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DVLA overstepped the line

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Hi all


Feeling deeply frustrated with DVLA. Objective opinion as to whether I have grounds for complaint appreciated. Here's what happened:

1. this year I forgot to pay my car tax on time (stupid and totally my fault)

2. 2 weeks after the due date I get a letter from DVLA saying that I will be fined £80 if I pay by Jan or £40 if I pay by end of Dec. It also states that if I fail to pay the fine on time I could be clamped and towed and that in the meantime I should retax the vehicle and pay what I owe in arrears.

3. I do everything I'm told to do ahead of time - retaxing car, and paying fine and arrears by mid December.

4. They clamp and toe me anyway. I now know it's an offence to have the car on the road without a tax disc and that I was liable to get clamped and towed regardless of when I paid the fine. This was not stated anywhere in the letter I received.

5. The guys that towed me told me to my face they had received a telephone 'tip off' call from the DVLA telling them about my vehicle. When I picked the vehicle up the 'towers' had DVLA logo on the wall. They say they are separate from DVLA but that they 'are contracted by them'. To me it feels like some kind of cosy [problem] where information given by DVLA is deliberately misleading. My issue is with the misleading letter. They should state clearly that you can get clamped / towed ANYWAY, regardless of when you pay their fine. When I read a letter saying 'if you don't pay your fine by date x you will be toed' I assume the opposite is true (ie. if I do pay by date x I will not be toed). This is a natural assumption.

6. I pay the fine. I pay the clamp fee. I pay the towe fee. I pay the arrears. I retax the vehicle. And now these sick nutters want to fine me a separate £80 for 'having the vehicle on road without valid tax disc'. Apparently this is 'different' to paying late, and somehow 'different' to the fine I paid for the clamp and the towe.


Is there any way I can fight back against these lunatics (?) or am I powerless in the face of this nonsense?




DVLA Victim



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I would say the only fight back is to tax your vehicle if it is on the road or sorn it if it is not taxed and kept off the road :-)

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It does seem harsh, but is a vehicle is at any time on the public roads without a tax disc properly displayed an offence is committed even if you have paid the tax.

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Unfortunately (or probably by design if you are being cynical) there are 2 seperate offences here. The first one, which you dealt with, was failing to tax the car on time. The second, for which you were towed, is keeping an untaxed vehicle on the road.


They are not directly related as, although you couldn't commit the second without the first being true, you can in fact commit the first without the second being true. i.e. you may have failed to tax the car but had it parked on your private drive. 1st offence is valid, 2nd isn't.

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