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Can anybody hlp me please urgently halifax overdraft

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Hi just wanting to know if anyone can help me.just lost my job and i owe £2800 on a overdraft with the halifax bank and £2000 on a catalogue.but since iam unemployed a can no longer afford to pay these bills what can i do ? My head is all over at the moment. Please help me . . .

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I'm afraid that as soon as you let the bank know, they are likely to get pretty defensive about things and so you will need to protect yourself.

First off, don't do anything on the phone - unless you record the calls. If you don't heed this advice, you will regret it as you try to deal with them reasonably on the phone, make agreements or arrive at understandings and then find that they deny all knowledge.


I assume that you are within your OD limit and I assume that you are on benefits or that you will be soon. I also assume that you do not own a property.


You need to clarify your situation so that people can give you better advice.


Benefits will be paid into your bank account. Your bank will want to keep your benefits but you can stop them by producing an income/expenditure form and writing to the bank, explaining what has happened and serving them with a letter of appropriation.

The bank won't like this and will probably try to ignore it but if you have put everything in writing, then you have a good trail of evidence to show that you have dealt with them correctly - and you will be able to force them to follow the rules.


If you have another account, then it might be better to use that for benefits. If you have only just recently lost your job, then you might be able to open another account simply to feed benefits into. But if you do that, run the account correctly. There is no point in increasing problems and pressure everywhere.

Don't exceed limits or do anything to incur charges or to exceed the overdraft in anyway. It is going to be tricky - especially while you are getting used to it and getting into a new routine.


So far as the catalogue is concerned, you should write to them and explain what has happened. If you are able to provide them with a plan, then that will help. However be prepared for defensive reaction there as well.


Everything in writing

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I would actually suggest opening a basic bank account without an overdraft facility for your benefits. It's far too tempting to dip into an OD while you're unemployed.


As far as the catalogue goes, write to them offering £1.00 per month to be reviewed after 3 months or when you find a new job, whichever happens first.


Most importantly, don't panic. This isn't a permanent situation, and as horrible as £4k of debt might feel to you, it's not a huge amount. The most important thing is to make sure that your rent and council tax are covered.

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