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    • I subscribe to a company called Audible - they are owned by Amazon and they provide audio books. I work as an HGV driver and so I find listening to a book is great for swallowing up the long distances being travelled on the road.   Quite recently, I bought a book and it is proving to be an eye opener in relation to the subject of weight loss. One of its main topics is to discover why so many of us are 'obese'. In the book the author (who seems to be a respected Doctor and researcher) goes on to say that the human body itself is responsible for gaining weight and it is not because of people with low willpower. It also shines a light on what food companies have been doing over the last 40 or so years which has contributed to the existing obsity problem.   I put it out here because I think it would be a great read or listen for those, who like me want to lose weight and keep it off.   It may be better to obtain the printed copy of the book because there seems to be graphs and pictures which I am not able to view because its an audio book.   The book is called: The Obesity Code Unlocking the Secrets of Weightloss by Dr Jason Fung.   I have not finished the book yet so I have not got to the conclusions bit but I notice by doing an Amazon search that there is also an Obsity Code Cookbook so that will be my next purchase.   I will say that what I have heard from the book so far, it seems very balanced and it looks like common sense mixed in with practical advice which will undoubtedly help a lot of people.   I will let you all make up your own minds about it though.   Regards   Alan
    • I wonder if anyone can help me. I had a loan with a high street bank from about 10 years ago and I had to stop paying because I lost my job. I reduced my payment to a token payment for a few years but I then ceased this some years ago because I took some advice from an online forum which said that I should ask a ‘Subject Access Report’. I did this and I also asked for a copy of the contract with both signatures which highlighted that myself and the bank had a contract and what its terms were. As the loan was made up of an overdraft and a formal loan I thought they would have paperwork. However, eventually the bank responded by saying that they had no contract and they admitted that as such it was not enforceable in court. Over the last year, the bank have again appointed Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited to use their strongarm tactics. I have not been responding to the last couple of letters asking me to contact them to arrange a payment plan and now their letters are becoming more threatening. Here is the text of their latest letter……. Quote   We are aware that you have failed to agree an affordable repayment plan with us concerning the above account.   As no agreement has been reached we are now in the process of reviewing your account to consider the steps which may be taken in relation to further debt recovery action. The options include recommending one of the following:   ·         1. Continue in our attempts to contact you by letter and phone. ·         2. Instruct a local representative to arrange to call at your home address to try to re-establish contact with you.   To prevent possible further action you must contact us. Failure to contact us by the 22/10/19 will result in one of the aforementioned debt recovery actions being undertaken without further notice.  Unquote As you can see, they are now getting more threatening. I really do not want people knocking at my door – does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to sort this situation? I do not want to pay for something that seems unenforceable but I do not want knocks at my door either. Any help would be appreciated.   Kind regards    
    • Yes it was a tomlin/consent order I have a recent statement its not showing any additional charges on it. The statement does not show the balance to pay each month, as the contract was terminated in March 17 and the termination bill was added to the account so my payments reduce the account balance £14262.38  Capital £6995.00 Interest £7213.38 Plus 3 x £18 charges  I presume if it went to court again I would be notified?    I thought court costs and charges could increase a balance owing but not be included in arrears or court proceedings when listing the amount owing, or am I wrong?    
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A couple of questions about the EDNOT. Once the OR decides all is ok for early discharge, they file form EDNOT to the court, what is that process? Do they have to attend in person, or is it like sending a letter/form to the court?


Secondly, once a court receives the EDNOT, how long does it take for them to process this and stamp it, sealing the ED?



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