO THIS POST). CEL responded (see appendix 4) but failed to answer any question, stating that GDPR prevented them from doing so.             B.       On the 14th Aug 2019 I sent them a CPR 31.14 Request letter (see appendix 5). CEL did not respond.   3.       According to Schedule 3, Part 1, Class 13 of The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007, only signage older than 10 years is deemed as having consent granted.   CEL has changed its signage 3 times within the last 10 years, which can be clearly seen from Google Street mapping images:            A.       2018 – Present: Signage stating 1hr free parking (appendix 6a)            B.       2012 – 2017: Signage stating 3hr free parking (appendix 6b)            C.       2008 – 2012: Signage stating 2hr free parking (appendix 6c)   CEL’s current signage was installed at some point during 2018 but according to Stockport Council’s online planning applications search system no planning permission was granted. I believe the signage has therefore been erected illegally, which makes it impossible to enter into a contract with them.   4.       CEL has also added legal costs to their claim, which is not recoverable within the Small Claims Court.   I believe that the following facts stated in this Witness Statement are true.   Have I made a complete balls-up of this or am I going in the right direction? I thought it might work in my favour if I try to show the judge that I made every reasonable effort to resolve this without going to court but CEL purposely make appeals as difficult as possible. Perhaps none of that matters. Not sure. 🤔 Appeal Text.pdf
    • This will be ok for you to offer the final 1 month's fee you should have paid :-   Dear Harlands,   I refer to my membership at [town/city] gym.   The DD mandate was cancelled after the June 2019 payment was made and this was notice of my intent to cancel the gym membership.   I now realise I should have left the DD Mandate open to pay a final month's fee for the notice period.   Please confirm your bank payment details and a reference so I can pay you the £xx.xx to end this matter. I will not pay any admin fees added by Harlands. I will only deal with this matter in writing, not by phone.   My offer is valid for 14 days only and will be withdrawn if you demand any higher amount.   Yours sincerely,
    • seems like your payment issue is not just your error      
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Hope I have put this in the right place.


I recently ordered an item from a company that mostly builds their own products.


I find if you buy something from them paying say £300 then the product is of a standard that it would cost at least £100 more with a brand name.


The item was listed under their own name but when it arrived it was a branded product and with the lower price it is not as good as I expected based on my earlier comment.


I have also found it cheaper elsewhere.


I have contacted the company but the time of year could be delaying their reply.


Could anyone advice what the position is.

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how did you pay for it?





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Is this an internet company? If so, send them an email saying you don't want it and will be returning it under DSR. The most they can deduct from your refund is the cost of the return postage, but only then if they have that in their T&Cs,

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Is this an internet company? If so, send them an email saying you don't want it and will be returning it under DSR. The most they can deduct from your refund is the cost of the return postage, but only then if they have that in their T&Cs,


Their T&Cs state I would be responsible for P&P costs unless the item is faulty or wrong item sent.

Do you consider sending a branded item different from that advertised is a wrong item.

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